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Shoe Challenge No.51

Finally I’m back on track again with saving my shoes! Lately I’ve been so busy with writing my graduation thesis for uni, renovating at home and on top of that preparing for my fiancé and his family who will come soon to visit me – so I haven’t gotten to blog at all! But, I did take pictures, and now I just took some time for choosing and editing and can upload again 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t got any great story to tell, other than that I’ve been reading books, writing, painting walls and moving furniture I haven’t been up to much. So it’s just some pictures today:

やっとまたブログを書けました!最近は卒業論文や家の仕事などで忙しすぎて、ブログを書く時間がまったくありませんでした!それでも写真を撮って、とうとう選択と編集ができて、アップロードができます 🙂 本を読んで、論文を書く事と家具を移動させて、壁を塗る事以外はほとんどなにもしていなかったので、ストーリがなくて、写真だけをのせます:

Diana pumpsShoes: Diana / シューズ:Diana
Worn with: Top by H&M, bag and skirt by Max Mara
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

Again the same skirt – it has become one of my favourites and it is really versatile! The shoes I’ve had for quite some years. As so many others, they were bought in Japan, I think during my first internship there….I love the red sole (you can see just a peek at the heel) which adds a nice extra interest to them! I’ve wanted to wear these for a while now, but every time I felt like wearing them it was raining – and white fur and rain don’t mix well. But finally, a nice weather day did come 🙂

また同じスカートです – とても合わせやすくて、このスカートが本当に大好きです!靴はもう何年も持っています。多分最初のインターンシップの頃に日本で買いました。。。赤いソールでもっと面白いデザインになっていると思います!ずっとはきたいと思った日に雨が降ってしまって、はけませんでした。とうとう晴れの日がきました 🙂

Diana pumps

Casadei Lookalike

Casadei Peeptoe WedgesDiana nude Peeptoe Wedges

These beautiful Peeptoe Wedges from Casadei (top picture) with the unique heel design have been available in several different colours, but I think this hot pink version is especially eye-catching. Unfortunately, beauty comes at a price here: they are available for 950$ at Endless. For those who can’t afford to spend such an amount on shoes, Diana offers a cheaper alternative (lower picture) which is available at the Diana web shop for ¥14,490 (approx. 173$) in three different colours: nude, black and multicolour. These heels will surely make a stunning addition for every shoe collection.

Diana Peeptoe WedgesDiana black Peeptoe Wedges

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