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Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge 2011

Last year, one of my favourite shoe bloggers, shoeperwoman, challenged herself to wear every pair of her entire shoe collection at least once in one year’s time and posted pictures as “proof” on her blog. Any shoes she didn’t wear had to be either sold or thrown away: use’em or lose’em! This year, she’s asked her readers to join in the challenge. What better way to show your shoe collection the love they deserve and get creative in styling new outfits to match your favourite shoes?

I’ve already signed up to join the challenge, starting on 14th of February 2011 and will post my challenge pictures on shoe loving. Here’s a picture of my shoe collection: Counting them made me realise just how many they are! I hope I can “save” them all!

My Shoe Collection

Sparkling Shoe Cellphone Strap

If just wearing shoes on your feet isn’t enough…

Dea Dia cellphone strapDea Dia cellphone strap

then you can decorate your cellphone with this sparkling high heel strap! If you don’t like pink, these are available in lots of colours at Dea Dia shops in Japan (unfortunately, I haven’t found them for sale on the internet) for 1575 Yen (approx. 15 €).

Dea Dia cellphone strap

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