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Shoe Challenge No.36

Flag-J SandalsShoes: Flag-J / シューズ:Flag-J
Worn with: Top by Hugo Boss, skirt by Jil Sander, belt by Laurèl, bag by Miu Miu.
Hugo BossのTシャツ、Jil Sanderのスカート、Laurèlのベルト、Miu Miuのバッグ。

Do you remember these shoes? I got a pair for myself, and they are still available here (though not in beige/large 😉 ) and today I wore them for the first time! These surely aren’t shoes for heel “beginners” as they are super high and take a while to get used to. The platform is a little round at the front so you need some balance. If you’re a heel veteran though, they shouldn’t be a problem! Anyway these are good for training leg muscles…this is how they look like on the foot:

この靴を覚えていますか?実は一足を買いました!まだそのスタイルはこちらで買えます (ただベージュのLサイズは売りきれています 😉 )。今日は初めてはきました!この靴はヒールが高くて、少しなれるまで時間がかかりますので初めてヒールをはく人にはおすすめできないんですがよくヒールをはく人なら問題がないと思います!足の筋肉をきたえるにもいいです…はいたときのみためです:

Flag-J Sandals

I love that crazy heel which reminds me of United Nude’s “Abstract” Sandal and definitely is an eye-catcher! Thanks to the Inspiration Monday and Shoe Challenge I am becoming more “adventurous” and trying new combinations of the things I own, and today’s outfit is no exception. Most of the items I wore today I have owned for quite a long time but I didn’t think to combine these colours before. What do you think about this combination?

このUnited Nudeの「Abstract」というサンダルににている、かわったヒールの形が大好きです!Inspiration MondayShoe Challengeのおかげで以前より持っている洋服の新しい組み合わせをためす勇気がでて、今日のコーデーもそれで試してみました。今日の着ている物はほとんど長く持っている物ですが、今まではこの色を合わせるアイディアがありませんでした。このコーデーはどう思いますか?


Just one more picture of my new “leg trainer”:

Flag-J Sandal

What do you do to get out of a style rut or to become more adventurous in fashion?



Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.36" (4)

  1. These shoes are crazy!! But they are also awesome, kudos to you for being brave enough to actually wear them – I would most probably break my neck in two minutes!

    • They are – and I love wearing crazy shoes. You should just give them a try. It does take some practice at first, but then they’re just as fine to walk in as lower heeled ones 🙂

  2. amazing shoes! new shoes always seem to get me out of a style rut, too!

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