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Shoe Challenge No.15

Buffalo Peeptoe PumpsShoes: Buffalo

Worn with: Skirt, belt and top by St.Emile, bag by Miu Miu.

The Shoe Challenge is really proving to be a challenge (although in a good way!)!! Actually, wearing the shoes is not really a problem (yet), rather I find it difficult to find a cute different outfit to wear with each pair. But this is a great opportunity to also wear some clothes that are mostly just hanging in my closet and think about new outfit combinations instead of just pulling out my favourite pieces over and over again.

For today’s outfit I chose these peeptoe pumps by Buffalo, which were a birthday present from my mom – so obviously they had to be saved! These certainly aren’t the most comfortable shoes I own, but still are OK to walk in. They actually don’t hurt my feet at all, the only problem is walking over uneven ground (like the “wonderful” cobblestones in Munich), which is kind of challenging with the stiff platform. But I adore the spiky studs around the platform! So here are some close-ups of the shoes:

Buffalo Peeptoe Pumps

Buffalo Peeptoe Pumps

Buffalo is another brand I rediscovered a while ago. When I thought of Buffalo before, the only thing that used to come to my mind are those hideous platform sneakers that were popular a long time ago – do you remember them as well? But luckily, those days are over, and now they have gorgeous and extravagant designs for a reasonable price. If you’d like to have a look, you can do so at their webshop.

Today I went to lunch with my mom and others to the restaurant La Baracca in Munich. I was there the first time and loved it a lot! The Italian food was really delicious and the service and atmosphere were good as well. My only problem was deciding on a dessert – they all sounded super delicious so I ended up taking two! Here’s a picture of the tasty Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce and the wonderful White Chocolate Profiterole…

La Baracca Panna Cotta

La Baracca Profiterole

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