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Shoe Challenge No.8

Esperanza Peeptoes

Shoes: Esperanza

Worn with: Dress by H&M, bag by Armani.

This is actually yesterday’s shoe challenge, but I took the pictures just before heading out and when I came back around 6 in the morning I obviously had other things on my mind (sleep!).  I went clubbing with a friend of mine and decided to wear one of my favourite pairs of shoes. We went to Club Vanity in Roppongi. If you ever happen to be in Tokyo you should give it a try, the interior is really beautiful and you have a nice view over the city because two walls of the dance area on the 13th floor are entirely made of windows. The shoes I wore are from the Japanese brand Esperanza and I got them sometime last year in Shibuya. From the front they are just a pair of simple black peeptoes, but from the back….

Esperanza Peeptoes

When I saw these in the store I HAD to have them. They reminded me of a certain pair of Miu Mius I had lusted after but couldn’t afford even on sale. Actually these are probably my only shoe DIY, because when I bought them they looked like this:

Esperanza Peeptoes

For me, the heel makes them a must have, but I wasn’t keen on the two different tones of pink and the strap. I think the heel is more than enough to draw attention to the shoe and deserves to “shine” on its own……so along with the shoes I bought a big black waterproof marker, and when I got home just painted over all the pink parts and also cut off the strap. It turned out even nicer than I expected and after wearing them quite a number of times the black still hasn’t come off.

Another close up post-DIY:

Esperanza Peeptoes




Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.8" (5)

  1. omg! I LOVE these! I have been on the lookout for shoes with embellished heels but not many choices to chose from where I am!

  2. I just had to say that I LOVE that you “fixed” these shoes with a marker! They do look better all black, and I never would have known. Good work! 🙂

  3. That is just awesome! I’m not a big fan of these shoes with pink upper, but with black – they are fabulous! Really clever of you! 🙂

  4. I love these shoes! I see u found a pic of the orginaals,where could I purchhase these online?

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