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Barbie Pink: Shoe Challenge No.55

Esperanza SandalsShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Dress by ?, camisole by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

That day I just went shopping for souvenirs with my fiancé – he bought so much Haribo he ended up carrying a backback filled almost entirely with that! We had super hot weather, so I decided on something light to wear – a dress I bought on a nightmarket in Bangkok quite a few years ago. And, to save another pair of shoes as well I chose these Sandals from my Esperanza “collection” (I have to count how many shoes of that brand I have…) to complete this all pink outfit…living up to one of my nicknames, ‘Barbie’ 🙂 This Sandal I bought just for the gorgeous heel:

Esperanza Sandals

As you can see, they have a clip-on crystal encrusted rose, which is missing in the outfit picture as we were in a hurry to catch the train and I couldn’t find them….. I love how they paid attention even to the design of the insole, with a glittery heart at the back part and another heart shaped by the cut and stitching at the front!

Esperanza Sandals

Can a shoe get any more kitsch than this?

Shoe Challenge No.50

Esperanza Sandals
Yesterday I saved these cute sandals, another pair by one of my favourite brands, Esperanza. When I first saw them, I was immediately reminded of a certain pair of Marc Jacobs shoes I had wanted but which were sadly too expensive – so of course I couldn’t resist them! Actually, they looked a bit different when I bought them, since they had a slingback with a kind of mary-jane like strap (I only found a picture of the black version):


Esperanza heart-heel Sandals
Well, I thought there was a bit too much going on, distracting from the heel shape….so when I got home, I just cut off those straps and now, with the heart heel clearly visible, I like them even more 🙂 Here’s how I wore them:

ストラップが多すぎてヒールの形がちゃんとみえないと思って。。。家に帰ったらストラップを切りました。今はハート形がよくみれるようになって、もっと好きになりました 🙂 このコーデーにあわせました:

Esperanza heart-heel SandalsShoes: Esperanza / シューズ:エスペランザ
Worn with: Jeans jacket by Fabulous by Cecil McBee, top and belt by H&M, skirt by Snidel, bag by Prada.
Fabulous by Cecil McBeeのジャケット、H&MのTシャツとベルト、スナイデルのスカート、Pradaのバッグ。

This outfit is nearly all Japanese: Apart from the top and belt, everything is from Japan – not a good place to be if you want to save money! One more picture without jacket, since right now it’s a bit too warm for that here:


Esperanza heart-heel Sandals

Right now, I’m hooked on the belt knot – again, you can find the how-to at the blog cute and little!

このベルトの結び方にはまっています!結び方はcute and littleで説明されています!

belt knot

Shoe Challenge No.27

Esperanza cut-out WedgeShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Dress by H&M, clutch by Angel Jackson

I’ve been looking forward to wearing these shoes for months now, and finally it was warm enough! I combined them with this dress by H&M for a friend’s birthday party – a much more colourful look than I usually wear. Even though they’re pretty high, they’re comfortable and it was easy to dance in them for a long time…

Esperanza cut-out Wedge

I adore these wedges! Here’s a close-up:

Esperanza cut-out Wedge

I also made another rollcake (and more desserts, but they’re not as photogenic) this time with a flower pattern…..I’m totally hooked on these rollcakes, but I do want to try something else again too. I wish I had more time for baking, but right now my graduation has to be my no.1 prority!

Deco Rollcake

Deco Rollcake

The Architectural Cut-Out Wedge: Esperanza vs. Pool Side

Remember the architectural cut-out wedge I wrote about a while ago? Well, it’s finally available online! Also, there’s two brands using the same awesome heel, but each has paired it with a different upper: While I would describe Esperanza’s version as girlie, Pool Side’s version has more of a tougher feel to it – I guess both would be equally eye-catching! Which one would you prefer? I will be wearing my beloved pink pair by Esperanza for a shoe challenge soon! (when it’s finally warm enough outside..)

Esperanza Architectural Cut Out WedgeThe Esperanza wedges come in the five colours pictured above and are available for ¥10,290 (approx.86€) at the 109 webstore.

Pool Side Architectural Cut Out WedgeThis is Pool Side’s version, which is available in four colours for ¥9,800 (approx. 82€), also in the 109 webstore.

Shoe Challenge No.21

Today it was sunny but still really cold, so outfit-wise I wasn’t in the mood for dressing up, but I still decided to save another pair of good-weather shoes! I met friends for coffee and we watched the movie Limitless, which was interesting.

Esperanza WedgesShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Cardigan by Chille AnaP, top by H&M, jeans by Seven, bag by Armani.

Today’s shoes are by the Japanese brand Esperanza (as so many of my favourite pairs!), and they were love at first sight for me! I love everything about them: the crazy heel-shape, the big houndstooth print and the detachable bow. Nevertheless, when I first saw them I wasn’t feeling like spending money and stupidly decided to wait…..of course once I decided to buy them they were already sold out in the shop and I had to search a lot to find another pair! Luckily I found my “happy end” when I discovered a pair in Ikebukuro’s Esperanza shop 🙂

Esperanza Wedges

The only bad thing about them is that the uppers are made of fabric (there’s nothing worse than white fabric on a shoe!!), so I always have to listen closely to the weather report before wearing them …well, at least they’re comfortable!

Esperanza Wedges

Last but not least, another rollcake, which I made a few days ago. This time I thought up my own decorating pattern:

Deco Rollcake

Shoe Challenge No.8

Esperanza Peeptoes

Shoes: Esperanza

Worn with: Dress by H&M, bag by Armani.

This is actually yesterday’s shoe challenge, but I took the pictures just before heading out and when I came back around 6 in the morning I obviously had other things on my mind (sleep!).  I went clubbing with a friend of mine and decided to wear one of my favourite pairs of shoes. We went to Club Vanity in Roppongi. If you ever happen to be in Tokyo you should give it a try, the interior is really beautiful and you have a nice view over the city because two walls of the dance area on the 13th floor are entirely made of windows. The shoes I wore are from the Japanese brand Esperanza and I got them sometime last year in Shibuya. From the front they are just a pair of simple black peeptoes, but from the back….

Esperanza Peeptoes

When I saw these in the store I HAD to have them. They reminded me of a certain pair of Miu Mius I had lusted after but couldn’t afford even on sale. Actually these are probably my only shoe DIY, because when I bought them they looked like this:

Esperanza Peeptoes

For me, the heel makes them a must have, but I wasn’t keen on the two different tones of pink and the strap. I think the heel is more than enough to draw attention to the shoe and deserves to “shine” on its own……so along with the shoes I bought a big black waterproof marker, and when I got home just painted over all the pink parts and also cut off the strap. It turned out even nicer than I expected and after wearing them quite a number of times the black still hasn’t come off.

Another close up post-DIY:

Esperanza Peeptoes



Architectural Cut-Out Wedge

Esperanza Architectural Cut-Out Wedges

How stunning are these hot pink architectural cut-out wedges?! For me, it was love at first sight. When I saw them in the store I knew I had to have them…..but when I asked the shop assistant for my size she told me they were only produced in “M” size at the moment and she didn’t know if they’d release them in L – I was heartbroken! So heartbroken in fact that I actually emailed the company asking why on earth they didn’t produce more sizes! Well, I actually got an answer telling me the shop where I saw them is their “test shop” in which they try out how good a new style sells before producing them on a big scale. Also no answer to if and when they’d produce them in other sizes. You can imagine my surprise when I went back to the store just about a week later only to find them in my size! What the heck? Couldn’t they have told me so in their answer as it was more than clear that I wanted to buy them?? But, I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m simply happy to have them. Now I only have to wait for weather warm enough to actually wear them! I’ve looked for them on the internet, but they haven’t got them in their webstore yet. If you happen to be in Japan, they are from the Japanese brand Esperanza (one of my absolutely favourite brands) and you can buy them in their stores for approx. 100€. They also are available in stone, blue and black colour.

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