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A day in Salzburg: Shoe Challenge No.58

When my fiancé and family were visiting, we made a day trip to one of the most beautiful cities round here, Salzburg in Austria. You can easily go to Salzburg from Munich by train in just two hours. The city center is relatively small and it’s possible to see most of it in one day. We were lucky and had the best possible weather and a clear sky for a good view! Our first stop was the Mirabell Castle, which has the most beautiful park and a view of the other castle up on the hill:

Schloß Mirabell

Next we made a lunch break at the Café in Hotel Stein. It is my personal tip if you go to Salzburg, because it definitely has the best view of the old city center, the castle and river all in one. If it’s good weather, you can sit outside, but even from inside the view is beautiful:

Hotel Stein

My lunch was a pancake with jam and cream (very healthy for sure…), which was delicious!


The Café also offered a nice location for a Shoe Challenge picture – finally something different from the usual pictures at home! Since we had a day full of walking planned and it was really hot, I opted for flats:

Zara SandalsShoes: Zara
Worn with: Dress by Laurèl, bag by Armani (not pictured).

Later, we visited the graveyard which contains the grave of Mozart’s wife. It may sound strange to go sightseeing to a graveyard, but the two big ones in Salzburg are unlike “normal” graveyards and have lots and lots of old, elaborately decorated graves. My “favourite” one is the one covered in vines, pictured below, which looks like it belongs in a fantasy movie – maybe King Arthur’s grave or something like that:

Friedhof Salzburg

Another curious one I saw was this one featuring a skeleton and a text saying: “Human! What you are now I have been, and what I am now you will be too.” True but kind of scary!

Friedhof Salzburg

Another view of the city:


After a day of walking, my feet were super tired…….

Zara Sandals

Last tip for Salzburg: Take a look inside the wonderful Chocolate shop “Braun” (Judengasse 1, A-5020 Salzburg) – they have a great selection. My personal favourite is the rose petal covered dark chocolate by Bachhalm, handmade in Austria.

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