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Today I wore another pair of Miu Miu’s, yet again bought on Ebay. Miu Miu might just be my favourite shoe brand – just different and quirky enough to stand out, but always still elegant! I believe these are from Miu Miu’s 2007 fall/winter collection, but anyway I love the elegant line of the shoe:

Miu Miu Gradation Peeptoes

I combined these with a floral dress, a grey knit and black bag and pink rhinestone heart necklace:

Shoe ChallengeShoes: Miu Miu
Worn with: Dress by H&M, knit by Kookai, bag by Armani, necklace by ?.


Comments on: "Miu Miu again: Shoe Challenge No.67" (8)

  1. Like you I love Miu Miu – there is always a quirky surprise somewhere in shoe. What suprises me is that the resale prices on eBay are so high. It must be because they are so much in demand.

    • It’s true that mostly the prices are way too high. Some people sell shoes that are all scuffed and used-looking and think they can get something like the retail price for them – unbelievable! But I only buy them when they’re in very good condition and reasonably priced – I have to wait until a good priced pair comes along, but it’s worth it 🙂

  2. I say this is a success. All looks great. 😉 Really like these shoes. 😉

  3. These shoes are beautiful! I’ll get my own pair of Miu Miu! 🙂

  4. Really beautiful! I have a pair of Miu Mius, with an amazing mermaid brooch on the front – not many people will like them, when I wear them to the challenge, but I love them!
    These ones are so elegant, you look amazing as usual!

  5. its a really pretty shoe!!! love the details

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