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Perfect Black Pumps by Massimo Dutti

Even though there’s lots and lots of simple black pumps available, I still feel it’s difficult to find the perfect pair: classic, but with a nice extra touch to make them stand out and keep them from being just a “boring” pair of black shoes. To me, these patent pumps by Massimo Dutti are one such perfect pair of black pumps: Not only do they have a lovely shape and a not-too-high heel making them work appropriate, but they also feature a cute bow reminiscent of Miu Miu and a gold metal detail that set them apart from the masses of other black patent pumps.

They are available at the Massimo Dutti webstore for 125€.

Hopefully not the last time: Shoe Challenge No.61

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Leopoldo Giordano
Worn with: Top by H&M, jeans by Seven, cardigan by Northland, necklace by Furla, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

This is just a casual outfit I wore a while ago, but I didn’t get around to uploading it until now. These heels I have bought years ago. We used to have this really nice small shoe shop in the town (or should I say village?) next to ours, with lots of great shoes from Italy. I bought these shoes in that shop, and they were another love at first sight for me, just because of the colour – I love this kind of moss green colour! Lately I hadn’t worn them so often – just because I don’t want to ruin them – but of course I wanted to save them in the Shoe Challenge. So I just put them on for quickly going to the homecenter near us…..and when I got out of the car there and walked a few steps, suddenly one heel fell off!! So, back home we went, to change shoes….I chose flats after that, just to be on the safe side! I hope the heel can be reattached. I’ve been putting off going to the cobbler, for fear he might say he can’t fix them…..Hopefully, this won’t be the last time I wore them!

Here they are, still with both heels in place:

Leopoldo Giordano

My favourite part, apart from the colour, is the gorgeous knot on the front:

Leopoldo Giordano

Miu Miu inspired: Shoe Challenge No.57

vanity beauty pumpsShoes: Vanity Beauty
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, Top and cardigan by Zara, bag by Miu Miu, scarf by ?.

I’ve written about these shoes on here quite a while back, and actually I ended up buying a pair for myself – oops! But, I don’t regret it, as they’re comfortable and versatile and rain-proof (something most of my shoes are not, unfortunately!) which is good for German weather! I think this was the first day I went to Munich with my fiancé, just for a quick walk and a coffee. In the background you can see the Nationaltheater Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich, which was just at the time decorated for the Münchner Operfestspiele (Munich Opera Festival).

vanity beauty pumps

Shoe Challenge No.51

Finally I’m back on track again with saving my shoes! Lately I’ve been so busy with writing my graduation thesis for uni, renovating at home and on top of that preparing for my fiancé and his family who will come soon to visit me – so I haven’t gotten to blog at all! But, I did take pictures, and now I just took some time for choosing and editing and can upload again 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t got any great story to tell, other than that I’ve been reading books, writing, painting walls and moving furniture I haven’t been up to much. So it’s just some pictures today:

やっとまたブログを書けました!最近は卒業論文や家の仕事などで忙しすぎて、ブログを書く時間がまったくありませんでした!それでも写真を撮って、とうとう選択と編集ができて、アップロードができます 🙂 本を読んで、論文を書く事と家具を移動させて、壁を塗る事以外はほとんどなにもしていなかったので、ストーリがなくて、写真だけをのせます:

Diana pumpsShoes: Diana / シューズ:Diana
Worn with: Top by H&M, bag and skirt by Max Mara
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

Again the same skirt – it has become one of my favourites and it is really versatile! The shoes I’ve had for quite some years. As so many others, they were bought in Japan, I think during my first internship there….I love the red sole (you can see just a peek at the heel) which adds a nice extra interest to them! I’ve wanted to wear these for a while now, but every time I felt like wearing them it was raining – and white fur and rain don’t mix well. But finally, a nice weather day did come 🙂

また同じスカートです – とても合わせやすくて、このスカートが本当に大好きです!靴はもう何年も持っています。多分最初のインターンシップの頃に日本で買いました。。。赤いソールでもっと面白いデザインになっていると思います!ずっとはきたいと思った日に雨が降ってしまって、はけませんでした。とうとう晴れの日がきました 🙂

Diana pumps

Shoe Challenge No.40

Duedime pumpsShoes: Duedimé / シューズ:Duedimé
Jeans by Seven, top by H&M, cardigan by Max Mara, bag by Prada.
Sevenのデニム、H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのカーディガン、Pradaのバッグ。

Already 40 pairs “rescued” – it seems like I might still save them all! Today I finally went to get my hair coloured again and then borrowed some books from the library – where I was actually hit on by a guy (even goodlooking)! Of course I had to disappoint him but it was still nice 😉 With the bad weather (cold like in autumn!) today, I nearly fell back on my “I have no ideas and don’t want to bother” outfit but then decided not to be so lazy and rescue another pair of shoes. So I decided on this pair by the Italian brand Duedimé which i got a while back during holiday in Italy – check out the brand here, they have lots of cute shoes! With the block heel, these are really comfy but not boring and are a good choice for a rainy day:

もう40足を「救出」できました-このまま続けば全足救出できるかも!今日はとうとう美容室へ行って、その後図書館で本を借りに行きました…すると、図書館の前でナンパされた(しかもカッコいい人に)!もちろん断りましたがちょっとだけ嬉しかったです 😉 秋の用な寒くて悪い天気であまりコーデーを考える気がしなかったが結局もう一足救出するようにがんばりました。今日はイタリア旅行中で買ったイタリアン・ブランド「Duedimé」のパンプスにしました。そのブランドはたくさん可愛いシューズを作っています:興味があれば、そのホームページをご覧ください!太めのヒールで歩きやすい靴ですが、デザインもつまらなくないで、雨の日にぴったりの一足です:

Duedimé pumps
The buckle is obviously inspired by Chloé, but I don’t think they’re a direct copy of any Chloé shoe, at least that I know of…


Duedimé pumps

Last up, a close-up of the earrings. These are from Fourth Dimension, a great address for accessories in Munich. They don’t have an online shop yet, but will open one soon – in the meantime, you can take a look at their regular homepage here if you’re interested.

最後にピアスの写真。ミュンヘンの可愛いアクセサリーが売っている「Fourth Dimension」という店で買いました。オンライン・ショップはまだありませんが近いうちに開かれる予定です。興味のある方は普通のホームページをご覧ください~

Fourth Dimension earring

Shoe Challenge No.39

Korean ShoesShoes: ? (brand name has worn off…) /シューズ:?
Worn with: Top by H&M, belt by ?, skirt by Akris, bag by Prada.

Just a quick shoe challenge – I’m too busy with reading/writing for uni. This is Monday’s outfit. These shoes I bought some years ago on my second trip to Seoul, Korea. They were really cheap, but I still love them! They have a really comfy low heel and the best part is the cute bow – I loved so many shoes there, but unfortunately many stores didn’t have my size.
Sorry the photo is such bad quality – even though I took it during the day, it was raining outside and therefore really dark…


Anyway, here are the shoes up close:


Korean Shoes

And one more of the shoes and accessories. Here you can see the flowers on the belt. Unfortunately it hasn’t got any brand tag, but I got it years ago at Horst Kirchberger in Munich – even though they’re mainly a make-up store / make-up studio, they also have great accessories so check them out if you are in town!

靴とアクセサリーの写真です。ベルトの花もよくうつっています。ベルトにはもうブランドタッグがなくなりましたが、何年前にミュンヘンの「Horst Kirchberger」という店でかいました。その店は化粧品の店とメークスタジオですが、かわいいアクセサリーも売っています。もしミュンヘンに来たら、是非行って見てください!

Korean Shoes

And last up a manicure picture! I tried out something new – a Half-Moon Manicure, with my beloved pink nailpolish and flower shaped stones from the Daiso in Japan, combined with gold colour nailpolish from Princess Happy (Japan):

今週は新しいネールのスタイルもやってみましたので、その写真ものせます!今回はダイソーでかった2色のピンク色とPrincess Happyのゴールド色で塗って、キラストーンをつけました:

Half-Moon Manicure

Shoe Challenge No.37

Lanvin x H&M Leopard PumpsShoes: Lanvin x H&M / シューズ:Lanvin x H&M
Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by Max Mara, bag by Armani.
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカート、Armaniのバッグ。

Finally I got to wear my beloved pumps from the Lanvin x H&M collection. The reviews of this collection were pretty mixed on the internet, but I must say that I really adored it, being a lover of cocktail dresses and crazy shoes! When it came out, I was in Japan, where everything was like double the price from Germany, so after just looking at the shoes in Shibuya’s H&M (where my size wasn’t left anyway since I’m not a fan of getting up early and queuing up endlessly) I ordered not one, but two pairs (the other ones are the flowery turquoise ones) online from the German shop. I think they are really close to “real” Lanvin shoes and to me they feel quite comfortable despite the relatively high heel. I love the rhinestones on the heel:

到頭この大好きなLanvin x H&Mのパンプスをはけました。インターネット上、そのコレクションのレビューは色々でしたが、カクテール・ドレスと派手なシューズが大好きな私は本当に好きでした!コレクションが発売された時は日本にいました。ドイツとくらべると、日本での値段がばいぐらいでしたので、渋谷のH&Mで見て(早起きすることも、行列で並ぶことも嫌いなので、着いた時には私のサイズがすでに売りきれていました)、結局ドイツのネットショップで二足も買いました(もう一足はターコイズ色のリボンがついた花柄です)。「本物」のLanvinの靴にかなり近いだと思っています。それにヒールが高くても歩きやすい靴です。ヒールのストーンが大好きです:


Shoe Challenge No.14

Today was the official start of spring! The weather can only get better from now on :)! I’m already thinking about relaxing in the garden….. Today, we actually had beautiful sunshine but it was still kind of cold, but I just had to wear something else than boots, so I decided on the following outfit (with a jacket and scarf for outside):

Love Like Lip PumpsShoes: Love Like Lip

Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by Zara, cardigan by Max Mara, bag by Prada.

Today I went with my mom to see a vernissage by a friend of hers near Munich. As I love painting myself, I also always enjoy looking at art exhibitions.

These shoes are from the Japanese brand Love Like Lip and I got them a while ago in Tokyo. They have a rather low heel and are comfortable to wear for a long time. The shape is nothing extraordinary, but I like their champagne colour, the cute pearl/ribbon/rhinestone/fur decoration and the light pink glittery sole. The colour is easy to combine with other colours and I’m always happy about some non-black versatile shoes!

If you’re interested in shoes by Love Like Lip, they are available for example in the Marui web store. If you love this pair, they currently have a very similar style here for 9,345 Yen (approx. 80€) – check out the cute heart on the sole!

Love Like Lip PumpsAnother close-up:

Love Like Lip Pumps

My mom’s shoe challenge No.1

After reading this post on Shoeperwoman, I could convince my mom to join me in the Shoe Challenge! I will be posting her pictures on my blog as well, so here comes her first challenge:

Black pumpsShoes:  Classico

Worn with: Bag by Max Mara, jeans by Orwell, vest by Orwell, sweater by Ludwig Beck, necklace by engel.

Black pumpsHere’s an outside picture:

Black pumpsWorn with: Scarf by H&M, jacket by Waterville.

Shoe Challenge No.7

Pool Side PumpsShoes: Pool Side

Worn with: Dress by Oppure, bag by Prada.

Pool Side Pumps

Today I wore my “everyday shoes”. They are the shoes I wear on rainy days, on dirty roads, for long walks and so on. Since they are black patent, they are easy to clean and the block heel makes them comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I got them last year at Pool Side, as a replacement for my last pair of black patent shoes and since then they have been worn about a million times….until the heel became loose a while ago – luckily the cobbler was able to fix it! What I like most about these is, of course, the heel which is decorated with crystals. It keeps them from just being another pair of “boring” black shoes.

Pool Side is another one of my favourite Japanese shoe brands, as they make lots of cute and affordable shoes with usually good quality. If you’d like to know more about them, you can visit their homepage here (the main menu is in English).

Pool Side Pumps

Worn with: Coat by Materia Milano, scarf by H&M.

Today I went to the national library in Tokyo – again! They do have a huge selection of books, but in my opinion using this library is such a pain! You can only use 3 books at a time and there’s loads of waiting time for everything: getting the books, getting copies (you’re not allowed to copy by yourself),…. and everything is über-regulated! I hope tomorrow is the last time I have to set foot in there! But, on the bright side, there were some plum trees in front of it which were already starting to bloom – they’re so pretty 🙂

Ume blossoms

Last up, a close-up of the shoes:

Pool Side

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