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Shoe Challenge No.36

Flag-J SandalsShoes: Flag-J / シューズ:Flag-J
Worn with: Top by Hugo Boss, skirt by Jil Sander, belt by Laurèl, bag by Miu Miu.
Hugo BossのTシャツ、Jil Sanderのスカート、Laurèlのベルト、Miu Miuのバッグ。

Do you remember these shoes? I got a pair for myself, and they are still available here (though not in beige/large 😉 ) and today I wore them for the first time! These surely aren’t shoes for heel “beginners” as they are super high and take a while to get used to. The platform is a little round at the front so you need some balance. If you’re a heel veteran though, they shouldn’t be a problem! Anyway these are good for training leg muscles…this is how they look like on the foot:

この靴を覚えていますか?実は一足を買いました!まだそのスタイルはこちらで買えます (ただベージュのLサイズは売りきれています 😉 )。今日は初めてはきました!この靴はヒールが高くて、少しなれるまで時間がかかりますので初めてヒールをはく人にはおすすめできないんですがよくヒールをはく人なら問題がないと思います!足の筋肉をきたえるにもいいです…はいたときのみためです:

Flag-J Sandals (more…)

Shoe Challenge No.16

Prada ShoesShoes: Prada

Worn with: Dress by H&M, long cardigan by Repeat, bag by Miu Miu.

I was busy painting walls at home and, as usual, with University stuff, so I didn’t get to post this challenge from Friday last week until now. These are one of my beloved pairs of Prada shoes…..if I had to choose a single brand of shoes to wear for the rest of my life (totally disregarding prices…), I’d have a hard time choosing between Prada, Miu Miu and Nicholas Kirwood. So yes, I love Prada shoes (unfortunately I can’t say that about some of this season’s shoes). This particular pair I got years ago. I was still in high school, and they were probably my first pair of Prada shoes. Near the end of sales I went to a designer shoe boutique with a friend just to look at all the beautiful shoes, and then there they were, reduced to a fraction of the original price, in my size – of course I couldn’t resist! And I still love them now as much as when I first got them so I took the warm weather last week as chance to finally wear sandals again. Here are some more pictures:

Prada Shoes

Prada Shoes



On Sale: Lanvin Pumps

Lanvin PumpsLanvin Pumps

The chunky heel and profiled sole make these beautiful Lanvin Pumps suitable for winter as well as summer. I personally prefer the dark brown shade and think a lighter coloured heel would have looked better on the cream coloured version. If you like them, both versions are on Sale for 599USD (previously 1000USD) at Barneys New York now. Click here for the dark brown version, and here for the cream coloured one.

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