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Barbie Pink: Shoe Challenge No.55

Esperanza SandalsShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Dress by ?, camisole by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

That day I just went shopping for souvenirs with my fiancé – he bought so much Haribo he ended up carrying a backback filled almost entirely with that! We had super hot weather, so I decided on something light to wear – a dress I bought on a nightmarket in Bangkok quite a few years ago. And, to save another pair of shoes as well I chose these Sandals from my Esperanza “collection” (I have to count how many shoes of that brand I have…) to complete this all pink outfit…living up to one of my nicknames, ‘Barbie’ 🙂 This Sandal I bought just for the gorgeous heel:

Esperanza Sandals

As you can see, they have a clip-on crystal encrusted rose, which is missing in the outfit picture as we were in a hurry to catch the train and I couldn’t find them….. I love how they paid attention even to the design of the insole, with a glittery heart at the back part and another heart shaped by the cut and stitching at the front!

Esperanza Sandals

Can a shoe get any more kitsch than this?


Shoe Challenge No.49

D&G WedgesShoes: D&G / シューズ: D&G
Worn with: Top and earrings by H&M, skirt by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa, DIY flower hairclip.
H&MのTシャツとピアス、Zaraのスカート、Samantha Thavasaの鞄、DIYの花クリップ。

D&G Wedges
These are my newest shoes, a birthday present from my lovely fiance – thank you!!! I have lusted for these for a long time, and just in time for my birthday, they went on sale so I guess it was meant to be (right?). They were not available in the shop anymore, so I ordered them online, and now finally I wore them. Of course I had to save these asap 🙂 I’m happy that despite the height of 14,5cm they are also super comfortable and easy to walk in ! If you’d like a pair for yourself, they are still available at the D&G online store in some sizes.

こちらは私の最新の靴です。素敵な婚約者からの誕生日プレゼントでした – ありがとう!!!ずっと前から欲しくて、ちょうど誕生日の時にセールになりました。店ではもう売り切れていたのでオンラインショップで買いました。今日はとうとう初めてはきました – この靴は絶対に救出しなければならなかった 🙂 14,5cmでヒールがかなり高いですが、本当にあるきやすいです!これで欲しくなってしまったら、まだオンラインショップで何足が残っています。

D&G Wedges
Matching the flowers in our garden 🙂
庭の花にあいます 🙂

A close-up of the earrings and DIY hairclip. This kind of rose is actually super-easy to make: Just take a ribbon band and twist it around itself, then secure it by sewing it together at the back. Then sew on a hairpin or safety pin – finished! These can also be used as a pin to decorate simple T-shirts.

ピアスと花クリップのクロースアップ。このような花は結構作りやすいです:リボンをねじり、花のようにまいて、うしろ側でぬいます。そして髪クリップ、または安全ピンをぬいつけます – 完成!シンプルなTシャツのデコレーションとしても使えます。

bag and shoes

Shoe Challenge No.29

Prada SandalsShoes: Prada /シューズ:プラダ
Worn with: Top by Zara, belt by Little New York, pants by Seductive.
ZaraのTシャツ、Little New Yorkのベルト、Seductiveのパンツ。

Today I was just at home, reading stuff for university. My mom brought another cake home and a friend came over in the afternoon for cake & coffee.  As we had another warm and sunny day, I decided on these Asia-style Prada Sandals. These are the first Prada (or expensive) shoes I ever bought –  I was still in High School back then! I can still remember going to the store a million times just to admire them! So I saved money and sold old stuff at the flea market just to be able to buy these shoes! Luckily, when the sale came, a pair in my size was left and so they became my first pair of Prada shoes. I wore these a lot back then, and I still love them as much now! But now, I don’t wear them as often anymore, just so they will stay beautiful – I never want to lose them…. do you have any shoes you want to keep forever?

今日はただ家にいて卒業論文のためにいろいろ読みました。母は早めに帰ってきて、ケーキを買ってきました。夕方、友達と三人でコーヒーを飲みながら食べました。今日も暖かくていい天気だったのでプラダのアジアン・スタイル・サンダルにしました。このサンダルは私が始めて買ったプラダ(高い)靴です。買った時はまだ高校生でした!まだ何回も何回も店に行って、その靴を見たことをよく覚えています!この一足を買うためにずっと貯金して、フリーマーケットで古い洋服などを売りました!とうとうセールになった時にまだマイ・サイズが残っていて、やっと始めてのプラダのシューズを買えました。あの頃はよくはいて、今でも大好きな靴です。ただ、汚れないように今はあまりはきません – いつまでもきれいな状態でもっていきたい。。。あなたもいつまでももっていたい靴がありますか?

Prada Sandals

I love all the details on this shoe: the beautiful fabric combined with patent leather, the leaf and flower, and the attention paid to the heel design, the colour combination:

Prada Sandals
Last up, the cake my mom bought – again the wonderful Sachertorte from Rischart, this time with a slightly different design:


Shoe Challenge No.24

Pretty Ballerinas
Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Worn with: Skirt by Zara, top by H&M Conscious Collection.

Today we had another wonderful sunny and warm day.  My mom went hiking with friends and I baked another roll cake which we ate together in the afternoon. Today’s outfit is just a casual one for relaxing in the garden. Finally it’s the kind of weather where I can wear these ballerinas! They’re completely impractical, but they were just too pretty to resist…..

Pretty Ballerinas

This shoe is all about the details. I love how they paid attention to the sole as well…almost too pretty to walk on 😉

Pretty Ballerinas

As I said, today I made another cake. Since it’s Easter time, I thought up an Easter themed decoration: Narcissus flowers, rabbits and easter eggs. Here it is:

Easter Deco Rollcake

Now there’s nearly nothing left already – but that’s the way it should be!

Easter Deco Rollcake

Have a nice Easter Weekend!

Eye-Candy: Donna Karan Sandal

Donna Karan Platform Sandal

Isn’t this sandal by Donna Karan just lovely? The weather here has been back to “winter mode” for the last few days, and looking at these makes me feel a bit more like springtime is here already! I especially like the mix of materials. Luckily, my bank account will be spared as I don’t have an unneeded $1,290 to splash out on shoes. If you want these tough, they are available at the Donna Karan webstore.

Shoe Challenge No.19

Miu Miu Sandals with floral carved heelShoes: Miu Miu

Worn with: Jeans jacket by Fabulous by Cecil Mc Bee, dress by H&M Conscious Collection, bag by Prada.

Today we had wonderful sunny weather and as we were invited to our neighbour’s place for coffee and cake, I took the opportunity to take pictures in their stunningly beautiful garden.They have a gorgeous big magnolia tree, which was in full bloom today…

Magnolia Tree

At night, the magnolia tree is lit up and looks even more stunning:

Magnolia Tree

Finally the weather is warm enough for sandals! For today’s challenge I chose these Miu Miu Sandals with a carved floral heel – I wanted these so much I hunted them on Ebay for ages and recently finally was able to get a pair in my size…since I bought them in winter, today was the first time I could wear them outside and I totally adore them! Here’s a close-up:

Miu Miu Sandals with floral carved heel


Shoe Challenge No.18

Zara Peeptoe PumpsShoes: Zara (with shoe clip from Le Talon)

Worn with: Jeans by Seven, cardigan by Glenfield, top by H&M, bag by Miu Miu.

Another shoe challenge posted! It’s so much fun doing the shoe challenge and it also makes me think about my wardrobe a lot more than before (though that isn’t visible in today’s picture…). So, I was really shocked today to read the news about the copycat (I don’t want to link to her site here!) of the wonderful Shoeperwoman who started this Shoe Challenge. How can someone be so unimaginative as to steal someone else’s blog concept and name? I sincerely hope everything will turn out OK for the real Shoeperwoman!

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Today, I wore these peeptoe pumps by Zara, which were a lucky sale purchase in Shibuya, Japan a while back. Another one of my “it’s reduced, the last pair and in my size – it was meant to be!” shoe purchases, but that doesn’t mean I regret buying them! They are mostly comfortable (just not on Munich’s horrible cobblestones…) and are another pair that goes well with a lot of my clothes. Today I decided to glam them up with the rose shoe clips from Le Talon (a wonderful shoe shop in Japan – check out their homepage and their online store for lots of sweet shoes and shoe accessories ) and got two compliments for them which made me very happy 🙂  Here they are close-up with and without shoe clips:

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

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