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Alien look: Shoe Challenge No.66

So here they are, as promised: My new beloved Miu Miu shoes! I finally wore them out, just for grocery shopping – who says you can’t dress up for that?

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by Chille AnaP, top by ?, bag by Max Mara.

I can’t even describe how much I love these! They look so weird, just like some alien’s feet in a movie.I think the colour combination reinforces that too. Since they’re such a statement pair, I paired them with a simple outfit: Just a black dress with silk top underneath and a matching bag (somehow I’ve got lots of things in that particular shade of green – I really love that colour), nothing to distract from the shoes:

Miu Miu Shoes

And, surprisingly, they are also very comfortable and easy to walk in, despite the super high heel 🙂 I’d love to wear these every day, but there’s still a whole lot of other shoes waiting to be saved…I guess I’ll be able to wear these with tights too, so at least they’re not another summer-only pair of shoes!

Miu Miu Shoes


Zalando sweepstake

The shopping site Zalando (I love their commercials in Germany) ist having a sweepstake: You can win a “Fashion Flatrate”, which means for one year you will receive a voucher worth 300€ every month to spend on Zalando! To take part, you need to post a picture of an outfit you put together of items available at Zalando. Here’s my outfit:

Auf der Shopping-Seite Zalando (ich liebe die Werbung von Zalando) gibt es ein Gewinnspiel, bei dem man eine Fashion-Flatrate – ein Jahr lang 300€ pro Monat die man auf Zalando ausgeben kann – gewinnen kann!  Um teilzunehmen muss man ein Outfit aus bei Zalando erhältlichen Kleidungsstücken und Accessoires erstellen. Hier ist mein Outfit:ZALANDO outfitThe idea behind this outfit is a combination of maskuline/tough and feminine items. First I chose the leather skirt by Joop!. Leather to me has an image of “tough”, but the cut and layers of this skirt are feminine. I added a very feminine light pink blouse by Esprit as well as metallic pumps by Fornarina and a lamb fur scarf by St.Emile. The “tough” leather bag with the interesting detail by Belmondo and the bracelet by Antik Batik complete the outfit. For a final touch, I added the nail polish by PRITI NYC. If I should win, these items would be the first I’d buy 🙂 I think this would make a great outfit for fall.

Wish me luck!

Das Konzept für mein Outfit war die Kombination von feminin/verspielt und maskulin/streng. Als erstes habe ich den Lederrock von Joop! ausgesucht. Leder hat für mich ein eher “maskulines/strenges” Image, doch der Schnitt des Rockes mit den Stufen ist sehr weiblich. Dazu habe ich die verspielte  rosa Bluse von Esprit, die silbernen Pumps von Fornarina und den Lammfell-Schal von St.Emile kombiniert. Die Ledertasche von Belmondo mit dem interessanten Applikationen und das Armband von Antik Batik runden das Outfit ab. Als letzten touch habe ich den Nagellack von PRITI NYC hinzugefügt. Falls ich gewinnen sollte, stehen hiermit meine ersten Käufe schon fest 🙂 Dies ist meine Vorstellung von einem perfekten Herbstlook.

Drückt mir die Daumen!

Oktoberfest: Shoe Challenge No.65

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Guess
Worn with: Dirndl, bag by Prada, headband by H&M, brooch by Lanvin x H&M.

Living in Munich, I couldn’t let the Oktoberfest pass without going at least once, so I took a mini-break from writing my graduation paper and spent the afternoon at the Oktoberfest. We had a nice lunch, rode on the big ferris wheel and visited the performance at “Auf geht’s beim Schichtl“, the oldest theatre at the Okotberfest. Here’s the view from the ferris wheel:

Of course, I also got a nice Lebkuchen-Heart – I look forward to them every year:

And here’s the shoes of the day, a pair by Guess which were a birthday present last year:

Guess Sandals

Some more summer: Shoe Challenge No.64

After a few days of cold autumn weather, summer has returned for a while and I’m using it to save some more sandals! This is just a quick outfit for grocery shopping. My mom commented it with the words “We’re just going grocery shopping!!”. But I like to put some thought into what I wear, even if it’s just for grocery shopping – you certainly won’t see me in sweatpants out of the house! Also, I needed to save these shoes before it gets too cold 🙂

Shoe ChallengeShoes: H&M Inclusive Collection
Worn with: Top by Boss, skirt by Zara, bag by Prada.

Finally I managed to find something to wear these shoes with. Even though I love the crazyness of the patterns, they are a bit difficult to combine! I matched the top and skirt to the mustard yellow and white from the shoe and hope it’s an OK combination…

H&M Inclusive Collection

But these shoes make up for the difficulty in combining them with their amazing comfiness – these might just be the most comfortable shoes I have. They’re super lightweight and easy to walk in! I hope I’ll find some more ways to wear them next summer….

H&M Inclusive Collection

The Shoe Stalker: Shoe Challenge No.63

Jimmy Choo Sandals

This is the second of the two pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes I own. I’ve bought them some years ago, while I was still in high school. But I still remember literally stalking them for a long time before I finally bought them! Actually this style was sold in two stores in Munich, and I fell instantly in love when I first saw them. But of course, they were way to expensive for me. So I waited….and waited…and waited until sales time, and during all that waiting I often went to the shops to see if they were still there – a real shoe stalker! When sale finally arrived, they were still there – but still too expensive. So I waited some more. And got lucky: After the last round of price reductions, they were at an okay price and there was still this one pair left for me and I could finally take them home 🙂 So after all the trouble to get these, of course I had to save them too (also before summer ends…! Here’s my outfit (the wind blew my hair in my face in every single picture…):

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Jimmy Choo
Worn with: Top by Orwell, jacket by Cecil Mc Bee, skirt by Zara, bag by Prada.

Inspiration Monday: Autumn already?

Finally I managed to take part in the Inspiration Monday challenge at Two Birds again! This week’s inspiration is the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal, dressed in a maxi dress combined with a black blazer and brown bag:

maggie gyllenhaal


Well, I’ve got a single maxi dress, and that’s pink and summery….so, looking at the weather, which has turned from a beautiful late summer to cold and dreary autumn in the last few days, I decided to let the colour palette of her outfit inspire me. The dress I immediately thought of after seeing this picture is a recent purchase from H&M, which I combined with black tights and booties (yes, it was that cold today! I can’t believe I was wearing sandals just a few days ago….)  and a black cardigan. I added the bag for a pop of colour. So here it is, my take on Maggie’s outfit:

Inspiration MondayOutfit: Shoes by G&I, dress by H&M, cardigan by Chille AnaP, belt by Hallhuber, bag by Emma Stone.

Take a look at the other participants’ outfits here.

Gourmet Day: Shoe Challenge No.62

Shortly after my fiancé arrived, we went for a lunch with friends at the wonderful restaurant of star cook Heinz Winkler – Even though I love good food it’s been the first time for me to go to such a restaurant, and a great experience! The weather was great, so we could sit outside and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains. Here are the pictures of the menu I chose:

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

Heinz Winkler lunch

My favourite was, of course, the dessert – but that’s just because I’m a dessert addict! I chose the Crêpes with Grand Marnier for dessert, and didn’t regret it, though the other dessert was really nice too (I stole a bite from my fiancé – but he’s not that into sweets anyway 😉 ) But the best part was that two extra “desserts” were included – the assortment in the picture above the crêpes for two to share and a praline of your choice….I had a hard time choosing!

So, finally on to the Shoe Challenge:

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Bruno Magli
Worn with: Shirt by Be Rich, skirt by D&G, bag by Armani (not pictured).

The shoes are actually my mom’s but I wear them a lot too – lucky we have the same size! I was my mom’s “shopping assistant” for these, and with my help she finally found a pair of wedges she liked. These shoes I love for their special heel, and the beautiful bow in the front:

Bruno Magli wedges

Bruno Magli wedges

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