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The Shoe Stalker: Shoe Challenge No.63

Jimmy Choo Sandals

This is the second of the two pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes I own. I’ve bought them some years ago, while I was still in high school. But I still remember literally stalking them for a long time before I finally bought them! Actually this style was sold in two stores in Munich, and I fell instantly in love when I first saw them. But of course, they were way to expensive for me. So I waited….and waited…and waited until sales time, and during all that waiting I often went to the shops to see if they were still there – a real shoe stalker! When sale finally arrived, they were still there – but still too expensive. So I waited some more. And got lucky: After the last round of price reductions, they were at an okay price and there was still this one pair left for me and I could finally take them home 🙂 So after all the trouble to get these, of course I had to save them too (also before summer ends…! Here’s my outfit (the wind blew my hair in my face in every single picture…):

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Jimmy Choo
Worn with: Top by Orwell, jacket by Cecil Mc Bee, skirt by Zara, bag by Prada.

Shoe Challenge No.29

Prada SandalsShoes: Prada /シューズ:プラダ
Worn with: Top by Zara, belt by Little New York, pants by Seductive.
ZaraのTシャツ、Little New Yorkのベルト、Seductiveのパンツ。

Today I was just at home, reading stuff for university. My mom brought another cake home and a friend came over in the afternoon for cake & coffee.  As we had another warm and sunny day, I decided on these Asia-style Prada Sandals. These are the first Prada (or expensive) shoes I ever bought –  I was still in High School back then! I can still remember going to the store a million times just to admire them! So I saved money and sold old stuff at the flea market just to be able to buy these shoes! Luckily, when the sale came, a pair in my size was left and so they became my first pair of Prada shoes. I wore these a lot back then, and I still love them as much now! But now, I don’t wear them as often anymore, just so they will stay beautiful – I never want to lose them…. do you have any shoes you want to keep forever?

今日はただ家にいて卒業論文のためにいろいろ読みました。母は早めに帰ってきて、ケーキを買ってきました。夕方、友達と三人でコーヒーを飲みながら食べました。今日も暖かくていい天気だったのでプラダのアジアン・スタイル・サンダルにしました。このサンダルは私が始めて買ったプラダ(高い)靴です。買った時はまだ高校生でした!まだ何回も何回も店に行って、その靴を見たことをよく覚えています!この一足を買うためにずっと貯金して、フリーマーケットで古い洋服などを売りました!とうとうセールになった時にまだマイ・サイズが残っていて、やっと始めてのプラダのシューズを買えました。あの頃はよくはいて、今でも大好きな靴です。ただ、汚れないように今はあまりはきません – いつまでもきれいな状態でもっていきたい。。。あなたもいつまでももっていたい靴がありますか?

Prada Sandals

I love all the details on this shoe: the beautiful fabric combined with patent leather, the leaf and flower, and the attention paid to the heel design, the colour combination:

Prada Sandals
Last up, the cake my mom bought – again the wonderful Sachertorte from Rischart, this time with a slightly different design:


Shoe Challenge No.17

I must admit to buying another pair of shoes – I just couldn’t resist these beauties on Ebay (saved search will be the end of me!!)! They finally arrived on Saturday and I couldn’t resist to wear them the day I got them. But luckily, they are super comfy and I didn’t regret choosing them at all – no pain, no blisters after dancing the whole night!


I wore them with the outfit pictured below, to go clubbing with a friend at Pacha in Munich.

PradaShoes: Prada

Worn with: Dress by Grey Magic, bag by Esperanza.


This weekend we had great weather here in Munich, so some of my friends came over for an afternoon of cake, coffee and card games in the garden. In the evening we went clubbing. The warm weather makes me want to go out every day! Also, I finally baked a cake from the Japanese book I wrote about before. I decided on the pink leopard version, to match our table decoration. It was really easy and the cake turned out great! I want to try out another one soon…

Deco Rollcake

Shoe Challenge No.16

Prada ShoesShoes: Prada

Worn with: Dress by H&M, long cardigan by Repeat, bag by Miu Miu.

I was busy painting walls at home and, as usual, with University stuff, so I didn’t get to post this challenge from Friday last week until now. These are one of my beloved pairs of Prada shoes…..if I had to choose a single brand of shoes to wear for the rest of my life (totally disregarding prices…), I’d have a hard time choosing between Prada, Miu Miu and Nicholas Kirwood. So yes, I love Prada shoes (unfortunately I can’t say that about some of this season’s shoes). This particular pair I got years ago. I was still in high school, and they were probably my first pair of Prada shoes. Near the end of sales I went to a designer shoe boutique with a friend just to look at all the beautiful shoes, and then there they were, reduced to a fraction of the original price, in my size – of course I couldn’t resist! And I still love them now as much as when I first got them so I took the warm weather last week as chance to finally wear sandals again. Here are some more pictures:

Prada Shoes

Prada Shoes



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