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Shoe Challenge No.14

Today was the official start of spring! The weather can only get better from now on :)! I’m already thinking about relaxing in the garden….. Today, we actually had beautiful sunshine but it was still kind of cold, but I just had to wear something else than boots, so I decided on the following outfit (with a jacket and scarf for outside):

Love Like Lip PumpsShoes: Love Like Lip

Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by Zara, cardigan by Max Mara, bag by Prada.

Today I went with my mom to see a vernissage by a friend of hers near Munich. As I love painting myself, I also always enjoy looking at art exhibitions.

These shoes are from the Japanese brand Love Like Lip and I got them a while ago in Tokyo. They have a rather low heel and are comfortable to wear for a long time. The shape is nothing extraordinary, but I like their champagne colour, the cute pearl/ribbon/rhinestone/fur decoration and the light pink glittery sole. The colour is easy to combine with other colours and I’m always happy about some non-black versatile shoes!

If you’re interested in shoes by Love Like Lip, they are available for example in the Marui web store. If you love this pair, they currently have a very similar style here for 9,345 Yen (approx. 80€) – check out the cute heart on the sole!

Love Like Lip PumpsAnother close-up:

Love Like Lip Pumps

Shoe Challenge No.10: Carnival

So, after a long pause I’ve finally managed to do a challenge again! I’m back in Germany and finally reunited with my shoe collection (several new pairs bought online in the last few months were waiting for me too). With all the packing, and then Uni stuff and the preparations for my mom’s birthday party I didn’t get to post a single challenge or other blog post…but now I’m mostly settled in again!  On Tuesday was the party and as it coincided with the last day of Carnival, we went to a Carnival party with a live band, which was lots of fun! And as a bonus I got to save these crazy boots I bought a long time ago in Osaka, Japan! I love them a lot, but here in Germany there’s no way I could wear these on a “normal” day, so this was just the right opportunity. My outfit was built around the shoes and I went as Barbie girl, thus the two Ken dolls (I found them in my box of old toys…) – one man is not enough 😉 !!

Baby Pure BootsShoes: Baby Pure

Worn with: Dress by Zara, jacket by Fashion Club, brooch by Lanvin x H&M, pink fox-fur bag by Albert Froehlich, all the pink sparkly accessories I could find and two old Ken dolls.

Now I don’t have my BF for taking pictures any more, so I have to learn to take them by myself or get my mom to take them for me…please excuse the tired look on my face, but these were taken after we came home! Nothing nicer than taking off your shoes after a long night of dancing…

Baby Pure Boots

The special thing about these shoes is the back, so here’s a close-up. Aren’t they just the perfect Barbie girl boots?! They are by the Japanese brand Baby Pure. I’m not used to wearing such pointed toe shoes anymore!

Baby Pure Boots

One last picture:

Baby Pure Boots

Shoe Challenge No.9

Pool Side BootsShoes: Pool Side

Worn with: Skirt by Zara, top by H&M, cardigan by Repeat, bag by Miu Miu.

Today I did stuff for university and in the evening me and my BF went to a goodbye dinner with his family in Shinjuku. Only three more days in Japan! It was freakishly warm today (20°C!!) and these boots were actually far too hot for this weather! But I had to save them before I go back, and my plan to wear them yesterday got ruined by the rain – light coloured suede and rain is just impossible! At least it was cold again in the evening… Sorry for the lack in outside pictures, I’m just too busy packing and doing last preparations!

The boots I wore today are by the Japanese brand Pool Side. I like that they can be worn in so many different ways! Today I wore them as overknee boots (middle picture). Also, they are super comfortable and the fur keeps my legs really warm 🙂 Which one do you like best?

Here’s a close up:

Pool Side Boots

Shoe Challenge No.5

Charmant BootiesShoes: Charmant

Worn with: Dress by Zara, cardigan by FTC, bag by Prada.

These fur-trimmed booties are from the Japanese brand Charmant, which makes lots of cute and inexpensive styles. I got these in the sale last year, and they are maybe the best bargain I ever found: These were the last pair, my size, and were marked down to just 1000 Yen (10€), even though the fur is real! Best of all, they are super comfortable and warm. So they definitely needed to be saved! If you want to know more about Charmant, you can have a look at their webshop here.

Charmant Booties

Today it was rainy and cold again, so we just went for a quick walk around Ebisu Garden Place. They have a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, but unfortunately it was  closed today, so we just took pictures for the shoe challenge. Ebisu Garden Place looks really beautiful, especially in the evening.

Charmant Booties

Charmant Booties

Fur Boots: Inspired by Casadei

Pool Side fur boots beigePool Side fur boots black

These beautiful Pool Side suedette boots embellished with rabbit fur  are a style similar to Casadei’s mink fur boots (pictured below). They are available at the 109 web shop for 16,800Yen (approx. 200 USD) and can be folded over at any length, making them very versatile pair of boots.  The boots from Casadei are available at Luisaviaroma for 2,500 USD.

Casadei Mink Fur Boots

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