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H&M Inclusive Collection: The shoes

A lot has been written already about the H&M Inclusive Collection and personally, I like as well the idea as also a lot of the clothes. But, what I got for myself (bringing my shoe count one up again……) are these shoes:

H&M Inclusive Collection ShoesI haven’t seen them on other blogs before, but I saw them in the H&M Magazine and knew I had to have them! I guess these are a case of either “love them or hate them” and for me, it’s the former. They’re totally crazy, which is exactly what I love about them. Also, they are very light ( I was afraid they’d use some heavy material for the sole) and very comfortable to walk in, so I’m looking forward to the summer a bit more again! If you love them too and want to get a pair for yourself, they are available in the H&M webstore for 34,95€.

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