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What to do if your shoes are too big?!

If you’ve ever bought a pair of shoes which fit perfectly in the shop, but then were too big at home or became too big after wearing them often, then you know the problem. It’s close to impossible and super-annoying to walk in shoes that nearly fall off your feet with every step. So the logical solution would be to sell them/ throw them away. .. but what to do if you just love them too much to just give them away? Well, one solution would be to use some gel cushions, like for example these from Scholl.

Scholl Gel Cushion

If that still doesn’t help, I have found shoe bands to be a big help. Shoe bands are basically an elastic band which you slip over your foot+shoe and keeps the shoe from falling off. They come in a huge variety of styles and can also be used for decoration. Also, if you can’t find any where you live, you could easily just make some yourself. What other ideas and solutions do  you have for too big shoes?

Shoe Band

Get the shoe bands pictured above: Click  here for the sequined style, here for the crystal style, here for the two-row pearl style, here for the buckle, here for the simple band and here for the three-row pearl style (all approx. 15-20€, depending on style).

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