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Shoe Challenge No.10: Carnival

So, after a long pause I’ve finally managed to do a challenge again! I’m back in Germany and finally reunited with my shoe collection (several new pairs bought online in the last few months were waiting for me too). With all the packing, and then Uni stuff and the preparations for my mom’s birthday party I didn’t get to post a single challenge or other blog post…but now I’m mostly settled in again!  On Tuesday was the party and as it coincided with the last day of Carnival, we went to a Carnival party with a live band, which was lots of fun! And as a bonus I got to save these crazy boots I bought a long time ago in Osaka, Japan! I love them a lot, but here in Germany there’s no way I could wear these on a “normal” day, so this was just the right opportunity. My outfit was built around the shoes and I went as Barbie girl, thus the two Ken dolls (I found them in my box of old toys…) – one man is not enough 😉 !!

Baby Pure BootsShoes: Baby Pure

Worn with: Dress by Zara, jacket by Fashion Club, brooch by Lanvin x H&M, pink fox-fur bag by Albert Froehlich, all the pink sparkly accessories I could find and two old Ken dolls.

Now I don’t have my BF for taking pictures any more, so I have to learn to take them by myself or get my mom to take them for me…please excuse the tired look on my face, but these were taken after we came home! Nothing nicer than taking off your shoes after a long night of dancing…

Baby Pure Boots

The special thing about these shoes is the back, so here’s a close-up. Aren’t they just the perfect Barbie girl boots?! They are by the Japanese brand Baby Pure. I’m not used to wearing such pointed toe shoes anymore!

Baby Pure Boots

One last picture:

Baby Pure Boots

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