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Perfect Black Pumps by Massimo Dutti

Even though there’s lots and lots of simple black pumps available, I still feel it’s difficult to find the perfect pair: classic, but with a nice extra touch to make them stand out and keep them from being just a “boring” pair of black shoes. To me, these patent pumps by Massimo Dutti are one such perfect pair of black pumps: Not only do they have a lovely shape and a not-too-high heel making them work appropriate, but they also feature a cute bow reminiscent of Miu Miu and a gold metal detail that set them apart from the masses of other black patent pumps.

They are available at the Massimo Dutti webstore for 125€.

Miu Miu again: Shoe Challenge No.67

Today I wore another pair of Miu Miu’s, yet again bought on Ebay. Miu Miu might just be my favourite shoe brand – just different and quirky enough to stand out, but always still elegant! I believe these are from Miu Miu’s 2007 fall/winter collection, but anyway I love the elegant line of the shoe:

Miu Miu Gradation Peeptoes

I combined these with a floral dress, a grey knit and black bag and pink rhinestone heart necklace:

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by H&M, knit by Kookai, bag by Armani, necklace by ?.

Alien look: Shoe Challenge No.66

So here they are, as promised: My new beloved Miu Miu shoes! I finally wore them out, just for grocery shopping – who says you can’t dress up for that?

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by Chille AnaP, top by ?, bag by Max Mara.

I can’t even describe how much I love these! They look so weird, just like some alien’s feet in a movie.I think the colour combination reinforces that too. Since they’re such a statement pair, I paired them with a simple outfit: Just a black dress with silk top underneath and a matching bag (somehow I’ve got lots of things in that particular shade of green – I really love that colour), nothing to distract from the shoes:

Miu Miu Shoes

And, surprisingly, they are also very comfortable and easy to walk in, despite the super high heel 🙂 I’d love to wear these every day, but there’s still a whole lot of other shoes waiting to be saved…I guess I’ll be able to wear these with tights too, so at least they’re not another summer-only pair of shoes!

Miu Miu Shoes

Miu Miu inspired: Shoe Challenge No.57

vanity beauty pumpsShoes: Vanity Beauty
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, Top and cardigan by Zara, bag by Miu Miu, scarf by ?.

I’ve written about these shoes on here quite a while back, and actually I ended up buying a pair for myself – oops! But, I don’t regret it, as they’re comfortable and versatile and rain-proof (something most of my shoes are not, unfortunately!) which is good for German weather! I think this was the first day I went to Munich with my fiancé, just for a quick walk and a coffee. In the background you can see the Nationaltheater Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, which was just at the time decorated for the Münchner Operfestspiele (Munich Opera Festival).

vanity beauty pumps

Miu Miu inspired polka dot sandals

R&E polka dot sandal

Just a quick shoe post for today! Lately, I’ve spent much more time looking at Excel-sheets than at beautiful shoes, and this will probably continue for a while – *sigh!*…. anyway, these cute polka dot sandals are by the Japanese brand R&E and they are obviously inspired by Miu Miu: The gorgeous originals have been featured on Shoeperwoman. The shape, though not as elegant as the original, is probably as close as it gets, and the pattern is very similar too, although R&E’s dots are fewer and bigger. The red version is most similar to the Miu Miu shoes, which are also available in red, while I haven’t seen any blue ones by Miu Miu. All in all, at 6,195 Yen ( approx. 53€) they’re are good budget-friendly alternative – if you like them, you should act quickly though, because there’s only a few pairs left. Click here to buy them at 109’s online store!

Shoe Challenge No.25

Miu Miu SandalsShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by Zara, cardigan by Mon Cashmere, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

Today I wore these sandals by Miu Miu for the first time, and they’re as comfortable as they look like! These are another great Ebay purchase – they were nearly brand new and super cheap. I bought them around Christmas and have been waiting for warm weather since then…

Miu Miu Sandals

I just love the big bow and the interesting heel shape and the sole, which is the same pink as the insole! These will definitely be worn many times this summer…

Miu Miu Sandals

Shoe Challenge No.20

Wow! This is already my 20th Shoe Challenge! If I continue at this pace, hopefully I can save all my beloved shoes! The weather forecast said today was the last nice and warm day of the week, so I decided on saving one of those many strictly good-weather-only-shoes…one the one hand, I’m sad the weather will be colder again, but then again the rain will wash all the horrible pollen out of the air – I’ve already had hay fever the last few days!!!

Shoes One Miu Miu LookalikeShoes: Shoes One
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, top by H&M, cardigan by H&M, bag by Prada.

Let me say at first, in case you’re wondering: No, these shoes are not the real Miu Miu ones (unfortunately!). I know, I know, copies are not good, but since I couldn’t get my hands on a real pair anywhere and wanted needed these too much, I couldn’t resist when I read about this “alternative” on the two blogs  Shoe Daydreams (contra) and Pink Haired Princess (pro). On this matter, I agree with Pink Haired Princess: The label in the shoes says Shoes One, so while the design is 100% copied and cannot be called “inspired by”, they’re at least not trying to pass off as real Miu Miu’s, and I also would tell anyone who asks me they aren’t real ones. Well, everyone has to decide for themselves on this matter! I just think brands should stop producing so super-limited quantities of items that popular!

Shoes One Miu Miu Lookalikes

With this topic out of the way, on to the outfit! I decided to pair them with a simple outfit so they would really stand out … and stand out they did! I couldn’t even count how many people turned around to stare at them. As many people here tend to wear simple or sensible shoes or just plain sneakers they must have been quite a sight, even though they are not the craziest pair in my collection 😉  Maybe, hopefully it will inspire more people here to wear different shoes!

And last but not least, some pictures of another decorated rollcake (actually from yesterday, but I wasn’t wearing any shoes then – just relaxing in the garden!) . This time I made it 100% Japanese style following the book instructions – the time before I had used the ordinary German rollcake recipe – and it turned out really nice. I want to make another one soon!

Decorated Rollcake

It was filled with cream, strawberries and blueberries  – so it was really healthy (at least a little bit 😉 )

Decorated Rollcake

Shoe Challenge No.19

Miu Miu Sandals with floral carved heelShoes: Miu Miu

Worn with: Jeans jacket by Fabulous by Cecil Mc Bee, dress by H&M Conscious Collection, bag by Prada.

Today we had wonderful sunny weather and as we were invited to our neighbour’s place for coffee and cake, I took the opportunity to take pictures in their stunningly beautiful garden.They have a gorgeous big magnolia tree, which was in full bloom today…

Magnolia Tree

At night, the magnolia tree is lit up and looks even more stunning:

Magnolia Tree

Finally the weather is warm enough for sandals! For today’s challenge I chose these Miu Miu Sandals with a carved floral heel – I wanted these so much I hunted them on Ebay for ages and recently finally was able to get a pair in my size…since I bought them in winter, today was the first time I could wear them outside and I totally adore them! Here’s a close-up:

Miu Miu Sandals with floral carved heel


On Sale: Miu Miu Sandals

Miu Miu Sandal

These extravagant Miu Miu Sandals are on Sale at Barneys New York now for 359USD (original price: 595USD). If you want one of these, you have to be quick. There are only a few sizes left! Click here to get them.

Miu Miu Lookalike

Miu Miu ShoesVanity Beauty Shoes

If you’ve been lusting after these gorgeous Miu Miu pumps (top picture, available at Net-a-porter) and found the price of 595$ just a little bit too high, these two-tone pumps by Vanity Beauty are a cheaper alternative. They  look very similar to the Miu Miu’s, featuring the same two-tone color and bows.  But while the Miu Miu’s have no stitching along the edge of the black part, the Vanity Beauty pumps do. Also, the heel of the Miu Miu shoes is a bit higher and the cream color patent of the Vanity Beauty version is a little bit darker. If you prefer a different color combination, the Vanity Beauty pumps are also available in a combination of burgundy and pink or of light and dark brown which both look equally beautiful. They are currently on sale at 4,956 Yen, which equals about 60$ (previously 6,195 Yen/74$) at the Marui Web shop.

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