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Inspiration Monday: Autumn already?

Finally I managed to take part in the Inspiration Monday challenge at Two Birds again! This week’s inspiration is the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal, dressed in a maxi dress combined with a black blazer and brown bag:

maggie gyllenhaal


Well, I’ve got a single maxi dress, and that’s pink and summery….so, looking at the weather, which has turned from a beautiful late summer to cold and dreary autumn in the last few days, I decided to let the colour palette of her outfit inspire me. The dress I immediately thought of after seeing this picture is a recent purchase from H&M, which I combined with black tights and booties (yes, it was that cold today! I can’t believe I was wearing sandals just a few days ago….)  and a black cardigan. I added the bag for a pop of colour. So here it is, my take on Maggie’s outfit:

Inspiration MondayOutfit: Shoes by G&I, dress by H&M, cardigan by Chille AnaP, belt by Hallhuber, bag by Emma Stone.

Take a look at the other participants’ outfits here.

Shoe Challenge No.35 / Inspiration Monday

After passing on last week’s Inspiration Monday (check out everybody else’s posts here) for lack of a tie anywhere in our house (my BF, whose ties I could have borrowed is unfortunately half a world away in Japan) and also, to be honest, because menswear inspired style isn’t really my thing – I love girly fashion – I really wanted to take part again this week, with the beautiful Emma Stone, who combined a gorgeous black leather jacket with a summery dress, as inspiration:

ネックタイがなくて(彼氏は日本にいて、借りられなかったです。。。)、メンズウェアもあまり好きではなくて(がーリー・ファッションが大好きです!)、先週のInspiration Mondayに参加しませんでした(他の参加者のポストはこちらで見れます)。今週は絶対また参加したかった:素敵なレザー・ジャケットを夏っぽいドレスと合わせたEmma Stoneがきれいなインスピレーションです:

Emma Stone

And here’s what I made of it: I decided on a patterned dress, which I wore with a black faux-leather jacket, beige booties and a black bag (since I thought one more colour would be too much):


H&M BootiesShoes: H&M / シューズ:H&M
Worn with: Dress by Cacharel, jacket by Fabulous by Cecil Mc Bee, bag by Armani.
Cacharelのドレス、Fabulous by Cecil Mc Beeのジャケット、Armaniのバッグ。


Dreaming of Anastasia Radevich’s Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall

Take a look at the most stunning shoes of 2011 (in my opinion at least): The Dreamfall Collection by Anastasia Radevich! I was already in love with her previous collections (Biofuture and Kinetik), but this one even surpasses them… the shoes seem to come straight out of a fairytale and I can’t stop staring at these amazing designs and certainly I will be dreaming (and daydreaming) of them. Will they be in your dreams as well?

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall CollectionAnastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Anastasia Radevich Dreamfall Collection

Shoe Challenge No.12

Zara Ribbon BootieShoes: Zara

Worn with: Dress by H&M, long cardigan by Repeat, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

Another pair of shoes from Zara. I loved these booties from the day I saw them in the store, but they were too expensive in my opinion. So, when I found them on sale for a fraction of the original price in my size, of course I couldn’t resist! They are quite high, but fairly comfortable thanks to the hidden platform. In grey, they’re less boring than black but still can be combined with a lot of other colours. My favourite part is the big ribbon on the side:

Zara Ribbon Bootie

Here’s another outside shot:

Zara Ribbon Bootie

And, last but not least another close-up picture:

Zara Ribbon Bootie

Shoe Challenge No.5

Charmant BootiesShoes: Charmant

Worn with: Dress by Zara, cardigan by FTC, bag by Prada.

These fur-trimmed booties are from the Japanese brand Charmant, which makes lots of cute and inexpensive styles. I got these in the sale last year, and they are maybe the best bargain I ever found: These were the last pair, my size, and were marked down to just 1000 Yen (10€), even though the fur is real! Best of all, they are super comfortable and warm. So they definitely needed to be saved! If you want to know more about Charmant, you can have a look at their webshop here.

Charmant Booties

Today it was rainy and cold again, so we just went for a quick walk around Ebisu Garden Place. They have a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, but unfortunately it was  closed today, so we just took pictures for the shoe challenge. Ebisu Garden Place looks really beautiful, especially in the evening.

Charmant Booties

Charmant Booties

Shoe Challenge No.3

For today’s shoe challenge, I picked these Louboutinesque booties I bought a while ago while on holiday in Hong Kong. These are also really high, but OK to walk in if you’re used to high heels & platforms.

Black Booties

Shoes: ? (bought at Hong Kong street market).

Worn with: Top by St.Emile, skirt by H&M, belt by H&M, bag by Miu Miu.

Black Booties

After lots of rain yesterday evening, we had sunshine again today, so I went for a walk around Daikanyama with my BF.  We had some nice coffee and a great cheesecake with berries at the Mermaid Cafe.  I also discovered a great shop which offers cake decoration lessons. As baking is another passion of mine,  I hope I can at least take one lesson before I have to go home again!

En route to Daikanyama:

Black Bootie

Worn with: Jacket with fur collar by ef-dé.

Close-up of the shoes:

Black Bootie

Shoe Challenge No.1

Shoe Challenge No.1

Shoes: G&I

Worn with: Dress by H&M, cardigan by Chille AnaP, belt by Little New York, bag by Miu Miu.

Finally the 14th of February – the starting date of the Shoe Challenge – has arrived. I’ve been looking forward to this so much! As today was Valentine’s Day, me and my BF went for a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant and then went to watch the movie RED. As we had really bad weather with rain and snow here today I decided on wearing one of my favourite pair of booties instead of my more Valentine-like suede wedges. They are from the brand G&I and actually belonged to my mom before I stole borrowed them from her 🙂 Unfortunately the inside pictures all turned out a little blurry as I took them in the evening with no natural light…

Here’s a close-up of the shoes:

Shoe Challenge No.1

I love the slouchy top and the interesting overall shape of these booties – also, they’re really comfortable! G&I shoes are all handmade in Italy and they have lots of adorable styles. If you’d like to know more about the brand you can visit their homepage, which unfortunately is only available in German.

Outside shot in Shinjuku, Japan:

Shoe Challenge No.1

Worn with: Coat by Materia Milano, scarf.

And, just because they’re so beautiful, a picture of the chocolate pralines I got:

Valentines Day Chocolate

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