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Shoe Challenge No.43

Guess Slingback ShoesShoes: Guess / シューズ:Guess
Worn with: Top by H&M Conscious Collection, skirt and bag by Max Mara.
H&M Coscious CollectionのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカートと鞄。

Guess Slingback Shoes

I’m so behind on posts – with the deadline approaching, the report-writing is becoming more and more stressful and I don’t have that much time for the challenge… so this outfit is from Wednesday last week and I wore it to uni. The shoes are from Guess, and I bought them on a holiday trip to Venice in 2008 – I just couldn’t resist the combination of bling and pink and bows and hearts! I haven’t worn them that much the last few years, but after wearing them for the challenge I think they’ll be worn more often again.  They’re even comfortable 🙂

どんどん卒業論文の締切りが近づくとチャレンジをする時間もブログを書く時間も足りません。。。このコーデーは先週の水曜日に大学に行った時に着ました。靴は2008年のベニス旅行で買いました – きらストーン、ピンク色、リボンとハートの組み合わせは買わずにはいられませんでした!最近はあまりはかなかったのですが、今回のチャレンジではいて、また好きになりました。かなりはきやすいです 🙂

Guess Slingback Shoes

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