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Shoe Challenge No.53

Casadei SandalsShoes: Casadei / シューズ:Casadei
Worn with: Tunic by Zara, Jeans by Seven, leaf necklace by Furla, bag by Prada.

I’m back to the shoe challenge after a kind of long absence! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently writing my Magisterarbeit (graduation paper) for university and we’re also renovating a lot in our home, so I was really really busy and tired. This week, my fiancé also came from Japan – luckily he’ll stay for quite a while because we haven’t seen each other for some time 🙂 But I’ll try to do the challenges more regularly again – after all, I’m planning on saving all my beloved shoes! I’ve got some more to save now, too, since my fiancé brought some of the pairs I had left behind (full suitcase…) with him. Anyway, here’s one of last week’s outfits – at least I did take pictures even when I didn’t post them right away! These shoes are by the Italian brand Casadei, and I got them on sale from Yoox. I had originally wanted a different style from that collection, but sadly that didn’t ever get reduced to an affordable price, so this is the pair I decided on in the end. I really love these shoes – I don’t think they’re pretty, I just like their strangeness. To me, the heels look like some kind of devil’s horns 🙂 They are really high as well, but are still fine to walk in….

これからまた定期的にチャレンジに参加したいとおもっています - やはり全足を救出したいです!さて、こちらは先週着ていたコーデーです。ブログを書かなかったのですが、一応写真はとりました!こちらの靴はイタリアン・ブランドCasadeiからです。Yooxのセールでゲットできました。最初は同じコレクションの違うスタイルが欲しかったのですが、そのスタイルは手が届くような値段にはならなかったのでこのスタイルにしました。この靴は大好きです – 可愛くはありませんが、その変わった形が素敵だと思っています。ヒールはなんとなく鬼の角みたいな形です 🙂 ヒールがとても高いですがまだあるける程度です。。。

Casadei Sandals


Shoe Challenge No.52

nine west slingback sandalsShoes: Nine West / シューズ:Nine West
Worn with: Jeans by Seven, blouse by H&M, bag by Samantha Thavasa, bangle from Maendler, earrings from Cinderella Chance.
Sevenのデニム、H&Mのブラウス、Samantha Thavasaの鞄、Maendlerのバングル、Cinderella Chanceのピアス

Just a quick outfit to go to the garden store. This is another pair of shoes I bought it Japan, even though they’re from Nine West. Recently I read that this pair is a “copy” from Christian Louboutin, but I wasn’t aware of that when I bought them – I just loved the combination of orange and pink 🙂 I still love them anyway – even though they are yet another good-weather-only pair of shoes!

ただホームセンターに行った時のコーデーです。この靴も日本で買いました。最近このスタイルはLouboutinのまねをした物だと読みましたが、買った時に知らなくて、ただピンクとオレンジの色合わせが好きでした 🙂 また晴れている時しきはけない靴ですが、それでも好きです!

nine west slingback sandals

Shoe Challenge No.51

Finally I’m back on track again with saving my shoes! Lately I’ve been so busy with writing my graduation thesis for uni, renovating at home and on top of that preparing for my fiancé and his family who will come soon to visit me – so I haven’t gotten to blog at all! But, I did take pictures, and now I just took some time for choosing and editing and can upload again 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven’t got any great story to tell, other than that I’ve been reading books, writing, painting walls and moving furniture I haven’t been up to much. So it’s just some pictures today:

やっとまたブログを書けました!最近は卒業論文や家の仕事などで忙しすぎて、ブログを書く時間がまったくありませんでした!それでも写真を撮って、とうとう選択と編集ができて、アップロードができます 🙂 本を読んで、論文を書く事と家具を移動させて、壁を塗る事以外はほとんどなにもしていなかったので、ストーリがなくて、写真だけをのせます:

Diana pumpsShoes: Diana / シューズ:Diana
Worn with: Top by H&M, bag and skirt by Max Mara
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

Again the same skirt – it has become one of my favourites and it is really versatile! The shoes I’ve had for quite some years. As so many others, they were bought in Japan, I think during my first internship there….I love the red sole (you can see just a peek at the heel) which adds a nice extra interest to them! I’ve wanted to wear these for a while now, but every time I felt like wearing them it was raining – and white fur and rain don’t mix well. But finally, a nice weather day did come 🙂

また同じスカートです – とても合わせやすくて、このスカートが本当に大好きです!靴はもう何年も持っています。多分最初のインターンシップの頃に日本で買いました。。。赤いソールでもっと面白いデザインになっていると思います!ずっとはきたいと思った日に雨が降ってしまって、はけませんでした。とうとう晴れの日がきました 🙂

Diana pumps

Shoe Challenge No.50

Esperanza Sandals
Yesterday I saved these cute sandals, another pair by one of my favourite brands, Esperanza. When I first saw them, I was immediately reminded of a certain pair of Marc Jacobs shoes I had wanted but which were sadly too expensive – so of course I couldn’t resist them! Actually, they looked a bit different when I bought them, since they had a slingback with a kind of mary-jane like strap (I only found a picture of the black version):


Esperanza heart-heel Sandals
Well, I thought there was a bit too much going on, distracting from the heel shape….so when I got home, I just cut off those straps and now, with the heart heel clearly visible, I like them even more 🙂 Here’s how I wore them:

ストラップが多すぎてヒールの形がちゃんとみえないと思って。。。家に帰ったらストラップを切りました。今はハート形がよくみれるようになって、もっと好きになりました 🙂 このコーデーにあわせました:

Esperanza heart-heel SandalsShoes: Esperanza / シューズ:エスペランザ
Worn with: Jeans jacket by Fabulous by Cecil McBee, top and belt by H&M, skirt by Snidel, bag by Prada.
Fabulous by Cecil McBeeのジャケット、H&MのTシャツとベルト、スナイデルのスカート、Pradaのバッグ。

This outfit is nearly all Japanese: Apart from the top and belt, everything is from Japan – not a good place to be if you want to save money! One more picture without jacket, since right now it’s a bit too warm for that here:


Esperanza heart-heel Sandals

Right now, I’m hooked on the belt knot – again, you can find the how-to at the blog cute and little!

このベルトの結び方にはまっています!結び方はcute and littleで説明されています!

belt knot

Shoe Challenge No.49

D&G WedgesShoes: D&G / シューズ: D&G
Worn with: Top and earrings by H&M, skirt by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa, DIY flower hairclip.
H&MのTシャツとピアス、Zaraのスカート、Samantha Thavasaの鞄、DIYの花クリップ。

D&G Wedges
These are my newest shoes, a birthday present from my lovely fiance – thank you!!! I have lusted for these for a long time, and just in time for my birthday, they went on sale so I guess it was meant to be (right?). They were not available in the shop anymore, so I ordered them online, and now finally I wore them. Of course I had to save these asap 🙂 I’m happy that despite the height of 14,5cm they are also super comfortable and easy to walk in ! If you’d like a pair for yourself, they are still available at the D&G online store in some sizes.

こちらは私の最新の靴です。素敵な婚約者からの誕生日プレゼントでした – ありがとう!!!ずっと前から欲しくて、ちょうど誕生日の時にセールになりました。店ではもう売り切れていたのでオンラインショップで買いました。今日はとうとう初めてはきました – この靴は絶対に救出しなければならなかった 🙂 14,5cmでヒールがかなり高いですが、本当にあるきやすいです!これで欲しくなってしまったら、まだオンラインショップで何足が残っています。

D&G Wedges
Matching the flowers in our garden 🙂
庭の花にあいます 🙂

A close-up of the earrings and DIY hairclip. This kind of rose is actually super-easy to make: Just take a ribbon band and twist it around itself, then secure it by sewing it together at the back. Then sew on a hairpin or safety pin – finished! These can also be used as a pin to decorate simple T-shirts.

ピアスと花クリップのクロースアップ。このような花は結構作りやすいです:リボンをねじり、花のようにまいて、うしろ側でぬいます。そして髪クリップ、または安全ピンをぬいつけます – 完成!シンプルなTシャツのデコレーションとしても使えます。

bag and shoes

Inspiration Monday / Shoe Challenge No.48

gwyneth paltrow

I really like the inspiration for this week, Gwyneth Paltrow. Her outfit is simple, yet chic. Even though I like dresses like hers, I don’t have one, so I decided on the one item resembling her dress most in my closet, a tunic blouse, which I paired with my jeans skirt since it’s too short to be worn on its own. Then I added a belt and shoes in the same colour – I hope the yellow is not too much! You can take a look at the other participants outfits over at two birds.

今週のインスピレーション「Gwyneth Paltrow」のコーデーが大好きです。シンプルなんですが、それでもおしゃれです。このようなドレスは好きなのに、実は一枚ももっていません。それで私の持っている物のなかで一番似ているようなチュニックにしました。そのまま着るには短すぎですから、デニム・スカートとあわせました。そして同色のシューズとベルトにしました – 黄色ではですぎかな?他の参加者のコーデーはtwo birdsでみれます。

fast'n fun vintage shoesShoes: Fast’n Fun / シューズ:Fast’n Fun
Worn with: tunic and top by St.Emile, jeans skirt by Zara, belt by H&M, clutch by Angel Jackson, earrings by Cinderella Chance.
St.Emileのチュニックとキャミソール、Zaraのデニム・スカート、H&Mのベルト、Angel Jacksonのバッグ、Cinderella Chanceのピアス。

The shoes I found at a flea market years ago – they seem to be really old, but I couldn’t resist the cute fan-shaped ribbon! I hardly ever wear them, just so they hopefully will stay in good shape for some more years 🙂

この靴は結構前にフリーマーケットで見つけました – かなり古そうでしたが、かわいリボンは好きで買いました!壊さないようにたまにしかはきません 🙂

fast'n fun vintage shoes

The belt knot is inspired by the wonderful style blog “cute and little” – the knot is great for wearing a slightly too long belt! Check out the tutorial here.

ベルトの結び方は「cute and little」という素敵なブログがインスピレーションでした – ちょっと長めのベルトをつけるにはちょうどいいですね!結び方はこちらでみれます。

belt knot

Nail Art: Sunset Colours

nail art
For this week’s nail art, I decided on a graduation effect for a change. I did a slightly different art on the thumb nails, again with a half moon manicure, decorated with a ribbon and rhinestone.


nail art

How to:
1. Apply clear base coat.
2. Paint nails in yellow (here: Chanel No.577 Mimosa).
3. Paint nails in light pink glitter (here: Savvy Brownie No.17).
4. Paint a fine line along the half moon shape and then a ribbon on each thumb nail with purple glitter colour (here: Rimmel No.631 Starlet).
5. Apply dark pink glitter colour (here: Savvy Brownie No.31), starting at the line/ribbon of the thumb nails and at the base of all other nails, adding gradually more glitter colour to create a graduation effect.
6. Stick on the pink rhinestones in the middle of the ribbons (here: from Daiso Japan), using clear nailcolour as “glue”.

1. クリーアのベースコートを塗る。
2. ネールの全体に黄色(ChanelのNo.577 Mimosa)を塗る。
3. ネールの全体に薄いピンク・グリッター(Savvy BrownieのNo.17)を塗る。
4. 紫色(RimmelのNo.631 Starlet)を使って、親指ネールのハーフムーンにそって細いラインを描いて、リボンを描く。
5. 親指ネールの紫色のライン、そして他のネールのもとから濃いピンク・グリッター(Savvy BrownieのNo.31)でグラデーションをつくる。
6. クリーア・ベースコートを使って、リボンの真ん中にピンク色のキラストーンを付ける。

nail colours

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