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Shoe Challenge No.11

Again I haven’t posted anything for some days – I’m sorry! The things happening in Japan worried me so much I wasn’t really in the mood to write about shoes or post outfits (or even think about coordinating an outfit). I’ve just been watching the news all day hoping nothing worse would happen. Now, the situation there is still not better but I decided I have to take my mind of these horrible things and so I’m back to posting (and doing Uni stuff). So, this picture is already from a week ago when I went to Munich.

Zara leather boots

Shoes:  Zara

Worn with: Skirt by Zara, cardigan by Zara, top by Nicole Farhi, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

These boots are my favourite boots and have a long story attached! I bought them at Zara a few years back and absolutely loved them…..but just about two months after that I brought them to Mister Minit to have the heels fixed and when I came back the next day to pick them up, they had given the shoes to somebody else!! That was the worst cobbler experience I ever had. They were of course reluctant to pay me the money for the boots and said I had to wait if that someone they gave them to would return them – so I waited and waited and waited for weeks but the shoes never came back. And in Zara, of course, my size was by then sold out. In the end, I did get the money for the shoes from Mister Minit but I had to argue a lot for it and it was a great disappointment as it was clearly their mistake! Also, how could that have happened when they have the numbers attached to the shoes? I haven’t left shoes there for fixing since.

So….how is it I am wearing the shoes now? Well, as I loved them so much, I spent the next months looking for them on Ebay and after a while I finally found them nearly unused in my size and have worn them about a million times since then. Now they’re already quite old and I am dreading the day I have to look for a replacement. Should have bought two pairs!

Here’s a close-up:

Zara leather boots


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  1. […] (I promise, I do have other kinds of shoes!) which I love nevertheless. I bought these after my Zara boots were lost after dropping them off for a heel change. They are by Bally, which I “rediscovered” after buying this pair of boots. I had […]

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