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Shoe Challenge No.5

Charmant BootiesShoes: Charmant

Worn with: Dress by Zara, cardigan by FTC, bag by Prada.

These fur-trimmed booties are from the Japanese brand Charmant, which makes lots of cute and inexpensive styles. I got these in the sale last year, and they are maybe the best bargain I ever found: These were the last pair, my size, and were marked down to just 1000 Yen (10€), even though the fur is real! Best of all, they are super comfortable and warm. So they definitely needed to be saved! If you want to know more about Charmant, you can have a look at their webshop here.

Charmant Booties

Today it was rainy and cold again, so we just went for a quick walk around Ebisu Garden Place. They have a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop, but unfortunately it was  closed today, so we just took pictures for the shoe challenge. Ebisu Garden Place looks really beautiful, especially in the evening.

Charmant Booties

Charmant Booties

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