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Furla Peeptoe PumpsShoes: Furla / シューズ:Furla
Worn with: Top by Zara, kimono sleeve dress by H&M Garden Collection, pants by H&M, bag by Armani.
Zaraのキャミソール、H&M Garden Collectionのドレス、H&Mのパンツ、Armaniのバッグ。

Today my mom and me went to the Gartenlust – a kind of garden market – at the Maxlrain Castle which can be seen in the background. I wore my plastic Furla shoes – I probably was the only person wearing heels there (tough they weren’t uncomfortable)! My mom opted for a more sensible pair of Pretty Ballerinas:

今日は母と一緒にバイエルン州のMaxlrain城にあるGartenlustと言うガーデン・マーケットに行きました。私はFurlaのプラスチック・シューズにしました – 多分あのマーケットでヒールをはいたのは私だけでした(それでも歩きやすかった)!母はもっとリーズナブルなバレエ・シューズにしました:

Pretty BallerinasShoes: Pretty Ballerinas/シューズ:Pretty Ballerinas
Worn with: Dress by H&M, pants by Orwell, belt by Reptile’s House, bag by Armani.
H&Mのドレス、Orwellのパンツ、Reptile’s Houseのベルト、Armaniのバッグ

The weather was great and we even found some beautiful flowers – peonies and a calamondin tree:


Afterwards we met some friends in the beergarden near the castle and watched the erection of the “Maibaum” (maypole). Maypoles in Bavaria are usually painted in the colours of the Bavarian Flag, white and blue.


bavarian maypole
After securing the pole, it is decorated with beautifully painted signs of various professions. In total, this maypole was decorated with 17 different signs – a lot of work!

マイバウムが安定されたら、街の若い男達がきれいなサイン(普段は仕事の種類をしめす)をつけます。このマイバウムには合計で17枚のサインがつけられました – かなり大変な仕事です!

bavarian maypole
On the way home, we saw a huge golden rock and stopped to take some pictures – how awesome would it be to have one of these in your garden?!


Furla Peeptoe Pumps
A close-up of my shoes: シューズのクロースアップ:

Furla Peeptoe Pumps
And last up, some Bavarian scenery from our way home 🙂




Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.32 & My mom’s Shoe Challenge No.6" (3)

  1. That sounds like a fun day, and the flowers are very pretty! I really like your shoes, especially the cute bows!

  2. Lovely kimono and bag! Oh and those shoes are great. Love the colors of your outfit!

  3. […] to the P1 club in Munich, I got up after just 2 1/2 hours of sleep to go with my mom and friends to another garden market, this time in the beautiful city of Bad Tölz, Bavaria.If you come to Bavaria, you should […]

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