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Nail Art: Bollywood

nail art

Here’s something totally not shoe-related for a change! Recently, with all the beautiful summer nail colours I’ve been getting more into nail art again. I used to do a lot more like this, but was too busy/lazy recently. Somehow, the half-moon manicure I did Sunday evening got me inspired again so on Thursday I redid them while watching TV in the evening (otherwise I always am too impatient and end up ruining it again) – this is the result. I did a graduation effect using several colours and then added rhinestones and little gold pearls for even more kitsch – somehow they remind me of Bollywood movies. What do you think?


nail art
This time, I used a white colour from Rimmel as base, then used light pink colour from Savvy Brownie, purple glitter colour from Rimmel and dark pink colour from Savvy Brownie starting always a bit closer to the tip and blending with clear nail polish. After that I applied a pink rhinestone (from Daiso) to the middle of each nail with clear nailpolish and then applied the gold pearls (from Daiso) around each rhinestone also using clear nail polish. Finally I painted the whole nail with clear glitter from Princess Happy.

今回、Rimmelのホワイトをベースにして、Savvy Brownieの薄いピンク色、Rimmelの紫色、そしてSavvy Brownieのダーク・ピンクをつぎつぎと塗って、透明のネールカラーでグラデーションにしました。その後、同じ透明のカラーをつかって、キラストーン(ダイソーより)と金色のパール(ダイソーより)をつけました。最後にネールの全体にPrincess Happyのクリア・グリッターをぬりました。

nail art
If you’re into nail art, I recommend the Japanese nail magazines, such as Nail Up or Nail Venus which offer an enormous amount of inspiration!


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  1. Your nails look so pretty! I have often thought about doing nail art too, but I think it looks quite difficult and I never really get around to it. Maybe I’ll try it sometime…

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