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The Shoe Stalker: Shoe Challenge No.63

Jimmy Choo Sandals

This is the second of the two pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes I own. I’ve bought them some years ago, while I was still in high school. But I still remember literally stalking them for a long time before I finally bought them! Actually this style was sold in two stores in Munich, and I fell instantly in love when I first saw them. But of course, they were way to expensive for me. So I waited….and waited…and waited until sales time, and during all that waiting I often went to the shops to see if they were still there – a real shoe stalker! When sale finally arrived, they were still there – but still too expensive. So I waited some more. And got lucky: After the last round of price reductions, they were at an okay price and there was still this one pair left for me and I could finally take them home 🙂 So after all the trouble to get these, of course I had to save them too (also before summer ends…! Here’s my outfit (the wind blew my hair in my face in every single picture…):

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Jimmy Choo
Worn with: Top by Orwell, jacket by Cecil Mc Bee, skirt by Zara, bag by Prada.

A day in Salzburg: Shoe Challenge No.58

When my fiancé and family were visiting, we made a day trip to one of the most beautiful cities round here, Salzburg in Austria. You can easily go to Salzburg from Munich by train in just two hours. The city center is relatively small and it’s possible to see most of it in one day. We were lucky and had the best possible weather and a clear sky for a good view! Our first stop was the Mirabell Castle, which has the most beautiful park and a view of the other castle up on the hill:

Schloß Mirabell

Next we made a lunch break at the Café in Hotel Stein. It is my personal tip if you go to Salzburg, because it definitely has the best view of the old city center, the castle and river all in one. If it’s good weather, you can sit outside, but even from inside the view is beautiful:

Hotel Stein

My lunch was a pancake with jam and cream (very healthy for sure…), which was delicious!


The Café also offered a nice location for a Shoe Challenge picture – finally something different from the usual pictures at home! Since we had a day full of walking planned and it was really hot, I opted for flats:

Zara SandalsShoes: Zara
Worn with: Dress by Laurèl, bag by Armani (not pictured).

Later, we visited the graveyard which contains the grave of Mozart’s wife. It may sound strange to go sightseeing to a graveyard, but the two big ones in Salzburg are unlike “normal” graveyards and have lots and lots of old, elaborately decorated graves. My “favourite” one is the one covered in vines, pictured below, which looks like it belongs in a fantasy movie – maybe King Arthur’s grave or something like that:

Friedhof Salzburg

Another curious one I saw was this one featuring a skeleton and a text saying: “Human! What you are now I have been, and what I am now you will be too.” True but kind of scary!

Friedhof Salzburg

Another view of the city:


After a day of walking, my feet were super tired…….

Zara Sandals

Last tip for Salzburg: Take a look inside the wonderful Chocolate shop “Braun” (Judengasse 1, A-5020 Salzburg) – they have a great selection. My personal favourite is the rose petal covered dark chocolate by Bachhalm, handmade in Austria.

Shoe Challenge No.42

Zara Silver BallerinasShoes: Zara / シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, top by H&M, cardigan by Day Birger et Mikkelsen, bag by Lanvin x H&M.
Sevenのデニム、H&MのTシャツ、Day Birger et Mikkelsenのカーディガン、Lanvin x H&Mのバッグ。

This is Sunday’s outfit – I can’t believe so many days have passed already! I’m too busy with my uni work and didn’t get to do any more shoe challenges….after going out last Saturday night with my lovely friend N. to the P1 club in Munich, I got up after just 2 1/2 hours of sleep to go with my mom and friends to another garden market, this time in the beautiful city of Bad Tölz, Bavaria.If you come to Bavaria, you should definitely go to Bad Tölz where lots of beautifully painted traditional style buildings can be seen on the main street. If you’re there, give the delicious ice cream at Grangelato (Marktstraße 18, Bad Tölz) a try! Below is a view of the river Isar, which runs through town:

こちらは日曜日のコーデーです – もうそんなに時間がたってしまいましたね!卒業論文で忙しすぎて、シューズ・チャレンジができなかった。。。土曜日の夜友達のNさんとミュンヘンのP1クラブに行って、たった2時間半寝て、日曜日に母と友達とまたガーデン・マーケットに行きました。今回のマーケットはバイエルン州のBad Tölzという綺麗な町にありました。バイエルン州に来たら、是非Bad Tölzを見に行ってください。メイン通りにそっている建物の壁は伝統的できれいな絵でデコレーションされています。同じメイン通りにあるGrangelatoと言う店 (住所:Marktstraße 18, Bad Tölz) のおいしいアイスクリームも食べてみてください!以下は町を通ってるイザール川の写真です:

Bad Tölz

What I was mostly looking forward to – despite the main focus of the market being roses – was the exotic plants! Finally I found a protea, which I had been looking for for a long time. Proteas are very seldom sold here in Germany, and I didn’t want to buy one off the internet, so I was really happy to get one – you can see me carrying it in the outfit picture! As it’s not in full bloom yet, I won’t post an extra picture and instead show you the other plant I have bought. This one is not exotic at all, but a typical plant for here, the Edelweiß. I love it’s cute, kind of fluffy flowers!


Last up, a picture of my shoes: After a night of dancing I opted for a sensible and comfy, yet not boring pair of ballerinas from Zara. They have been worn a lot already and definitely needed to be saved!


Zara Silver Ballerinas

Shoe Challenge No.33

Zara SandalsShoes: Zara/シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Tunic by Laurèl, jeans by Seven, bangle by Maendler, earrings by Cinderella Chance, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

Today I decided on wearing flats again. Lately I’ve always been wearing heels, and my feet needed a break! I love these flat sandals because they feel like walking barefoot – just right for summer. I just went to town today to give back the rental DSL box since our new WLAN box arrived yesterday.

今日はフラットな靴にしました。最近、ヒールばっかりをはいて、足が疲れました!このようなサンダルをはくとはだしで歩いているような気持ちなので大好きです – 夏にぴったりのシューズです。昨日はとうとう新しいWLANボックスが届いたので、今日はレンタルのDSLボックスを返しに行きました。


Inspiration Monday: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore
Recently, I read about Inspiration Monday on the wonderful blog Not Just Another Mother in Heels which made me want to take part too! Inspiration Monday was started by the blog Two Birds. Each week, they post a photo of a celebrity, whose outfit the participants try to recreate (it doesn’t have to be the exact same, it just should be used as inspiration) with items out of their own wardrobe and post a picture of on their own blogs. I think this is a good opportunity to discover new ways to use and combine the things you own to create styles you haven’t worn before! So for this week, the inspiration photo is of Drew Barrymore, wearing jeans with a striped t-shirt and a khaki shirt, as well as grey heels and a hat. I really love this outfit – simple, but not boring at all! Also, I actually have very similar things – yay! So, even though I’m a day late in uploading (thanks, graduation thesis!), here you go:

最近Not Just Another Mother in Heelsと言うブログでInspiration Mondayについて読んで,参加したくなりました!Inspiration MondayはTwo Birdsというブログのアイディアです。毎週、あるセレブの写真をブログにのせて、参加者はそのセレブのスタイルをベースとして、自分の持っている洋服で似たようなスタイルをつくって(完全に同じじゃなくても大丈夫です)、自分のブログに写真をのせます。それで自分の持っている物の新しい使い方と組み合わせ方を発見して、今まで着たことのないスタイルを見つけられるでしょう!さて、今週のセレブはDrew Barrymoreです。彼女はデニムをストライプTシャツ、カーキ色のシャツ、灰色の靴と帽子と合わせています。このスタイルはとても好きです:シンプルですが、つまらなくはないですね!実は私も似たような物をもっています:)!それでは私の服装です(卒業論文のためのせるのが少し遅れたんですけど。。。):


Shoe Challenge No.30

Zara Peeptoe PumpsShoes: Zara/シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Dress by Zara, bag by Aigner, earrings by Cinderella Chance.

This is what I wore this Saturday. I just went shopping a bit with my mom and sat in the garden enjoying the last day of warm weather. This dress is from Zara’s current collection and for some reason I have to think of old James Bond movies when I look at it – I totally love the old movies with Sean Connery or Roger Moore….the bag is a really old bag from my mom, which I borrowed since I don’t have any blue bag myself. The shoes are also Zara, but from last year. I like the beautiful details on these:

こちらは土曜日の服装です。土曜日はただ母とショッピングして、庭で最後の暖かい日を楽しんでいました。ドレスはZaraの今シーズンのドレスです。このドレスをみると、なぜかわからないのですが、古いジェームズ・ボンドの映画を思い出します – ショーン・コネリーとロジャー・ムーアの古い映画が大好きです。。。私は青いバッグを一つももっていないので母の古いバッグを借りました。靴のブランドもZaraですが、去年のコレクションのものです。きれいなディーテールが好きです:

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Shoe Challenge No.18

Zara Peeptoe PumpsShoes: Zara (with shoe clip from Le Talon)

Worn with: Jeans by Seven, cardigan by Glenfield, top by H&M, bag by Miu Miu.

Another shoe challenge posted! It’s so much fun doing the shoe challenge and it also makes me think about my wardrobe a lot more than before (though that isn’t visible in today’s picture…). So, I was really shocked today to read the news about the copycat (I don’t want to link to her site here!) of the wonderful Shoeperwoman who started this Shoe Challenge. How can someone be so unimaginative as to steal someone else’s blog concept and name? I sincerely hope everything will turn out OK for the real Shoeperwoman!

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Today, I wore these peeptoe pumps by Zara, which were a lucky sale purchase in Shibuya, Japan a while back. Another one of my “it’s reduced, the last pair and in my size – it was meant to be!” shoe purchases, but that doesn’t mean I regret buying them! They are mostly comfortable (just not on Munich’s horrible cobblestones…) and are another pair that goes well with a lot of my clothes. Today I decided to glam them up with the rose shoe clips from Le Talon (a wonderful shoe shop in Japan – check out their homepage and their online store for lots of sweet shoes and shoe accessories ) and got two compliments for them which made me very happy 🙂  Here they are close-up with and without shoe clips:

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Shoe Challenge No.12

Zara Ribbon BootieShoes: Zara

Worn with: Dress by H&M, long cardigan by Repeat, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

Another pair of shoes from Zara. I loved these booties from the day I saw them in the store, but they were too expensive in my opinion. So, when I found them on sale for a fraction of the original price in my size, of course I couldn’t resist! They are quite high, but fairly comfortable thanks to the hidden platform. In grey, they’re less boring than black but still can be combined with a lot of other colours. My favourite part is the big ribbon on the side:

Zara Ribbon Bootie

Here’s another outside shot:

Zara Ribbon Bootie

And, last but not least another close-up picture:

Zara Ribbon Bootie

Shoe Challenge No.11

Again I haven’t posted anything for some days – I’m sorry! The things happening in Japan worried me so much I wasn’t really in the mood to write about shoes or post outfits (or even think about coordinating an outfit). I’ve just been watching the news all day hoping nothing worse would happen. Now, the situation there is still not better but I decided I have to take my mind of these horrible things and so I’m back to posting (and doing Uni stuff). So, this picture is already from a week ago when I went to Munich.

Zara leather boots

Shoes:  Zara

Worn with: Skirt by Zara, cardigan by Zara, top by Nicole Farhi, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

These boots are my favourite boots and have a long story attached! I bought them at Zara a few years back and absolutely loved them…..but just about two months after that I brought them to Mister Minit to have the heels fixed and when I came back the next day to pick them up, they had given the shoes to somebody else!! That was the worst cobbler experience I ever had. They were of course reluctant to pay me the money for the boots and said I had to wait if that someone they gave them to would return them – so I waited and waited and waited for weeks but the shoes never came back. And in Zara, of course, my size was by then sold out. In the end, I did get the money for the shoes from Mister Minit but I had to argue a lot for it and it was a great disappointment as it was clearly their mistake! Also, how could that have happened when they have the numbers attached to the shoes? I haven’t left shoes there for fixing since.

So….how is it I am wearing the shoes now? Well, as I loved them so much, I spent the next months looking for them on Ebay and after a while I finally found them nearly unused in my size and have worn them about a million times since then. Now they’re already quite old and I am dreading the day I have to look for a replacement. Should have bought two pairs!

Here’s a close-up:

Zara leather boots

Shoe Challenge No.6

Zara patent bootsShoes: Zara

Worn with: Jeans skirt by Zara, top by H&M, cardigan by Zara

Zara patent boots

Today I’ve only got an indoors picture because all I did was go to the library for research on my graduation thesis, so there was no nice background to take an outside picture. These boots are comfortable to walk in, but I’m never quite sure what to wear them with. So I just went with a simple outfit today….do you have any suggestions how to wear these?

I’ve just realised I’ve only posted black shoes up to now, definitely have to change that. In winter I always tend to pick the black ones even though a brighter colour would be a good antidote to the grey weather.

I did get another of Starbucks great cherry blossom season specials, though. This cake tasted really good, light and not too sweet 🙂 I’m happy I could try it before I leave.

Starbucks Sakura Cake

I also got a great book on decorating roll cakes. When I get back to Germany I want to try it out ASAP. I wonder if it will be as easy as it looks though! If you’re interested in the book, it’s available on Amazon.

Rollcake Decoration

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