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Shoe Challenge No.42

Zara Silver BallerinasShoes: Zara / シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, top by H&M, cardigan by Day Birger et Mikkelsen, bag by Lanvin x H&M.
Sevenのデニム、H&MのTシャツ、Day Birger et Mikkelsenのカーディガン、Lanvin x H&Mのバッグ。

This is Sunday’s outfit – I can’t believe so many days have passed already! I’m too busy with my uni work and didn’t get to do any more shoe challenges….after going out last Saturday night with my lovely friend N. to the P1 club in Munich, I got up after just 2 1/2 hours of sleep to go with my mom and friends to another garden market, this time in the beautiful city of Bad Tölz, Bavaria.If you come to Bavaria, you should definitely go to Bad Tölz where lots of beautifully painted traditional style buildings can be seen on the main street. If you’re there, give the delicious ice cream at Grangelato (Marktstraße 18, Bad Tölz) a try! Below is a view of the river Isar, which runs through town:

こちらは日曜日のコーデーです – もうそんなに時間がたってしまいましたね!卒業論文で忙しすぎて、シューズ・チャレンジができなかった。。。土曜日の夜友達のNさんとミュンヘンのP1クラブに行って、たった2時間半寝て、日曜日に母と友達とまたガーデン・マーケットに行きました。今回のマーケットはバイエルン州のBad Tölzという綺麗な町にありました。バイエルン州に来たら、是非Bad Tölzを見に行ってください。メイン通りにそっている建物の壁は伝統的できれいな絵でデコレーションされています。同じメイン通りにあるGrangelatoと言う店 (住所:Marktstraße 18, Bad Tölz) のおいしいアイスクリームも食べてみてください!以下は町を通ってるイザール川の写真です:

Bad Tölz

What I was mostly looking forward to – despite the main focus of the market being roses – was the exotic plants! Finally I found a protea, which I had been looking for for a long time. Proteas are very seldom sold here in Germany, and I didn’t want to buy one off the internet, so I was really happy to get one – you can see me carrying it in the outfit picture! As it’s not in full bloom yet, I won’t post an extra picture and instead show you the other plant I have bought. This one is not exotic at all, but a typical plant for here, the Edelweiß. I love it’s cute, kind of fluffy flowers!


Last up, a picture of my shoes: After a night of dancing I opted for a sensible and comfy, yet not boring pair of ballerinas from Zara. They have been worn a lot already and definitely needed to be saved!


Zara Silver Ballerinas

My mom’s shoe challenge No.5

Deichmann BallerinasShoes: Deichmann /シューズ:Deichmann
Worn with: Silk blouse by H&M, top by Zara, pants by Orwell, bag by Armani.

Deichmann Ballerinas


My mom’s shoe challenge No.4

Suede BallerinasShoes: ??/シューズ:??
Worn with: Top by Zara, dress with belt by H&M, pants by Seductive, bag by Armani.

Suede Ballerinas (more…)

Cute Casadei Ballerinas

Look at these ballerinas by Casadei! Aren’t they adorable? I love the giraffe-like print in blue and white…….
こちらはイタリアンブランドCasadeiからのバレエシューズです。 可愛いでしょう! キリンみたいな柄が大好きです…….

Casadei BallerinasUnfortunately, they’re far beyond my ballerina-budget! But if you’re a fan of ballerinas and don’t mind splurging on them, you can get a pair at Javari for 370 €. As of now, all sizes are still available…

残念ながらお値段はかなり高いです!それでもバレエシューズが好きな方におすすめです~ Javariで370€(約43.000円)です。

Shoe Challenge No.26

Pretty BallerinasShoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Worn with: Dress by H&M, pants by H&M, belt by Little New York.

This was my original outfit plan for today, since it was sunny but not that warm in the morning……until it started raining and hailing like crazy and the temperature dropped – again! So, I had to change my outfit slightly to include a cardigan…I’m hoping soon no more cardigans will be necessary! We just went to Ikea quickly to buy some more shelfs for my shoe cabinet (just the normal “Billy” from Ikea) and other stuff – that’s also why I’m wearing flats today :).

Pretty BallerinasWorn with: Cardigan by Repeat, bag by Armani.

Pretty Ballerinas

These flats are another pair shared by my mom and me, and as you can see from the picture they have already been worn a lot. Pretty Ballerinas is my favourite brand of ballerinas, they’re really comfortable to walk in and the leather is nice and soft and they pay attention to detail in the design! This pair has a very cute sole as well:

Pretty Ballerinas

And, last but not least, another cake which my mom bought! So this one wasn’t made by me, but I sure wish I knew the recipe. It’s one of my favourite cakes, the Sacher Cake from Rischart…. pure chocolate heaven! If you ever come to Munich you should definitely try it. It’s not the usual Sacher Cake, but made of a light chocolate cake with marmalade and marzipan.

Rischarts Sachertorte

Shoe Challenge No.24

Pretty Ballerinas
Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Worn with: Skirt by Zara, top by H&M Conscious Collection.

Today we had another wonderful sunny and warm day.  My mom went hiking with friends and I baked another roll cake which we ate together in the afternoon. Today’s outfit is just a casual one for relaxing in the garden. Finally it’s the kind of weather where I can wear these ballerinas! They’re completely impractical, but they were just too pretty to resist…..

Pretty Ballerinas

This shoe is all about the details. I love how they paid attention to the sole as well…almost too pretty to walk on 😉

Pretty Ballerinas

As I said, today I made another cake. Since it’s Easter time, I thought up an Easter themed decoration: Narcissus flowers, rabbits and easter eggs. Here it is:

Easter Deco Rollcake

Now there’s nearly nothing left already – but that’s the way it should be!

Easter Deco Rollcake

Have a nice Easter Weekend!

My mom’s shoe challenge No.3

Classico BallerinasShoes: Classico

Worn with: Cardigan by Repeat, jeans by Orwell, top by Schlüter, necklace by St.Emile, bag by Emma Brown.

Classico Ballerinas

Flower embellished Wedges and Ballerinas by H&M

H&M flower embellished WedgesHow adorable are these flower embellished wedges by H&M? I personally prefer the light pink colour as they look more like summer but as the uppers are fabric the black ones could be more practical. Lately, I’m totally into wedges – they make walking on cobblestones so much easier! If you like the cute flowers but not the heels, these were also used on these sweet peeptoe ballerinas, which come in the same colour options.

H&M flower embellished BallerinasBoth  the wedges which retail for 39,95€ and  the ballerinas which cost 14,95€ are available at the H&M online store.

Which ones would you choose?

My mom’s shoe challenge No.2

Pretty BallerinasShoes: Pretty Ballerinas

Worn with: Bag by Armani, top by Marc Cain, pants by ?, cardigan by Repeat.

So, finally I managed to upload this shoe challenge pictures of my mom! I’ve been too busy lately….she wore this for lunch with friends and me at La Baracca in Munich. I love her top, I wish I could wear it too!!

Here’s the shoe close-up:

Pretty BallerinasI love the cute little engraved ballerinas on the buckle! Pretty ballerinas are so comfortable, too 🙂

Buffalo “twisted” Ballerinas

Buffalo Ballerina

Buffalo Ballerina

Buffalo Ballerina

I’m seriously tempted by these cute ballerinas by Buffalo! I love the twisted leather straps and the silver toe cap. They look really comfortable and should be perfect for a hot summer day. My favourite is the rose coloured one. Which one do you like best? To get yourself a pair you can visit the Buffalo online shop, where they retail for 69,90€.

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