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Shoe Challenge No.39

Korean ShoesShoes: ? (brand name has worn off…) /シューズ:?
Worn with: Top by H&M, belt by ?, skirt by Akris, bag by Prada.

Just a quick shoe challenge – I’m too busy with reading/writing for uni. This is Monday’s outfit. These shoes I bought some years ago on my second trip to Seoul, Korea. They were really cheap, but I still love them! They have a really comfy low heel and the best part is the cute bow – I loved so many shoes there, but unfortunately many stores didn’t have my size.
Sorry the photo is such bad quality – even though I took it during the day, it was raining outside and therefore really dark…


Anyway, here are the shoes up close:


Korean Shoes

And one more of the shoes and accessories. Here you can see the flowers on the belt. Unfortunately it hasn’t got any brand tag, but I got it years ago at Horst Kirchberger in Munich – even though they’re mainly a make-up store / make-up studio, they also have great accessories so check them out if you are in town!

靴とアクセサリーの写真です。ベルトの花もよくうつっています。ベルトにはもうブランドタッグがなくなりましたが、何年前にミュンヘンの「Horst Kirchberger」という店でかいました。その店は化粧品の店とメークスタジオですが、かわいいアクセサリーも売っています。もしミュンヘンに来たら、是非行って見てください!

Korean Shoes

And last up a manicure picture! I tried out something new – a Half-Moon Manicure, with my beloved pink nailpolish and flower shaped stones from the Daiso in Japan, combined with gold colour nailpolish from Princess Happy (Japan):

今週は新しいネールのスタイルもやってみましたので、その写真ものせます!今回はダイソーでかった2色のピンク色とPrincess Happyのゴールド色で塗って、キラストーンをつけました:

Half-Moon Manicure

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