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Today I saw my favourite shoes on Shoeperwoman: The Spring/ Summer 2011 Sarah Burton for Alexander Mc Queen  shoes. They are truly fabulous! Here they are in white:
今日はShoeperwomanのブログで私の一番好きな靴をみました:Alexander Mc Queen の新しいデザイナーSarah Burtonの春夏2011コレクションのサンダル。本当に素晴らしい靴ですよね!こちらは白いバージョンの写真:

Alexander Mc Queen Spring Summer 2011 Sandal

I was in love with these the moment I saw them on my screen some months ago… so often, they are unattainable – as much as I looked, I didn’t have some unneeded 3,000 USD lying around! So, what’s a girl in love to do? …crazy as I am, I decided to try a DIY, and here’s the end result:
この靴は私にとって一目惚れでした。。。よくあることですが、とても手の届かない値段でした – いくらさがしても、いらない3,000ドルを見つかりませんでした!それで、愛におちてる女はどうすればいいのか?。。。ちょっとクレイジーな私はDIYでもしようかなーと思いました。そのアイディアの結果はこちらです:

Alexander Mc Queen DIY shoe
I know they’re not the same, but considering they’re handmade, I’m pretty satisfied with them….and here’s how I made them:

As a base I took this unused pair of “stripper” style shoes (bought long ago on a holiday for fun….):

Stripper Platform shoe

And then I used the following items to make the leaf-like decoration and butterfly on the shoe: Cardboard, acrylic paint, and copic markers for the butterfly. Aluminium foil, acrylic paste and acrylic paint for the leaf-shapes.

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

First, I made a white sole with rubber foam and fabric which I glued to the shoe, also attaching the back part. Then, I used velvet ribbon and glued it to the plastic upper to create the “straps”. Over that I painted the acrylic paste using layers to create depth. Mostly I made a basic shape from aluminium foil and then used acrylic paste to attach it to the shoe and cover it as well as create a structure. I did the detailed structure with acrylic paint.

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

After that I sewed on the rest of the straps: the ankle and t-bar strap. And finally I sewed on the butterfly.

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

Here are some pictures of the final result:

Alexander Mc Queen DIY shoe

Alexander Mc Queen DIY shoe

And this is how they look like when worn:

Alexander Mc Queen shoe DIY

All in all, they’re of course not the same thing as the original – I also changed the shape to fit my base shoe – but I like them! I have no idea how much wear they would withstand….I guess they’re definitely not made for walking on cobblestone roads, but they should be fine for an indoors party or a similar event! What do you think?
結局、この靴はもちろんオリジナルと同じ物ではありませんが – ベースの靴にあわせて、形も少し変更しました – それでも好きです!どれぐらいこわれやすいのは分かりません。。。外で歩くにはあまりよくないと思いますが、室内のパーティーなどのためには使えそうです!このDIYはどう思いますか?


Comments on: "Alexander Mc Queen DIY" (13)

  1. Simply amazing! You are an artist! I normally design some (of my) shoes, but not to that extent, really amazing!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! You made it seem like it was so easy to make it! And it’s really similar to Alexander McQueen’s!
    I don’t know how they fit, but they look fantastic! Great job!

  3. You’re so creative! I think these turned out really well. I’ve tried modifying some plain shoes before, but definitely not to this extent! It’s inspiring to see what you did with these ones.

  4. wow, absoutely amazing, it does look like a lot of hard work, but the result is stunning so kudos to you… they would also be fantastic for a pool-side party 😉

  5. Those shoes are amazing! I never would have thought that it would be possible to recreate the McQueen shoes.

    I’ve got so many shoes that I never wear, now I’m thinking I can definitely make some of them more exciting. Thanks!

    • I’m happy if I can give you new ideas! DIY is good for giving old shoes a “new life” – even if it goes wrong, you wont be too sad since you didn’t use them in the first place!

  6. oh wow youre so creaative!!! now im inspired to do a DIY! but a lot simpler than this DIY though since i normally mess up anything i try to create haha

  7. I think you are amazing! What a fun and fantastic job you did on those shoes. Keep it up, and maybe one day we will see your shoes on a runway!

    • Thank you! I wish that would come true some day 🙂 I do have own ideas, but sadly I don’t have the knowledge how to make a shoe all by myself…I am thinking about taking classes however, once I’m finished with university!

  8. That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while! Seriously! How do you even come up with something like that? Hope they will last, cause I surely want to see them in one of your Shoeper Shoe challenge posts…

  9. Wow, they look amazing! I wouldn’t spot the difference!

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