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A lucky coincidence: Shoe Challenge No.59

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Ethique
Worn with: Top by Laurèl, skirt by D&G, bag by Cochinelle.

Once again I’ve been busy writing my graduation paper, and haven’t done much else besides that – I’m sooo happy when it’s over! But for the meantime, here’s an outfit I wore a while ago to a friend’s birthday party. I had bought another skirt in the sale. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but when I saw the skirt I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist because I totally love everything with a houndstooth pattern. Although this skirt matches another pair of heels I own, that pair had fabric uppers and I didn’t want to risk ruining them in case of rain, so when I looked for a different pair to go with the skirt, I discovered I had the perfect matching shoes:

Ethique shoes

I bought these years ago in Daikanyama, during my work-and-travel time in Japan. They were a super lucky sale find and are very comfortable too. And they have just the exact same colours as the houndstooth pattern of the skirt 🙂

Shoe Challenge No.49

D&G WedgesShoes: D&G / シューズ: D&G
Worn with: Top and earrings by H&M, skirt by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa, DIY flower hairclip.
H&MのTシャツとピアス、Zaraのスカート、Samantha Thavasaの鞄、DIYの花クリップ。

D&G Wedges
These are my newest shoes, a birthday present from my lovely fiance – thank you!!! I have lusted for these for a long time, and just in time for my birthday, they went on sale so I guess it was meant to be (right?). They were not available in the shop anymore, so I ordered them online, and now finally I wore them. Of course I had to save these asap 🙂 I’m happy that despite the height of 14,5cm they are also super comfortable and easy to walk in ! If you’d like a pair for yourself, they are still available at the D&G online store in some sizes.

こちらは私の最新の靴です。素敵な婚約者からの誕生日プレゼントでした – ありがとう!!!ずっと前から欲しくて、ちょうど誕生日の時にセールになりました。店ではもう売り切れていたのでオンラインショップで買いました。今日はとうとう初めてはきました – この靴は絶対に救出しなければならなかった 🙂 14,5cmでヒールがかなり高いですが、本当にあるきやすいです!これで欲しくなってしまったら、まだオンラインショップで何足が残っています。

D&G Wedges
Matching the flowers in our garden 🙂
庭の花にあいます 🙂

A close-up of the earrings and DIY hairclip. This kind of rose is actually super-easy to make: Just take a ribbon band and twist it around itself, then secure it by sewing it together at the back. Then sew on a hairpin or safety pin – finished! These can also be used as a pin to decorate simple T-shirts.

ピアスと花クリップのクロースアップ。このような花は結構作りやすいです:リボンをねじり、花のようにまいて、うしろ側でぬいます。そして髪クリップ、または安全ピンをぬいつけます – 完成!シンプルなTシャツのデコレーションとしても使えます。

bag and shoes

Shoe Challenge No.46

H&M sandalsShoes: H&M / シューズ:H&M
Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by D&G, bag by Samatha Thavasa.
H&MのTシャツ、D&Gのスカート、Samantha Thavasaのバッグ。

This is my outfit from Wednesday. The shoes I bought on sale at H&M quite some time ago – I like the colour even though the shape is nothing special. Different from my usual strategy, I didn’t coordinate my outfit to my shoes – this time the starting point was the skirt – because in this picture I’m wearing my new favourite skirt. My love affair with it started some months ago when, while window-shopping in Munich,  I foolishly went into the D&G store, enticed by the gorgeous shoes in the window (bad, bad idea!) and saw the skirt. Even more foolishly, I made the mistake of trying it on, falling even more in love (note to self: Never try on too expensive things!!)….so there I was, longing for this skirt, passing by the store and looking in the window to see if it was still there, waiting for the sale and hoping my size would still be there then, and it would be at some price I could somehow justify to myself…….and then last Friday, when I was going for a drink with my friends,  we passed the D&G store on our way to the bar and finally I saw the shop assistants putting up the long awaited signs in the window. Needless to say, I was there quite early the next day, and now it’s finally mine and I have to stop myself from wearing it every day 🙂

こちらは先週の水曜日のコーデーです。靴は結構前にH&Mのセールで買いました。形はあまり特別ではないですが、カラーは好きです。普段は靴をメインにしてコーデーを考えます。今回はいつもと違った、この大好きな新しいスカートをメインにしました。このスカートは何ヶ月前にミュンヘンでウィンドーショッピングをしたときにみかけました。D&Gのウィンドーでかわいい靴をみて、店に入ってしまって(悪いアイディア!)、スカートを発見しました。そして、試着してしまって、もっと欲しくなってしまいました(高すぎの物は試着しないほうがいい!!)。。。その後、ずっとそのスカートがほしくて、毎回その店を通った時まだあるかどうかをチェックして、セールを待ちながら私のサイズが売れないように願って、セールで手が届くような値段になると願っていました。。。そして、この間の金曜日に友達とバーにいったとき、D&Gを通って、ずっと待っていたセールのサインをつける店員をみかけました。もちろん、次の日はすぐみに行きました。いまはとうとう私のものになって、毎日着たいです 🙂

H&M sandals

Patent Wedges – D&G and Flag-J

Finally these gorgeous wedges by D&G are available on their online shop! I’ve seen them in the shop recently and wanted to show them to you since then. To me, they’re a perfect summer shoe. They’re available in purple and green:

D&G patent wedge

D&G patent wedge

Sadly, at 445 € they’re quite expensive! If you want them anyway, click here.

If you’re looking for a similar shoe with a more budget-friendly price, these wedges by Flag-J are a perfect alternative. They also have patent uppers and a very similar woven heel to the D&G shoes, but the shape is different enough not to be called a copy. Apart from pink and green, they’re also available in red, beige and black. And for the price of 7,110 Yen (approx. 62€) they’re definitely budget friendly! Click here to buy a pair at Flag-J’s online store.

Flag-J Patent Wedges

Flag-J Patent Wedges

D&G floral peeptoe pumps

D&G floral peeptoe pump

I just had to show you these stunning peeptoes by D&G. What really “makes” this shoe is the beautiful flower print which is continued on the sole – I’m loving the attention designers are paying to the soles of their shoes lately! There’s another, equally beautiful pair available with a slightly higher heel (12cm versus 9,5cm on the model above):

D&G floral peeptoe pump

If I could, I’d get both, but since they both retail for 295 €, I’ll be waiting and hoping for sales! If the price is no problem for you, you can get the above model here, and the second one here at the D&G online store.

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