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Shoe Challenge No.26

Pretty BallerinasShoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Worn with: Dress by H&M, pants by H&M, belt by Little New York.

This was my original outfit plan for today, since it was sunny but not that warm in the morning……until it started raining and hailing like crazy and the temperature dropped – again! So, I had to change my outfit slightly to include a cardigan…I’m hoping soon no more cardigans will be necessary! We just went to Ikea quickly to buy some more shelfs for my shoe cabinet (just the normal “Billy” from Ikea) and other stuff – that’s also why I’m wearing flats today :).

Pretty BallerinasWorn with: Cardigan by Repeat, bag by Armani.

Pretty Ballerinas

These flats are another pair shared by my mom and me, and as you can see from the picture they have already been worn a lot. Pretty Ballerinas is my favourite brand of ballerinas, they’re really comfortable to walk in and the leather is nice and soft and they pay attention to detail in the design! This pair has a very cute sole as well:

Pretty Ballerinas

And, last but not least, another cake which my mom bought! So this one wasn’t made by me, but I sure wish I knew the recipe. It’s one of my favourite cakes, the Sacher Cake from Rischart…. pure chocolate heaven! If you ever come to Munich you should definitely try it. It’s not the usual Sacher Cake, but made of a light chocolate cake with marmalade and marzipan.

Rischarts Sachertorte

Shoe Challenge No.25

Miu Miu SandalsShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by Zara, cardigan by Mon Cashmere, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

Today I wore these sandals by Miu Miu for the first time, and they’re as comfortable as they look like! These are another great Ebay purchase – they were nearly brand new and super cheap. I bought them around Christmas and have been waiting for warm weather since then…

Miu Miu Sandals

I just love the big bow and the interesting heel shape and the sole, which is the same pink as the insole! These will definitely be worn many times this summer…

Miu Miu Sandals

Shoe Challenge No.24

Pretty Ballerinas
Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas
Worn with: Skirt by Zara, top by H&M Conscious Collection.

Today we had another wonderful sunny and warm day.  My mom went hiking with friends and I baked another roll cake which we ate together in the afternoon. Today’s outfit is just a casual one for relaxing in the garden. Finally it’s the kind of weather where I can wear these ballerinas! They’re completely impractical, but they were just too pretty to resist…..

Pretty Ballerinas

This shoe is all about the details. I love how they paid attention to the sole as well…almost too pretty to walk on 😉

Pretty Ballerinas

As I said, today I made another cake. Since it’s Easter time, I thought up an Easter themed decoration: Narcissus flowers, rabbits and easter eggs. Here it is:

Easter Deco Rollcake

Now there’s nearly nothing left already – but that’s the way it should be!

Easter Deco Rollcake

Have a nice Easter Weekend!

Shoe Challenge No.23

Jelly Beans Peeptoe Pumps
Shoes: Jelly Beans (with shoe clips by Le Talon)
Worn with: Dress by Laurèl, bag by Armani, cardigan by Mon Cashmere.

Today I was mostly just at home doing Uni stuff and just went to Munich in the afternoon to meet my mom after work for some window shopping…I shouldn’t go window shopping, it’s too tempting in summer! We saw so many gorgeous shoes and other things it was difficult to resist. I especially loved the shoes at D&G, they had the most beautiful floral wedges. Oh well, one can dream!

Since I already “saved” the shoes I usually wear with this dress I decided on saving these peeptoe pumps by the Japanese brand Jelly Beans. I bought them many years ago and they’re my go-to black shoes for summer, comfortable and can be combined with nearly everything. Actually these used to have their own bow clip when I bought them, but unfortunately I managed to lose one clip the first time I wore them out clubbing. So, I eventually bought these clip on bows by Le Talon as replacement. Since these aren’t anything unusual, and already show some wear, here’s just one close-up – I included our super-kitsch Easter decoration lamb:

Jelly Beans Peeptoe Pumps

If you’re interested in shoes by Jelly Beans, you can take a look at their online shop. They have rather simple and inexpensive styles, but the one pair I own seems to be good quality, as it’s still fine after about five years 🙂

Baldinini Patent Floral Peeptoes

Baldinini Patent Floral PeeptoesHere’s another gorgeous floral shoe for summer. This beautiful patent peeptoe is by the Italian brand Baldinini. I like that the floral pattern looks like a modern painting and that instead of a simple heel they used a red one decorated with two stones – it just makes the shoe a lot more interesting! If it weren’t for the price of  425€, I’d be very much tempted to buy them. If you are tempted despite the price tag, you can get a pair at Baldinini’s online store.

Shoe Challenge No.22

Another shoe pair rescued! These aren’t only my shoes, they are a shared pair from my mom and me (or a pair of my mom’s shoes “borrowed” so often by me they have become a part of my collection too 😉 ).

Nebuloni Peeptoe Pumps

Shoes:  Nebuloni
Worn with: Long shirt by H&M, jeans by Seven, bag by Miu Miu.

Today’s outfit isn’t very typical for me! Usually I’m not so much into check patterns or this kind of casual look, but after seeing this kind of shirt on other people I liked them so much I got one for myself and actually quite like it. I also had to take my own picture today, which I find really difficult as my camera doesn’t have remote control and I don’t really have any experience – usually I just take pictures of landscapes and other people 🙂

Nebuloni Peeptoe Pumps

As you can see, we’ve already put out our Easter decoration. Today we bought a super kitsch lamb to go with these eggs – it’s covered in pink glitter! I’ll be sure to include it in another shoe challenge…

Nebuloni Peeptoe Pumps

Nebuloni Peeptoe Pumps

Unfortunately I haven’t got a new cake to show you today…but hopefully I’ll have time to make one this weekend! I really want to make an Easter-themed rollcake.

Hot shoes from Brazil

Today I “discovered” a new shoe brand, which I just have to share with you. While I was browsing shoe sites during my lunch break today, I saw these super stunning pair by the Brazilian brand Dilly – a great discovery! I need to start saving up now 🙂

Dilly Peeptoe Slingback

Dilly Peeptoe Slingback

Dilly Peeptoe Slingback

Aren’t these amazing?! I’m totally in love with the heels…and the little ribbon on the back…and the shape…If you find them equally stunning, you can get a pair for 229€ (click here for the red version, here for the black version and here for the lemon version).

Of course, after seeing these beauties, I wanted to see the rest of Dilly’s collection and headed over to their homepage, but unfortunately it’s under construction right now. Nevertheless, you can take a look at their previous collections on the old homepage in the meantime.

The Architectural Cut-Out Wedge: Esperanza vs. Pool Side

Remember the architectural cut-out wedge I wrote about a while ago? Well, it’s finally available online! Also, there’s two brands using the same awesome heel, but each has paired it with a different upper: While I would describe Esperanza’s version as girlie, Pool Side’s version has more of a tougher feel to it – I guess both would be equally eye-catching! Which one would you prefer? I will be wearing my beloved pink pair by Esperanza for a shoe challenge soon! (when it’s finally warm enough outside..)

Esperanza Architectural Cut Out WedgeThe Esperanza wedges come in the five colours pictured above and are available for ¥10,290 (approx.86€) at the 109 webstore.

Pool Side Architectural Cut Out WedgeThis is Pool Side’s version, which is available in four colours for ¥9,800 (approx. 82€), also in the 109 webstore.

Shoe Challenge No.21

Today it was sunny but still really cold, so outfit-wise I wasn’t in the mood for dressing up, but I still decided to save another pair of good-weather shoes! I met friends for coffee and we watched the movie Limitless, which was interesting.

Esperanza WedgesShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Cardigan by Chille AnaP, top by H&M, jeans by Seven, bag by Armani.

Today’s shoes are by the Japanese brand Esperanza (as so many of my favourite pairs!), and they were love at first sight for me! I love everything about them: the crazy heel-shape, the big houndstooth print and the detachable bow. Nevertheless, when I first saw them I wasn’t feeling like spending money and stupidly decided to wait…..of course once I decided to buy them they were already sold out in the shop and I had to search a lot to find another pair! Luckily I found my “happy end” when I discovered a pair in Ikebukuro’s Esperanza shop 🙂

Esperanza Wedges

The only bad thing about them is that the uppers are made of fabric (there’s nothing worse than white fabric on a shoe!!), so I always have to listen closely to the weather report before wearing them …well, at least they’re comfortable!

Esperanza Wedges

Last but not least, another rollcake, which I made a few days ago. This time I thought up my own decorating pattern:

Deco Rollcake

Eye-Candy: Donna Karan Sandal

Donna Karan Platform Sandal

Isn’t this sandal by Donna Karan just lovely? The weather here has been back to “winter mode” for the last few days, and looking at these makes me feel a bit more like springtime is here already! I especially like the mix of materials. Luckily, my bank account will be spared as I don’t have an unneeded $1,290 to splash out on shoes. If you want these tough, they are available at the Donna Karan webstore.

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