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Shoe Challenge No.6

Zara patent bootsShoes: Zara

Worn with: Jeans skirt by Zara, top by H&M, cardigan by Zara

Zara patent boots

Today I’ve only got an indoors picture because all I did was go to the library for research on my graduation thesis, so there was no nice background to take an outside picture. These boots are comfortable to walk in, but I’m never quite sure what to wear them with. So I just went with a simple outfit today….do you have any suggestions how to wear these?

I’ve just realised I’ve only posted black shoes up to now, definitely have to change that. In winter I always tend to pick the black ones even though a brighter colour would be a good antidote to the grey weather.

I did get another of Starbucks great cherry blossom season specials, though. This cake tasted really good, light and not too sweet 🙂 I’m happy I could try it before I leave.

Starbucks Sakura Cake

I also got a great book on decorating roll cakes. When I get back to Germany I want to try it out ASAP. I wonder if it will be as easy as it looks though! If you’re interested in the book, it’s available on Amazon.

Rollcake Decoration

Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.6" (7)

  1. Greeeeat boots, really! Hey, you also live in Germany? Me too, but I am out for a while… and there is where most of my collection is… with me now I have only one pair of boots, and I will “reunite” with the biggest part of my “sweeties” on March 14!
    Beautiful pictures, keep going!

    • Thank you! I’m also far away from my “babies” and that’s always what I dislike about being away! I did squeeze as many shoes as possible into my suitcase, but it still doesn’t seem enough…..but now it’s only a few more days until I see them again 🙂 I always seem to miss my shoes far more than any clothes or other accessory!

  2. That cake is so cute! Your boots are really nice, too. I’ve noticed that autumn/winter shoe collections usually seem to consist mostly of black and dark-colored shoes, whereas the spring/summer shoes seem to be brighter colours.

    • In Japan they sell lots of colourful boots, but when I think of walking through the snow in Germany with them, I know it just doesn’t make much sense for me to buy them no matter how much I’m tempted 😦

      • I hope I can go to Japan again sometime – it seems that cute, girly clothes & accessories are popular there, and I love that kind of thing! I actually have some pink boots myself… I’m looking forward to wearing them in Winter 🙂

  3. I actually really love your outfit, I mean I wear a combination of denim mini/boots/top/cardi often myself, but when I saw it on you, I thought – hey, nice outfit!)) Cool boots, too.
    I can imagine how difficult it is to be separated from your shoes! I left almost all my summer shoes in Israel at first, but then brought them here, to Holland. Btw I go frequently to Germany, I got family there, near Stuttgart!

    And now it’s midnight and I want this cake from your photo..

  4. […] clubbing. The warm weather makes me want to go out every day! Also, I finally baked a cake from the Japanese book I wrote about before. I decided on the pink leopard version, to match our table decoration. It was really easy and the […]

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