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Alien look: Shoe Challenge No.66

So here they are, as promised: My new beloved Miu Miu shoes! I finally wore them out, just for grocery shopping – who says you can’t dress up for that?

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by Chille AnaP, top by ?, bag by Max Mara.

I can’t even describe how much I love these! They look so weird, just like some alien’s feet in a movie.I think the colour combination reinforces that too. Since they’re such a statement pair, I paired them with a simple outfit: Just a black dress with silk top underneath and a matching bag (somehow I’ve got lots of things in that particular shade of green – I really love that colour), nothing to distract from the shoes:

Miu Miu Shoes

And, surprisingly, they are also very comfortable and easy to walk in, despite the super high heel 🙂 I’d love to wear these every day, but there’s still a whole lot of other shoes waiting to be saved…I guess I’ll be able to wear these with tights too, so at least they’re not another summer-only pair of shoes!

Miu Miu Shoes

A lucky coincidence: Shoe Challenge No.59

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Ethique
Worn with: Top by Laurèl, skirt by D&G, bag by Cochinelle.

Once again I’ve been busy writing my graduation paper, and haven’t done much else besides that – I’m sooo happy when it’s over! But for the meantime, here’s an outfit I wore a while ago to a friend’s birthday party. I had bought another skirt in the sale. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but when I saw the skirt I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist because I totally love everything with a houndstooth pattern. Although this skirt matches another pair of heels I own, that pair had fabric uppers and I didn’t want to risk ruining them in case of rain, so when I looked for a different pair to go with the skirt, I discovered I had the perfect matching shoes:

Ethique shoes

I bought these years ago in Daikanyama, during my work-and-travel time in Japan. They were a super lucky sale find and are very comfortable too. And they have just the exact same colours as the houndstooth pattern of the skirt 🙂

Shoe Challenge No.44

FED International Peeptoe PumpsShoes: fed international / シューズ:fed international
Worn with: Blouse by H&M, Skirt and bag by Max Mara.
H&Mのブラウズ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

These shoes are not only one of my favourite pairs, but probably also the pair of shoes which has received the most compliments! I actually had seen a similar pair (same style, different colours) in Italy, which was unfortunately way too expensive, before buying this pair. After nearly forgetting about said Italian shoes, I found these while shopping with my friend M. in Taipei during a holiday in Taiwan in 2007. I actually searched for a picture of me wearing them back then, but my feet/shoes weren’t visible in any of them, so this one will have to do 🙂 I had to order my size since it was sold out in that particular store and luckily got them in time just before the end of the holiday. Since then these have been worn countless times and hopefully I will be able to wear them for many more years! Here they are up close, all golden and sparkling:

この靴は一番すきな靴の一足です。それにはいた時に一番みんなにほめられた靴です!実はこの靴を買う前に、イタリアで似たような靴(同じスタイル、違う色)を見ましたが、その靴が高すぎて買えませんでした。あのイタリアの靴をほぼ忘れた時、2007年に友達のMさんと台北でショッピングして、この一足を発見しました。その時の写真を載せたかったのですが、靴が見えるような写真はありませんでした 。私のサイズが売り切れで他の店から取り寄せしてもらいました。ちょうど帰る前に届きました。買ってから何回もはいて、これからもまだ一杯はきたいです!こちらはキラキラ・シューズのクローズ・アップです:

FED International Peeptoe Pumps

After wearing them so often, the insides look a bit worn, but on the outside they are still in pretty good condition. To me, these are a perfect pair: Comfortable, gorgeous and a colour that can be worn with anything! The brand, fed international, seems to be Chinese, and you can see more of their current styles on their homepage – sadly, I haven’t found any English version, but the pictures are easy enough to find!


FED International Peeptoe Pumps

Shoe Challenge No.38

purple peeptoe pumpsShoes: ? / シューズ:?
Worn with: Dress by Sita Murt, bag by Armani
Sita Murtのドレス、Armaniのバッグ

I managed to save another pair today. These are a pair of Louboutin lookalikes from Ebay. I got these a long time ago and probably wouldn’t buy them again now. They’re fine as far as comfort go, but I don’t find them that interesting. Still I don’t want to throw them away or sell them as they do come in handy sometimes. This is one of the dresses I bought at the Second Hand Shop yesterday. It’s by the Spanish brand Sita Murt – I hadn’t heard of it before since it’s nearly nowhere to be found in Germany. I love the sleeves on this dress! Just went grocery shopping this evening and had a nice icecream with my mom on the way back. When we came home it was getting dark already, so today’s photos are indoors again!

今日も一足「救出」しました。この靴はLouboutinに似てるいますが、そのブランドの物ではないです。実は何年前にEbayで買いました。今はもう買わないと思います。はきやすいですが、すこしつまらないスタイルだと思っています。それでもたまに役に立つので、捨てたくないし、売りたくないです。ドレスは昨日セカンド・ハンド・ショップで買った洋服の一つです。スペインのSita Murtと言うブランドのドレスです。ドイツではほとんど手に入らないブランドなので、いままではしりませんでした。このドレスのスリーブが大好きです!今日はただ母と食べ物を買いに行って、帰りにアイスを食べました。帰ってきた時にもう暗くなっていたので、写真はまた室内になってしまいました!


Shoe Challenge No.30

Zara Peeptoe PumpsShoes: Zara/シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Dress by Zara, bag by Aigner, earrings by Cinderella Chance.

This is what I wore this Saturday. I just went shopping a bit with my mom and sat in the garden enjoying the last day of warm weather. This dress is from Zara’s current collection and for some reason I have to think of old James Bond movies when I look at it – I totally love the old movies with Sean Connery or Roger Moore….the bag is a really old bag from my mom, which I borrowed since I don’t have any blue bag myself. The shoes are also Zara, but from last year. I like the beautiful details on these:

こちらは土曜日の服装です。土曜日はただ母とショッピングして、庭で最後の暖かい日を楽しんでいました。ドレスはZaraの今シーズンのドレスです。このドレスをみると、なぜかわからないのですが、古いジェームズ・ボンドの映画を思い出します – ショーン・コネリーとロジャー・ムーアの古い映画が大好きです。。。私は青いバッグを一つももっていないので母の古いバッグを借りました。靴のブランドもZaraですが、去年のコレクションのものです。きれいなディーテールが好きです:

Zara Peeptoe Pumps

Shoe Challenge No.23

Jelly Beans Peeptoe Pumps
Shoes: Jelly Beans (with shoe clips by Le Talon)
Worn with: Dress by Laurèl, bag by Armani, cardigan by Mon Cashmere.

Today I was mostly just at home doing Uni stuff and just went to Munich in the afternoon to meet my mom after work for some window shopping…I shouldn’t go window shopping, it’s too tempting in summer! We saw so many gorgeous shoes and other things it was difficult to resist. I especially loved the shoes at D&G, they had the most beautiful floral wedges. Oh well, one can dream!

Since I already “saved” the shoes I usually wear with this dress I decided on saving these peeptoe pumps by the Japanese brand Jelly Beans. I bought them many years ago and they’re my go-to black shoes for summer, comfortable and can be combined with nearly everything. Actually these used to have their own bow clip when I bought them, but unfortunately I managed to lose one clip the first time I wore them out clubbing. So, I eventually bought these clip on bows by Le Talon as replacement. Since these aren’t anything unusual, and already show some wear, here’s just one close-up – I included our super-kitsch Easter decoration lamb:

Jelly Beans Peeptoe Pumps

If you’re interested in shoes by Jelly Beans, you can take a look at their online shop. They have rather simple and inexpensive styles, but the one pair I own seems to be good quality, as it’s still fine after about five years 🙂

Baldinini Patent Floral Peeptoes

Baldinini Patent Floral PeeptoesHere’s another gorgeous floral shoe for summer. This beautiful patent peeptoe is by the Italian brand Baldinini. I like that the floral pattern looks like a modern painting and that instead of a simple heel they used a red one decorated with two stones – it just makes the shoe a lot more interesting! If it weren’t for the price of  425€, I’d be very much tempted to buy them. If you are tempted despite the price tag, you can get a pair at Baldinini’s online store.

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