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Shoe Challenge No.7

Pool Side PumpsShoes: Pool Side

Worn with: Dress by Oppure, bag by Prada.

Pool Side Pumps

Today I wore my “everyday shoes”. They are the shoes I wear on rainy days, on dirty roads, for long walks and so on. Since they are black patent, they are easy to clean and the block heel makes them comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I got them last year at Pool Side, as a replacement for my last pair of black patent shoes and since then they have been worn about a million times….until the heel became loose a while ago – luckily the cobbler was able to fix it! What I like most about these is, of course, the heel which is decorated with crystals. It keeps them from just being another pair of “boring” black shoes.

Pool Side is another one of my favourite Japanese shoe brands, as they make lots of cute and affordable shoes with usually good quality. If you’d like to know more about them, you can visit their homepage here (the main menu is in English).

Pool Side Pumps

Worn with: Coat by Materia Milano, scarf by H&M.

Today I went to the national library in Tokyo – again! They do have a huge selection of books, but in my opinion using this library is such a pain! You can only use 3 books at a time and there’s loads of waiting time for everything: getting the books, getting copies (you’re not allowed to copy by yourself),…. and everything is über-regulated! I hope tomorrow is the last time I have to set foot in there! But, on the bright side, there were some plum trees in front of it which were already starting to bloom – they’re so pretty 🙂

Ume blossoms

Last up, a close-up of the shoes:

Pool Side


Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.7" (5)

  1. Black patent is the best for “everyday!” I can’t get enough either. I’m heading straight over to check out their website. 🙂

    • I find loads of great shoes here in Japan, but it’s such a pity their webshops are mostly in Japanese only and not very well designed! I wonder if shopping online is not popular here?

  2. Dear Shoe Loving

    If I told you that I am slowly falling for you, please don’t freak out.

    For years and years now, I have tried to explain the ethos of the perfect shoe to people. It’s all about the details. There cannot be too much or it’s kitsch (hello Irregular Choice) there cannot be too little or it becomes dull (too many to name and shame).

    In that little package of patent leather, perspex (?) and crystal resides an absolutely classic pump. Please tell me that you bought 2 pairs.

    • Oh I can totally understand that! It seems to be so difficult for designers to get just the right balance ( I agree on Irregular Choice: They have some stunning parts like a beautiful heel or shape, but in my opinion their styles are ruined by adding too much other stuff instead of focusing on one detail!) and often I think “had they just done that detail and left the rest away…!”. On the other hand, especially in Germany I struggle to find any shoes that have a special detail at all….have to become a designer myself I guess 😉 Unfortunately I only got one pair of these but when the heel became loose I actually wished I had got two pairs at the time. Luckily they are repaired and I will try to treat them even more carefully in the future.

  3. The heel on these is really interesting! These are very nice for everyday shoes… My everyday shoes are quite boring in comparison! It must be a nice time to be in Japan, with all the blossoms starting to come out 🙂

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