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Shoe Challenge No.37

Lanvin x H&M Leopard PumpsShoes: Lanvin x H&M / シューズ:Lanvin x H&M
Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by Max Mara, bag by Armani.
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカート、Armaniのバッグ。

Finally I got to wear my beloved pumps from the Lanvin x H&M collection. The reviews of this collection were pretty mixed on the internet, but I must say that I really adored it, being a lover of cocktail dresses and crazy shoes! When it came out, I was in Japan, where everything was like double the price from Germany, so after just looking at the shoes in Shibuya’s H&M (where my size wasn’t left anyway since I’m not a fan of getting up early and queuing up endlessly) I ordered not one, but two pairs (the other ones are the flowery turquoise ones) online from the German shop. I think they are really close to “real” Lanvin shoes and to me they feel quite comfortable despite the relatively high heel. I love the rhinestones on the heel:

到頭この大好きなLanvin x H&Mのパンプスをはけました。インターネット上、そのコレクションのレビューは色々でしたが、カクテール・ドレスと派手なシューズが大好きな私は本当に好きでした!コレクションが発売された時は日本にいました。ドイツとくらべると、日本での値段がばいぐらいでしたので、渋谷のH&Mで見て(早起きすることも、行列で並ぶことも嫌いなので、着いた時には私のサイズがすでに売りきれていました)、結局ドイツのネットショップで二足も買いました(もう一足はターコイズ色のリボンがついた花柄です)。「本物」のLanvinの靴にかなり近いだと思っています。それにヒールが高くても歩きやすい靴です。ヒールのストーンが大好きです:


Barbie shoes by Moschino

Moschino Sandals

Aren’t these the perfect Barbie shoes? I love the big bow and the twisted leather on the heel. If it weren’t for the price tag (530€), I’d get a pair for myself! That doesn’t seem to be  too much for some though, as there are only two sizes left. If 530€ doesn’t sound bad to you and if you are a size 37 or 40, you can buy a pair at Moschino’s online store.


Alexander Mc Queen DIY

Today I saw my favourite shoes on Shoeperwoman: The Spring/ Summer 2011 Sarah Burton for Alexander Mc Queen  shoes. They are truly fabulous! Here they are in white:
今日はShoeperwomanのブログで私の一番好きな靴をみました:Alexander Mc Queen の新しいデザイナーSarah Burtonの春夏2011コレクションのサンダル。本当に素晴らしい靴ですよね!こちらは白いバージョンの写真:

Alexander Mc Queen Spring Summer 2011 Sandal

I was in love with these the moment I saw them on my screen some months ago… so often, they are unattainable – as much as I looked, I didn’t have some unneeded 3,000 USD lying around! So, what’s a girl in love to do? …crazy as I am, I decided to try a DIY, and here’s the end result:
この靴は私にとって一目惚れでした。。。よくあることですが、とても手の届かない値段でした – いくらさがしても、いらない3,000ドルを見つかりませんでした!それで、愛におちてる女はどうすればいいのか?。。。ちょっとクレイジーな私はDIYでもしようかなーと思いました。そのアイディアの結果はこちらです:

Alexander Mc Queen DIY shoe
I know they’re not the same, but considering they’re handmade, I’m pretty satisfied with them….and here’s how I made them:

As a base I took this unused pair of “stripper” style shoes (bought long ago on a holiday for fun….):

Stripper Platform shoe

And then I used the following items to make the leaf-like decoration and butterfly on the shoe: Cardboard, acrylic paint, and copic markers for the butterfly. Aluminium foil, acrylic paste and acrylic paint for the leaf-shapes.

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

First, I made a white sole with rubber foam and fabric which I glued to the shoe, also attaching the back part. Then, I used velvet ribbon and glued it to the plastic upper to create the “straps”. Over that I painted the acrylic paste using layers to create depth. Mostly I made a basic shape from aluminium foil and then used acrylic paste to attach it to the shoe and cover it as well as create a structure. I did the detailed structure with acrylic paint.

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

After that I sewed on the rest of the straps: the ankle and t-bar strap. And finally I sewed on the butterfly.

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

Here are some pictures of the final result:

Alexander Mc Queen DIY shoe

Alexander Mc Queen DIY shoe

And this is how they look like when worn:

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

All in all, they’re of course not the same thing as the original – I also changed the shape to fit my base shoe – but I like them! I have no idea how much wear they would withstand….I guess they’re definitely not made for walking on cobblestone roads, but they should be fine for an indoors party or a similar event! What do you think?
結局、この靴はもちろんオリジナルと同じ物ではありませんが – ベースの靴にあわせて、形も少し変更しました – それでも好きです!どれぐらいこわれやすいのは分かりません。。。外で歩くにはあまりよくないと思いますが、室内のパーティーなどのためには使えそうです!このDIYはどう思いますか?

Patent Wedges – D&G and Flag-J

Finally these gorgeous wedges by D&G are available on their online shop! I’ve seen them in the shop recently and wanted to show them to you since then. To me, they’re a perfect summer shoe. They’re available in purple and green:

D&G patent wedge

D&G patent wedge

Sadly, at 445 € they’re quite expensive! If you want them anyway, click here.

If you’re looking for a similar shoe with a more budget-friendly price, these wedges by Flag-J are a perfect alternative. They also have patent uppers and a very similar woven heel to the D&G shoes, but the shape is different enough not to be called a copy. Apart from pink and green, they’re also available in red, beige and black. And for the price of 7,110 Yen (approx. 62€) they’re definitely budget friendly! Click here to buy a pair at Flag-J’s online store.

Flag-J Patent Wedges

Flag-J Patent Wedges

Baldinini Patent Floral Peeptoes

Baldinini Patent Floral PeeptoesHere’s another gorgeous floral shoe for summer. This beautiful patent peeptoe is by the Italian brand Baldinini. I like that the floral pattern looks like a modern painting and that instead of a simple heel they used a red one decorated with two stones – it just makes the shoe a lot more interesting! If it weren’t for the price of  425€, I’d be very much tempted to buy them. If you are tempted despite the price tag, you can get a pair at Baldinini’s online store.

Hot shoes from Brazil

Today I “discovered” a new shoe brand, which I just have to share with you. While I was browsing shoe sites during my lunch break today, I saw these super stunning pair by the Brazilian brand Dilly – a great discovery! I need to start saving up now 🙂

Dilly Peeptoe Slingback

Dilly Peeptoe Slingback

Dilly Peeptoe Slingback

Aren’t these amazing?! I’m totally in love with the heels…and the little ribbon on the back…and the shape…If you find them equally stunning, you can get a pair for 229€ (click here for the red version, here for the black version and here for the lemon version).

Of course, after seeing these beauties, I wanted to see the rest of Dilly’s collection and headed over to their homepage, but unfortunately it’s under construction right now. Nevertheless, you can take a look at their previous collections on the old homepage in the meantime.

Dreaming of Anastasia Radevich’s Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall

Take a look at the most stunning shoes of 2011 (in my opinion at least): The Dreamfall Collection by Anastasia Radevich! I was already in love with her previous collections (Biofuture and Kinetik), but this one even surpasses them… the shoes seem to come straight out of a fairytale and I can’t stop staring at these amazing designs and certainly I will be dreaming (and daydreaming) of them. Will they be in your dreams as well?

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall CollectionAnastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Shoe Challenge No.19

Miu Miu Sandals with floral carved heelShoes: Miu Miu

Worn with: Jeans jacket by Fabulous by Cecil Mc Bee, dress by H&M Conscious Collection, bag by Prada.

Today we had wonderful sunny weather and as we were invited to our neighbour’s place for coffee and cake, I took the opportunity to take pictures in their stunningly beautiful garden.They have a gorgeous big magnolia tree, which was in full bloom today…

Magnolia Tree

At night, the magnolia tree is lit up and looks even more stunning:

Magnolia Tree

Finally the weather is warm enough for sandals! For today’s challenge I chose these Miu Miu Sandals with a carved floral heel – I wanted these so much I hunted them on Ebay for ages and recently finally was able to get a pair in my size…since I bought them in winter, today was the first time I could wear them outside and I totally adore them! Here’s a close-up:

Miu Miu Sandals with floral carved heel


Shoe Challenge No.8

Esperanza Peeptoes

Shoes: Esperanza

Worn with: Dress by H&M, bag by Armani.

This is actually yesterday’s shoe challenge, but I took the pictures just before heading out and when I came back around 6 in the morning I obviously had other things on my mind (sleep!).  I went clubbing with a friend of mine and decided to wear one of my favourite pairs of shoes. We went to Club Vanity in Roppongi. If you ever happen to be in Tokyo you should give it a try, the interior is really beautiful and you have a nice view over the city because two walls of the dance area on the 13th floor are entirely made of windows. The shoes I wore are from the Japanese brand Esperanza and I got them sometime last year in Shibuya. From the front they are just a pair of simple black peeptoes, but from the back….

Esperanza Peeptoes

When I saw these in the store I HAD to have them. They reminded me of a certain pair of Miu Mius I had lusted after but couldn’t afford even on sale. Actually these are probably my only shoe DIY, because when I bought them they looked like this:

Esperanza Peeptoes

For me, the heel makes them a must have, but I wasn’t keen on the two different tones of pink and the strap. I think the heel is more than enough to draw attention to the shoe and deserves to “shine” on its own……so along with the shoes I bought a big black waterproof marker, and when I got home just painted over all the pink parts and also cut off the strap. It turned out even nicer than I expected and after wearing them quite a number of times the black still hasn’t come off.

Another close up post-DIY:

Esperanza Peeptoes



Shoe Challenge No.7

Pool Side PumpsShoes: Pool Side

Worn with: Dress by Oppure, bag by Prada.

Pool Side Pumps

Today I wore my “everyday shoes”. They are the shoes I wear on rainy days, on dirty roads, for long walks and so on. Since they are black patent, they are easy to clean and the block heel makes them comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I got them last year at Pool Side, as a replacement for my last pair of black patent shoes and since then they have been worn about a million times….until the heel became loose a while ago – luckily the cobbler was able to fix it! What I like most about these is, of course, the heel which is decorated with crystals. It keeps them from just being another pair of “boring” black shoes.

Pool Side is another one of my favourite Japanese shoe brands, as they make lots of cute and affordable shoes with usually good quality. If you’d like to know more about them, you can visit their homepage here (the main menu is in English).

Pool Side Pumps

Worn with: Coat by Materia Milano, scarf by H&M.

Today I went to the national library in Tokyo – again! They do have a huge selection of books, but in my opinion using this library is such a pain! You can only use 3 books at a time and there’s loads of waiting time for everything: getting the books, getting copies (you’re not allowed to copy by yourself),…. and everything is über-regulated! I hope tomorrow is the last time I have to set foot in there! But, on the bright side, there were some plum trees in front of it which were already starting to bloom – they’re so pretty 🙂

Ume blossoms

Last up, a close-up of the shoes:

Pool Side

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