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Shoe Challenge No.53

Casadei SandalsShoes: Casadei / シューズ:Casadei
Worn with: Tunic by Zara, Jeans by Seven, leaf necklace by Furla, bag by Prada.

I’m back to the shoe challenge after a kind of long absence! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently writing my Magisterarbeit (graduation paper) for university and we’re also renovating a lot in our home, so I was really really busy and tired. This week, my fiancé also came from Japan – luckily he’ll stay for quite a while because we haven’t seen each other for some time 🙂 But I’ll try to do the challenges more regularly again – after all, I’m planning on saving all my beloved shoes! I’ve got some more to save now, too, since my fiancé brought some of the pairs I had left behind (full suitcase…) with him. Anyway, here’s one of last week’s outfits – at least I did take pictures even when I didn’t post them right away! These shoes are by the Italian brand Casadei, and I got them on sale from Yoox. I had originally wanted a different style from that collection, but sadly that didn’t ever get reduced to an affordable price, so this is the pair I decided on in the end. I really love these shoes – I don’t think they’re pretty, I just like their strangeness. To me, the heels look like some kind of devil’s horns 🙂 They are really high as well, but are still fine to walk in….

これからまた定期的にチャレンジに参加したいとおもっています - やはり全足を救出したいです!さて、こちらは先週着ていたコーデーです。ブログを書かなかったのですが、一応写真はとりました!こちらの靴はイタリアン・ブランドCasadeiからです。Yooxのセールでゲットできました。最初は同じコレクションの違うスタイルが欲しかったのですが、そのスタイルは手が届くような値段にはならなかったのでこのスタイルにしました。この靴は大好きです – 可愛くはありませんが、その変わった形が素敵だと思っています。ヒールはなんとなく鬼の角みたいな形です 🙂 ヒールがとても高いですがまだあるける程度です。。。

Casadei Sandals

Cute Casadei Ballerinas

Look at these ballerinas by Casadei! Aren’t they adorable? I love the giraffe-like print in blue and white…….
こちらはイタリアンブランドCasadeiからのバレエシューズです。 可愛いでしょう! キリンみたいな柄が大好きです…….

Casadei BallerinasUnfortunately, they’re far beyond my ballerina-budget! But if you’re a fan of ballerinas and don’t mind splurging on them, you can get a pair at Javari for 370 €. As of now, all sizes are still available…

残念ながらお値段はかなり高いです!それでもバレエシューズが好きな方におすすめです~ Javariで370€(約43.000円)です。

Fur Boots: Inspired by Casadei

Pool Side fur boots beigePool Side fur boots black

These beautiful Pool Side suedette boots embellished with rabbit fur  are a style similar to Casadei’s mink fur boots (pictured below). They are available at the 109 web shop for 16,800Yen (approx. 200 USD) and can be folded over at any length, making them very versatile pair of boots.  The boots from Casadei are available at Luisaviaroma for 2,500 USD.

Casadei Mink Fur Boots

Casadei Lookalike

Casadei Peeptoe WedgesDiana nude Peeptoe Wedges

These beautiful Peeptoe Wedges from Casadei (top picture) with the unique heel design have been available in several different colours, but I think this hot pink version is especially eye-catching. Unfortunately, beauty comes at a price here: they are available for 950$ at Endless. For those who can’t afford to spend such an amount on shoes, Diana offers a cheaper alternative (lower picture) which is available at the Diana web shop for ¥14,490 (approx. 173$) in three different colours: nude, black and multicolour. These heels will surely make a stunning addition for every shoe collection.

Diana Peeptoe WedgesDiana black Peeptoe Wedges

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