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Shoe Challenge No.51

Finally I’m back on track again with saving my shoes! Lately I’ve been so busy with writing my graduation thesis for uni, renovating at home and on top of that preparing for my fiancé and his family who will come soon to visit me – so I haven’t gotten to blog at all! But, I did take pictures, and now I just took some time for choosing and editing and can upload again 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t got any great story to tell, other than that I’ve been reading books, writing, painting walls and moving furniture I haven’t been up to much. So it’s just some pictures today:

やっとまたブログを書けました!最近は卒業論文や家の仕事などで忙しすぎて、ブログを書く時間がまったくありませんでした!それでも写真を撮って、とうとう選択と編集ができて、アップロードができます 🙂 本を読んで、論文を書く事と家具を移動させて、壁を塗る事以外はほとんどなにもしていなかったので、ストーリがなくて、写真だけをのせます:

Diana pumpsShoes: Diana / シューズ:Diana
Worn with: Top by H&M, bag and skirt by Max Mara
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

Again the same skirt – it has become one of my favourites and it is really versatile! The shoes I’ve had for quite some years. As so many others, they were bought in Japan, I think during my first internship there….I love the red sole (you can see just a peek at the heel) which adds a nice extra interest to them! I’ve wanted to wear these for a while now, but every time I felt like wearing them it was raining – and white fur and rain don’t mix well. But finally, a nice weather day did come 🙂

また同じスカートです – とても合わせやすくて、このスカートが本当に大好きです!靴はもう何年も持っています。多分最初のインターンシップの頃に日本で買いました。。。赤いソールでもっと面白いデザインになっていると思います!ずっとはきたいと思った日に雨が降ってしまって、はけませんでした。とうとう晴れの日がきました 🙂

Diana pumps

Nail Art: Diamonds & Pearls

nail art
Here’s my newest Nail Art! This time, I combined a light purple colour with a sparkling darker purple for a Half-Moon manicure and added different sized pearls and rhinestones.


nail artHow to:
1. Apply clear base coat
2. Paint nails in light purple (here: Little Girl Type by MAC)
3. Paint nails in dark purple (here: No.631 by Rimmel), sparing the half-moon shape
4. Stick on clear rhinestones and half-pearls (here: from Daiso Japan) in various sizes using clear nailcolour as “glue”

1. クリーアのベースコートを塗る。
2. ネールの全体に薄い紫色(MacのLittle Girl Type)を塗る。
3. もとの部分を除いて、濃い紫色(RimmelのNo.631)を塗る。
4. クリーア・ベースコートを使って、キラ・ストーンとパール(ダイソーより)を付ける。

nail art

Shoe Challenge No.44

FED International Peeptoe PumpsShoes: fed international / シューズ:fed international
Worn with: Blouse by H&M, Skirt and bag by Max Mara.
H&Mのブラウズ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

These shoes are not only one of my favourite pairs, but probably also the pair of shoes which has received the most compliments! I actually had seen a similar pair (same style, different colours) in Italy, which was unfortunately way too expensive, before buying this pair. After nearly forgetting about said Italian shoes, I found these while shopping with my friend M. in Taipei during a holiday in Taiwan in 2007. I actually searched for a picture of me wearing them back then, but my feet/shoes weren’t visible in any of them, so this one will have to do 🙂 I had to order my size since it was sold out in that particular store and luckily got them in time just before the end of the holiday. Since then these have been worn countless times and hopefully I will be able to wear them for many more years! Here they are up close, all golden and sparkling:

この靴は一番すきな靴の一足です。それにはいた時に一番みんなにほめられた靴です!実はこの靴を買う前に、イタリアで似たような靴(同じスタイル、違う色)を見ましたが、その靴が高すぎて買えませんでした。あのイタリアの靴をほぼ忘れた時、2007年に友達のMさんと台北でショッピングして、この一足を発見しました。その時の写真を載せたかったのですが、靴が見えるような写真はありませんでした 。私のサイズが売り切れで他の店から取り寄せしてもらいました。ちょうど帰る前に届きました。買ってから何回もはいて、これからもまだ一杯はきたいです!こちらはキラキラ・シューズのクローズ・アップです:

FED International Peeptoe Pumps

After wearing them so often, the insides look a bit worn, but on the outside they are still in pretty good condition. To me, these are a perfect pair: Comfortable, gorgeous and a colour that can be worn with anything! The brand, fed international, seems to be Chinese, and you can see more of their current styles on their homepage – sadly, I haven’t found any English version, but the pictures are easy enough to find!


FED International Peeptoe Pumps

Shoe Challenge No.43

Guess Slingback ShoesShoes: Guess / シューズ:Guess
Worn with: Top by H&M Conscious Collection, skirt and bag by Max Mara.
H&M Coscious CollectionのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

Guess Slingback Shoes

I’m so behind on posts – with the deadline approaching, the report-writing is becoming more and more stressful and I don’t have that much time for the challenge… so this outfit is from Wednesday last week and I wore it to uni. The shoes are from Guess, and I bought them on a holiday trip to Venice in 2008 – I just couldn’t resist the combination of bling and pink and bows and hearts! I haven’t worn them that much the last few years, but after wearing them for the challenge I think they’ll be worn more often again.  They’re even comfortable 🙂

どんどん卒業論文の締切りが近づくとチャレンジをする時間もブログを書く時間も足りません。。。このコーデーは先週の水曜日に大学に行った時に着ました。靴は2008年のベニス旅行で買いました – きらストーン、ピンク色、リボンとハートの組み合わせは買わずにはいられませんでした!最近はあまりはかなかったのですが、今回のチャレンジではいて、また好きになりました。かなりはきやすいです 🙂

Guess Slingback Shoes

Shoe Challenge No.42

Zara Silver BallerinasShoes: Zara / シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, top by H&M, cardigan by Day Birger et Mikkelsen, bag by Lanvin x H&M.
Sevenのデニム、H&MのTシャツ、Day Birger et Mikkelsenのカーディガン、Lanvin x H&Mのバッグ。

This is Sunday’s outfit – I can’t believe so many days have passed already! I’m too busy with my uni work and didn’t get to do any more shoe challenges….after going out last Saturday night with my lovely friend N. to the P1 club in Munich, I got up after just 2 1/2 hours of sleep to go with my mom and friends to another garden market, this time in the beautiful city of Bad Tölz, Bavaria.If you come to Bavaria, you should definitely go to Bad Tölz where lots of beautifully painted traditional style buildings can be seen on the main street. If you’re there, give the delicious ice cream at Grangelato (Marktstraße 18, Bad Tölz) a try! Below is a view of the river Isar, which runs through town:

こちらは日曜日のコーデーです – もうそんなに時間がたってしまいましたね!卒業論文で忙しすぎて、シューズ・チャレンジができなかった。。。土曜日の夜友達のNさんとミュンヘンのP1クラブに行って、たった2時間半寝て、日曜日に母と友達とまたガーデン・マーケットに行きました。今回のマーケットはバイエルン州のBad Tölzという綺麗な町にありました。バイエルン州に来たら、是非Bad Tölzを見に行ってください。メイン通りにそっている建物の壁は伝統的できれいな絵でデコレーションされています。同じメイン通りにあるGrangelatoと言う店 (住所:Marktstraße 18, Bad Tölz) のおいしいアイスクリームも食べてみてください!以下は町を通ってるイザール川の写真です:

Bad Tölz

What I was mostly looking forward to – despite the main focus of the market being roses – was the exotic plants! Finally I found a protea, which I had been looking for for a long time. Proteas are very seldom sold here in Germany, and I didn’t want to buy one off the internet, so I was really happy to get one – you can see me carrying it in the outfit picture! As it’s not in full bloom yet, I won’t post an extra picture and instead show you the other plant I have bought. This one is not exotic at all, but a typical plant for here, the Edelweiß. I love it’s cute, kind of fluffy flowers!


Last up, a picture of my shoes: After a night of dancing I opted for a sensible and comfy, yet not boring pair of ballerinas from Zara. They have been worn a lot already and definitely needed to be saved!


Zara Silver Ballerinas

Shoe Challenge No.38

purple peeptoe pumpsShoes: ? / シューズ:?
Worn with: Dress by Sita Murt, bag by Armani
Sita Murtのドレス、Armaniのバッグ

I managed to save another pair today. These are a pair of Louboutin lookalikes from Ebay. I got these a long time ago and probably wouldn’t buy them again now. They’re fine as far as comfort go, but I don’t find them that interesting. Still I don’t want to throw them away or sell them as they do come in handy sometimes. This is one of the dresses I bought at the Second Hand Shop yesterday. It’s by the Spanish brand Sita Murt – I hadn’t heard of it before since it’s nearly nowhere to be found in Germany. I love the sleeves on this dress! Just went grocery shopping this evening and had a nice icecream with my mom on the way back. When we came home it was getting dark already, so today’s photos are indoors again!

今日も一足「救出」しました。この靴はLouboutinに似てるいますが、そのブランドの物ではないです。実は何年前にEbayで買いました。今はもう買わないと思います。はきやすいですが、すこしつまらないスタイルだと思っています。それでもたまに役に立つので、捨てたくないし、売りたくないです。ドレスは昨日セカンド・ハンド・ショップで買った洋服の一つです。スペインのSita Murtと言うブランドのドレスです。ドイツではほとんど手に入らないブランドなので、いままではしりませんでした。このドレスのスリーブが大好きです!今日はただ母と食べ物を買いに行って、帰りにアイスを食べました。帰ってきた時にもう暗くなっていたので、写真はまた室内になってしまいました!


Barbie shoes by Moschino

Moschino Sandals

Aren’t these the perfect Barbie shoes? I love the big bow and the twisted leather on the heel. If it weren’t for the price tag (530€), I’d get a pair for myself! That doesn’t seem to be  too much for some though, as there are only two sizes left. If 530€ doesn’t sound bad to you and if you are a size 37 or 40, you can buy a pair at Moschino’s online store.


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