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Nail Art: Night Sky

Back again to blogging!  My graduation paper had kept me busy and sleepless, so I had absolutely no time for anything else, let alone taking outfit pictures or even thinking about outfits. Education must always come first! But now I’ve handed it in and took some time to recover from the stress and finally feel like blogging again.

Nail Art

Here’s my newest manicure – finally time to paint my nails again, too! I felt like doing something befitting the season and chose a dark blue colour by Butter London – which is actually really beautiful by itself, too – and combined it with a super glittery gold colour, also from Butter London.

Butter London nail colour

How to:

  • Paint entire nails with a clear base coat.
  • Paint entire nails with a dark blue colour. (Used here: Big Smoke by Butter London)
  • Paint entire nails with a thin layer of gold glitter colour. (Used here: West End Wonderland by Butter Londen)
  • Apply more layers of the gold glitter, gradually starting further away from the base of the nail, thereby creating a graduation effect.
  • Paint entire nails with a clear top coat.

Nail Art


Comments on: "Nail Art: Night Sky" (5)

  1. sheerglitz said:

    Your nails look AMAZING! I can’t wait to try this

  2. Gorgeous! x

  3. Your nails look great! I love the Butter London colors. I just bought two of their holiday colors and I can’t wait to try them out.

  4. So nice you are back! I totally understand what you mean, it’s either the uni papers or blogging! Your nails look amaaaaaazing! I’ll try this mix!

  5. Where have you been…! We are missing u! But hope u are fine! And have a Merry Xmas and super Silvester!

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