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Shoe Challenge No.33

Zara SandalsShoes: Zara/シューズ:Zara
Worn with: Tunic by Laurèl, jeans by Seven, bangle by Maendler, earrings by Cinderella Chance, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

Today I decided on wearing flats again. Lately I’ve always been wearing heels, and my feet needed a break! I love these flat sandals because they feel like walking barefoot – just right for summer. I just went to town today to give back the rental DSL box since our new WLAN box arrived yesterday.

今日はフラットな靴にしました。最近、ヒールばっかりをはいて、足が疲れました!このようなサンダルをはくとはだしで歩いているような気持ちなので大好きです – 夏にぴったりのシューズです。昨日はとうとう新しいWLANボックスが届いたので、今日はレンタルのDSLボックスを返しに行きました。

Zara Sandals

I chose the accessories to match the stones on the shoes…


Zara Sandals

On the way home, I also found some great macarons today. They’re a little bit difficult to find here for a reasonable price, so I’m really happy about that! Here they are – the best sweets in the world ( available at “Die süße Schachtel” in the Theatinerstrasse in Munich):

帰り道の途中マカロンをみつけました。ここでは高くないマカロンは滅多にないのでとても嬉しかったです!マカロンは世界中で一番おいしいお菓子かもしれない…こちらは”Die süße Schachtel“と言うミュンヘンのTheatinerstrasseにある店で買ったマカロンです:


We also got a Strawberry cake at Rischart, since a friend of my mom came over for cake& coffee this afternoon…it must seem like we’re eating only sweets – but we do eat healthily otherwise 😉 Here is the cake – inside it is layered with strawberry cream, and outside decorated with white chocolate. If you ever come to Munich, you should definitely try some cake at Rischart!

夕方に母の友達が来たので、Rischartで苺ケーキも買ってかえりました…いつも甘い物ばっかりを食べているように見えるかもしれませんが、普段はヘルシーな物を食べています ;)こちらはケーキです – 中身は苺クリームとスポンジ・ケーキで外はホワイト・チョコです。ミュンヘンに来たら、是非Rischartのケーキを食べてみてください!

Rischart strawberry cake

Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.33" (1)

  1. Sooo sweet your flats! I really loved them and they inspired me – the bows, stones, maybe I can embellish a T-bar this way?
    I love your outfits, the one you wore to go to the market was amazing, but I liked the color of your tunica/blouse today a lot (I’m a little obsessed with mustard lately!)
    The macarons look fantastic, and the cake…. oooh, I need to go to Munich again to eat that cake! They don’t have anything like that up here in Hanover! And I love cakes!
    I bet it was a great afternoon for your three!

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