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One, two lovely blog awards!

One lovely Blog award

I’m incredibly happy to have been nominated for a One lovely Blog award by two people! Even though it took me quite a long time to finally thank them thanks to Uni and other things that kept me from blogging for weeks, it doesn’t mean that I wasn’t happy about it and I hope the two took no offense – so here’s a big thank you to the lovely Denise, the blogger behind Denise’s planet, codes and secrets in which she reviews lots of shoes and shares her life stories in writing and in pictures of her pretty daily outfits. She is also participating in the Shoe Challenge. Another great thank you goes to Can ya Heel me , a wonderful new blog about shoes and everything shoe related. Be sure to check out both!

So for all of those who want to know more about me, here are Seven Random Facts as part of the award:

1.  I’ve lived in three countries for a longer time period so far: South Africa, Germany and Japan.
2. Another big hobby of mine is drawing. Unfortunately Uni leaves me little time for that at the moment.
3. I love desserts – they’re the first thing I look at in the menu when I go to a restaurant.
4. The first time I was on a plane I was just a few weeks old – until now, I love travelling, alone or with another person, just not in a group.
5. I had to wear a school uniform when I was younger and I hated it.
6. My hair is naturally wavy. I still remember the day I got my first straightening iron – best thing ever!
7. I’m a neat freak.

These are the 15 lovely blogs I would like to pass the award to:

A Bug and Bird
Carrie Becky Bloomwood
Caveat Calcei
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Pink Haired Princess
Saito Takayuki (Japanese only)
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Since this award is apparently not meant for “professional” blogs, I will just list the rest of my favourite blogs here for you 🙂

Shoeper Woman
Mellow Mayoness
Superficial Girls
Cute and Little

A new love affair…

Miu Miu Shoes

As promised: here is my new love affair aka the newest addition to my shoe collection!  I believe they’re from Miu Miu’s fall 2008 collection but I’m not sure. I found these while browsing on Ebay (a really bad habit!) and was instantly in love with their strange shape – I didn’t buy them at first, as the price was too high for me, but since there was an option of making an offer to the seller I tought about it for a while and then made an offer which I thought would be OK and wouldn’t drain my bank account – and luckily, it got accepted 🙂 And the best thing: They’re brand new!

Miu Miu Shoes

These might be the strangest shaped pair in my collection. When worn, they remind me of the alien’s legs in some old alien movie – awesome! Also, they’re surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in despite a quite high heel. I hope to rescue them soon in the Shoe Challenge…in the meantime, they’re standing in my room so I can admire them 🙂

Miu Miu Shoes

Miu Miu inspired: Shoe Challenge No.57

vanity beauty pumpsShoes: Vanity Beauty
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, Top and cardigan by Zara, bag by Miu Miu, scarf by ?.

I’ve written about these shoes on here quite a while back, and actually I ended up buying a pair for myself – oops! But, I don’t regret it, as they’re comfortable and versatile and rain-proof (something most of my shoes are not, unfortunately!) which is good for German weather! I think this was the first day I went to Munich with my fiancé, just for a quick walk and a coffee. In the background you can see the Nationaltheater Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, which was just at the time decorated for the Münchner Operfestspiele (Munich Opera Festival).

vanity beauty pumps

The joys of Ebay: Shoe Challenge No.56

Jimmy Choo Sandals

This is the first pair of designer-shoes I ever bought from Ebay, a couple of years ago. They were maybe worn once by the previous owner, and I was able to get them at a great price. By me, they have been worn a lot since then – they are comfortable enough for  a whole day (or more) of sightseeing yet elegant enough to wear on a nice evening, and go with just about everything while being kept from being just a boring black sandal by the unusual golden embellishment at the heel – and have accompanied me to many places, including Japan: here I’m wearing them sightseeing in Beppu, Japan (a great place to visit btw). I love how memories become attached to a pair of shoes, or a clothing or other item – that’s one reason I also like to buy such things I can really use as souvenirs instead of things that will just lie around after I come home…….

Jimmy Choo patent Sandals

And here’s my outfit for the Shoe Challenge:

Jimmy Choo patent SandalsShoes: Jimmy Choo
Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by D&G, bag by Armani.

What do you think about buying shoes second-hand? I don’t mind at all when shoe have been worn by someone else previously, my requirement is only that they are in very good condition. After all, even shoes you buy new at a store have mostly been tried on by an unknown number of people!

Barbie Pink: Shoe Challenge No.55

Esperanza SandalsShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Dress by ?, camisole by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

That day I just went shopping for souvenirs with my fiancé – he bought so much Haribo he ended up carrying a backback filled almost entirely with that! We had super hot weather, so I decided on something light to wear – a dress I bought on a nightmarket in Bangkok quite a few years ago. And, to save another pair of shoes as well I chose these Sandals from my Esperanza “collection” (I have to count how many shoes of that brand I have…) to complete this all pink outfit…living up to one of my nicknames, ‘Barbie’ 🙂 This Sandal I bought just for the gorgeous heel:

Esperanza Sandals

As you can see, they have a clip-on crystal encrusted rose, which is missing in the outfit picture as we were in a hurry to catch the train and I couldn’t find them….. I love how they paid attention even to the design of the insole, with a glittery heart at the back part and another heart shaped by the cut and stitching at the front!

Esperanza Sandals

Can a shoe get any more kitsch than this?

Chanel Nail Polish

Yes, I couldn’t resist…..I’ve bought two (but I’m sharing with my mom 😉 ) I wasn’t sure if I’d really like the new collection, but seeing them in the store, I liked the Peridot and Graphite colours a lot – Quartz didn’t seem too special to me though.

Chanel Peridot and Graphite

Here’s a close-up:

Chanel Peridot and Graphite

Before I tried it out, I thought I’d like the simpler Graphite more. But, thinking Peridot would be a bit more suited to summer I tried it out first, and I think it looks super gorgeous on the nails, much prettier than I anticipated! I love the way the colour changes depending on the angle you’re looking at it – I’ve tried to capture the different shades in my picture…what do you think?

Chanel Peridot

This time, I’ve kept my nails simple, without embellishment. This colour really needs nothing more to make it stand out. If you like painting your nails in extraordinary colours I’d say give it a try, but if you rather prefer simple and “normal” colours it’s probably not the right shade. I’ll try out graphite next, even though it feels much more like a “winter” colour to me……

Back again! Shoe Challenge 54

Finally I’ve made it back to blogging! Sorry for being MIA without notice! The last few weeks were pretty crazy for me, I hardly had time to read my e-mail, let alone blog. My fiancé and, for one week also nearly his entire family visited us here, so I’ve been their tourguide and in my “spare” time working on my graduation report. Even though he left just on Monday, it already feels like ages ago and the whole time just feels like it’s gone by on fast-forward. Now we’re back to skyping and I’m back to working on my uni stuff only and pretty stressed out because of the deadline coming closer and closer. I did not forget to take pictures though – and even managed to rescue some more pairs. So, where to start? Well, I’m going to start with a simple post, my outfit of bringing my fiancé to the airport. Here it is, taken at the airport:

Pool Side SandalsShoes: Pool Side
Worn with: Top and belt by Laurèl, skirt by H&M, bag by Miu Miu.

It always feels weird going to the airport when I’m not going somewhere myself somehow – and I hate saying good-bye! After spending one month together I was sad to see him go back to Japan again – I really hope he can come again soon, since I’m not able to go until I’ve finished uni….

The shoes I wore are a pair of sandals I bought some years ago in Japan, from the brand Pool Side. They were just right for the super hot and humid weather we’ve had here lately!

Pool Side Sandals

I’ll be posting pictures of our trips around Germany/Austria and Slovenia in the next days and I’ve also got a great, super-crazy pair of new shoes to show – no more long blogging-pauses! I have decided though to take a break from writing in Japanese, since it takes too much time right now – I need every minute for uni-stuff! I’ll resume it once I’ve graduated  – hopefully soon 🙂

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