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Drew Barrymore
Recently, I read about Inspiration Monday on the wonderful blog Not Just Another Mother in Heels which made me want to take part too! Inspiration Monday was started by the blog Two Birds. Each week, they post a photo of a celebrity, whose outfit the participants try to recreate (it doesn’t have to be the exact same, it just should be used as inspiration) with items out of their own wardrobe and post a picture of on their own blogs. I think this is a good opportunity to discover new ways to use and combine the things you own to create styles you haven’t worn before! So for this week, the inspiration photo is of Drew Barrymore, wearing jeans with a striped t-shirt and a khaki shirt, as well as grey heels and a hat. I really love this outfit – simple, but not boring at all! Also, I actually have very similar things – yay! So, even though I’m a day late in uploading (thanks, graduation thesis!), here you go:

最近Not Just Another Mother in Heelsと言うブログでInspiration Mondayについて読んで,参加したくなりました!Inspiration MondayはTwo Birdsというブログのアイディアです。毎週、あるセレブの写真をブログにのせて、参加者はそのセレブのスタイルをベースとして、自分の持っている洋服で似たようなスタイルをつくって(完全に同じじゃなくても大丈夫です)、自分のブログに写真をのせます。それで自分の持っている物の新しい使い方と組み合わせ方を発見して、今まで着たことのないスタイルを見つけられるでしょう!さて、今週のセレブはDrew Barrymoreです。彼女はデニムをストライプTシャツ、カーキ色のシャツ、灰色の靴と帽子と合わせています。このスタイルはとても好きです:シンプルですが、つまらなくはないですね!実は私も似たような物をもっています:)!それでは私の服装です(卒業論文のためのせるのが少し遅れたんですけど。。。):

Inspiration Monday Striped t-shirt by H&M, jeans by Seven, shoes by Zara, jacket by Fabulous by Cecil McBee, necklace by Violet Hanger, bangle by Maendler, clutch by H&M.
H&MのTシャツ、Sevenのデニム、Zaraの靴、Fabulous by Cecil Mc Beeのジャケット、Violet Hangerのネックレス、Maendlerのバングル、H&Mのバッグ

So, what do you think? Even if I have to admit I would have never thought of combining these things together, I really like the result! I passed the hat (I’m not really a hat person) and instead added some accessories to spice it up a bit. I’ll definitely be wearing this again…


Inspiration Monday
You can find the links to the other participants outfits here at Two Birds!



Comments on: "Inspiration Monday: Drew Barrymore" (9)

  1. i love your take! i love those shoes and that necklace is so cute, too! great job!

  2. love the way you styled this. you copied Drew perfectly but still managed to make it your own with that fabulous jacket (i want it!) and that adorable clutch. that necklace is darling too!

  3. You are so cute and I’m not a hat person either but I sucked it up. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone is just what it takes!

    • Thank you! I would have worn one, but actually I only have two winter hats and a floral beach hat that totally wouldn’t have matched this outfit 🙂

  4. You look great, I really like your clutch. Daisy

  5. Hi 🙂 I really like your outfit, you look great in it and you cam really close to the original outfit!

    Relatable Style

  6. […] outfit I wouldn’t have thought of by myself! But again, as last time, I’m really happy with the result. What do you think of it? It’s actually the first […]

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