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Nail Art: Night Sky

Back again to blogging!  My graduation paper had kept me busy and sleepless, so I had absolutely no time for anything else, let alone taking outfit pictures or even thinking about outfits. Education must always come first! But now I’ve handed it in and took some time to recover from the stress and finally feel like blogging again.

Nail Art

Here’s my newest manicure – finally time to paint my nails again, too! I felt like doing something befitting the season and chose a dark blue colour by Butter London – which is actually really beautiful by itself, too – and combined it with a super glittery gold colour, also from Butter London.

Butter London nail colour

How to:

  • Paint entire nails with a clear base coat.
  • Paint entire nails with a dark blue colour. (Used here: Big Smoke by Butter London)
  • Paint entire nails with a thin layer of gold glitter colour. (Used here: West End Wonderland by Butter Londen)
  • Apply more layers of the gold glitter, gradually starting further away from the base of the nail, thereby creating a graduation effect.
  • Paint entire nails with a clear top coat.

Nail Art

Chanel Graphite

Chanel Graphite

As promised, a review of the Chanel Graphite nailpolish! I’ve tried this one after the Peridot, and while Peridot is still my favourite, Graphite is also very nice. The colour really matches the name, it looks just like graphite. I painted two coats, and it stayed on nicely and didn’t show too much wear. Even when the colour comes off a bit at the tip of the nails, it’s fine to just paint over the tips if you’re in a hurry – there’s no visible line 🙂 It does have a wintery feel to it though, so probably I won’t be wearing it again until winter…

Chanel Graphite


Chanel Nail Polish

Yes, I couldn’t resist…..I’ve bought two (but I’m sharing with my mom 😉 ) I wasn’t sure if I’d really like the new collection, but seeing them in the store, I liked the Peridot and Graphite colours a lot – Quartz didn’t seem too special to me though.

Chanel Peridot and Graphite

Here’s a close-up:

Chanel Peridot and Graphite

Before I tried it out, I thought I’d like the simpler Graphite more. But, thinking Peridot would be a bit more suited to summer I tried it out first, and I think it looks super gorgeous on the nails, much prettier than I anticipated! I love the way the colour changes depending on the angle you’re looking at it – I’ve tried to capture the different shades in my picture…what do you think?

Chanel Peridot

This time, I’ve kept my nails simple, without embellishment. This colour really needs nothing more to make it stand out. If you like painting your nails in extraordinary colours I’d say give it a try, but if you rather prefer simple and “normal” colours it’s probably not the right shade. I’ll try out graphite next, even though it feels much more like a “winter” colour to me……

Nail Art: Sunset Colours

nail art
For this week’s nail art, I decided on a graduation effect for a change. I did a slightly different art on the thumb nails, again with a half moon manicure, decorated with a ribbon and rhinestone.


nail art

How to:
1. Apply clear base coat.
2. Paint nails in yellow (here: Chanel No.577 Mimosa).
3. Paint nails in light pink glitter (here: Savvy Brownie No.17).
4. Paint a fine line along the half moon shape and then a ribbon on each thumb nail with purple glitter colour (here: Rimmel No.631 Starlet).
5. Apply dark pink glitter colour (here: Savvy Brownie No.31), starting at the line/ribbon of the thumb nails and at the base of all other nails, adding gradually more glitter colour to create a graduation effect.
6. Stick on the pink rhinestones in the middle of the ribbons (here: from Daiso Japan), using clear nailcolour as “glue”.

1. クリーアのベースコートを塗る。
2. ネールの全体に黄色(ChanelのNo.577 Mimosa)を塗る。
3. ネールの全体に薄いピンク・グリッター(Savvy BrownieのNo.17)を塗る。
4. 紫色(RimmelのNo.631 Starlet)を使って、親指ネールのハーフムーンにそって細いラインを描いて、リボンを描く。
5. 親指ネールの紫色のライン、そして他のネールのもとから濃いピンク・グリッター(Savvy BrownieのNo.31)でグラデーションをつくる。
6. クリーア・ベースコートを使って、リボンの真ん中にピンク色のキラストーンを付ける。

nail colours

Nail Art: Birthday Girl

nail art
This time I decided on an all pink manicure, but kept the decoration simple to keep it from being too much kitsch. I’ve wanted to do a ribbon for some time now, and thought it would be just right for celebrating my birthday this weekend 🙂 Lately I’ve done only half-moon styles, so I should try out something different the next time…

今回はピンクのネール・カラーにしました。子供ぽっくならないように、デコレーションをシンプルにしました。ずっとリボン・デコレーションにしてみたくて、今週末にあった誕生日にぴったりだと思いました 🙂 最近何回もハーフムーン・アートにしてましたから、今度は違うスタイルにしたいです。。。

nail colour

How to:
1. Apply clear base coat.
2. Paint nails in light pink (here: brand Winmax from Daiso Japan).
3. Paint nails in sparkling pink (here: Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds No.101), sparing the half-moon shape.
4. Paint on a thin line with gold colour (here: from brand Princess Happy)around the half-moon shape using a nail art brush
5. Stick on the pink rhinestones on the ring finger nails and the thumb nails and then add pink half-pearls (here: from Daiso Japan) around the rhinestones on the thumb nails to create a ribbon shape, using clear nailcolour as “glue”.

1. クリーアのベースコートを塗る。
2. ネールの全体に薄いピンク色(ダイソーのWinmax)を塗る。
3. もとの部分を除いて、キラ・ピンク色(MaybellineのWater Shine Diamonds No.101)を塗る。
4. ネール・アート用の筆を使って、金色(Princess Happyより)で細いラインを描く。
5. クリーア・ベースコートを使って、薬指と親指のネールにピンク・キラ・ストーンを付けて、そして親指のネールに付けたキラ・ストーンにそってピンク・パール(ダイソーより)をリボンの形で付ける。

nail art

Nail Art: Diamonds & Pearls

nail art
Here’s my newest Nail Art! This time, I combined a light purple colour with a sparkling darker purple for a Half-Moon manicure and added different sized pearls and rhinestones.


nail artHow to:
1. Apply clear base coat
2. Paint nails in light purple (here: Little Girl Type by MAC)
3. Paint nails in dark purple (here: No.631 by Rimmel), sparing the half-moon shape
4. Stick on clear rhinestones and half-pearls (here: from Daiso Japan) in various sizes using clear nailcolour as “glue”

1. クリーアのベースコートを塗る。
2. ネールの全体に薄い紫色(MacのLittle Girl Type)を塗る。
3. もとの部分を除いて、濃い紫色(RimmelのNo.631)を塗る。
4. クリーア・ベースコートを使って、キラ・ストーンとパール(ダイソーより)を付ける。

nail art

Nail Art: Bollywood

nail art

Here’s something totally not shoe-related for a change! Recently, with all the beautiful summer nail colours I’ve been getting more into nail art again. I used to do a lot more like this, but was too busy/lazy recently. Somehow, the half-moon manicure I did Sunday evening got me inspired again so on Thursday I redid them while watching TV in the evening (otherwise I always am too impatient and end up ruining it again) – this is the result. I did a graduation effect using several colours and then added rhinestones and little gold pearls for even more kitsch – somehow they remind me of Bollywood movies. What do you think?



Shoe Challenge No.39

Korean ShoesShoes: ? (brand name has worn off…) /シューズ:?
Worn with: Top by H&M, belt by ?, skirt by Akris, bag by Prada.

Just a quick shoe challenge – I’m too busy with reading/writing for uni. This is Monday’s outfit. These shoes I bought some years ago on my second trip to Seoul, Korea. They were really cheap, but I still love them! They have a really comfy low heel and the best part is the cute bow – I loved so many shoes there, but unfortunately many stores didn’t have my size.
Sorry the photo is such bad quality – even though I took it during the day, it was raining outside and therefore really dark…


Anyway, here are the shoes up close:


Korean Shoes

And one more of the shoes and accessories. Here you can see the flowers on the belt. Unfortunately it hasn’t got any brand tag, but I got it years ago at Horst Kirchberger in Munich – even though they’re mainly a make-up store / make-up studio, they also have great accessories so check them out if you are in town!

靴とアクセサリーの写真です。ベルトの花もよくうつっています。ベルトにはもうブランドタッグがなくなりましたが、何年前にミュンヘンの「Horst Kirchberger」という店でかいました。その店は化粧品の店とメークスタジオですが、かわいいアクセサリーも売っています。もしミュンヘンに来たら、是非行って見てください!

Korean Shoes

And last up a manicure picture! I tried out something new – a Half-Moon Manicure, with my beloved pink nailpolish and flower shaped stones from the Daiso in Japan, combined with gold colour nailpolish from Princess Happy (Japan):

今週は新しいネールのスタイルもやってみましたので、その写真ものせます!今回はダイソーでかった2色のピンク色とPrincess Happyのゴールド色で塗って、キラストーンをつけました:

Half-Moon Manicure

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