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Shoe Challenge No.37

Lanvin x H&M Leopard PumpsShoes: Lanvin x H&M / シューズ:Lanvin x H&M
Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by Max Mara, bag by Armani.
H&MのTシャツ、Max Maraのスカート、Armaniのバッグ。

Finally I got to wear my beloved pumps from the Lanvin x H&M collection. The reviews of this collection were pretty mixed on the internet, but I must say that I really adored it, being a lover of cocktail dresses and crazy shoes! When it came out, I was in Japan, where everything was like double the price from Germany, so after just looking at the shoes in Shibuya’s H&M (where my size wasn’t left anyway since I’m not a fan of getting up early and queuing up endlessly) I ordered not one, but two pairs (the other ones are the flowery turquoise ones) online from the German shop. I think they are really close to “real” Lanvin shoes and to me they feel quite comfortable despite the relatively high heel. I love the rhinestones on the heel:

到頭この大好きなLanvin x H&Mのパンプスをはけました。インターネット上、そのコレクションのレビューは色々でしたが、カクテール・ドレスと派手なシューズが大好きな私は本当に好きでした!コレクションが発売された時は日本にいました。ドイツとくらべると、日本での値段がばいぐらいでしたので、渋谷のH&Mで見て(早起きすることも、行列で並ぶことも嫌いなので、着いた時には私のサイズがすでに売りきれていました)、結局ドイツのネットショップで二足も買いました(もう一足はターコイズ色のリボンがついた花柄です)。「本物」のLanvinの靴にかなり近いだと思っています。それにヒールが高くても歩きやすい靴です。ヒールのストーンが大好きです:

Lanvin x H&M Leopard Pumps
The only thing I need to get used to again a little are the pointy toes! I used to wear this kind of shoe all the time, and since they have been appearing again lately I am warming up to them again 🙂 I wore these to drop off some old things (and end up buying some new things despite vowing not to buy anything – but how could I resist dresses for such cheap prices?? At least all things I bought are really versatile and can be worn a lot…) at the Second Hand shop yesterday and even got complimented on them! Wish I could wear these again soon, but there are still so many other pairs to be saved!

ただ少しなれていないのは尖った形です!むかしはよくこのようなスタイルをはいていたのですが、最近またよく見かけるようになったのでまた好きになりそうです 🙂 昨日セカンド・ハンド・ショップで古着を売りに行ったときはいて、ほめられました(絶対に買い物しないと思いながら、また少し買ってしまいました。。。でも古着屋の安い値段は断りにくいですね!買った物もすべて合わせやすい物でよく使えそうです…)。またすぐはきたいですが、まだまだ一杯救出しなければならない靴が残っています!

Lanvin x H&M Leopard Pumps

Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.37" (6)

  1. I loved them! And your outfit as well! I have the same feeling: no queues early in the morning! So I didn’t buy any Lanvin shoes for H&M! I think even being pointy toed they are not exaggerated, and you can get used to and even appreaciate them! I did!
    I have the same feeling: sometimes I want to wear my favorite shoes again, but there are still so many to save! Unfortunately, it’ll soon end… most of my shoes are now in boxes, I guess I told you… and I won’t reunite with them again till November… 😦 I’m moving to the UK in 12 days and I’m taking “only” 20 pairs with me… for at least 2 or 3 months, I have to live this way – an excuse to buy more shoes? 🙂
    Have a great sunny weekend! Hot and sunny here in Hanover!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m so sorry you won’t be able to wear your shoes for such a long time! 20 pairs may seem a lot to some, but I always end up buying new pairs too when I’m away for a longer time with a limited number! I always try to cram as many as possible into my suitcase 🙂 I hope you have a great time in the UK!

  2. u look amazing!

  3. super gorgeous!!!! how does the other pair look like?

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