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Shoe ChallengeShoes: 31 Soins de mode
Worn with: Top by H&M, skirt by D&G, bag by Armani.

While my fiancé was here, we visited my dad in Austria. Together, we made a day trip to Klagenfurt, another small but very nice city! On the way, we stopped at Maria Wörth, a beautiful church at the lake Wörthersee. They just had a wedding there, so the church was even decorated – such a beautiful place to marry! From the church, you have a great view of the lake and surrounding landscape.

Maria Wörth

In Klagenfurt, we just walked around the city center, which has lots of pretty old buildings. I just love cities like this!


A nice place to visit is also the fountain called “Lindwurmbrunnen”. I love the way the guy is sneakily holding the bludgeon behind his back, and the dragon just looks very cute…..


The shoes which I wore for the day were another pair I had left in Japan, which my fiancé had brought to Germany for me. Sadly, in the hot weather they became kind of tight after a while – I guess I still need to wear them in! I chose these because their shape reminded me of the Louis Vuitton shoes from that season, and because they are a very practical pair for bad weather days:

31 soins de mode pumps


Comments on: "A visit to Klagenfurt: Shoe Challenge No.60" (2)

  1. I loved the shoes! Yes, they are similar to the Louis Vuitton ones that season, and you know what? I like yours better! The heels look comfortable, but you just said they are not that comfortable in a warm, hot weather… anyway, they are worth to be worn more times, really lovely! (Mmmhh, I suppose you bought them last year, so no way for me to get some like them, right?)
    When I saw the church, the first thing I saw was “wedding!”, with the flowers there… and then, bingo, you just said there was one…
    Can you believe I went to Klagenfurt? And some other nice and sweet towns in Austria… I had some friend living there and visited them 3 years in a row… would love to go back!
    In this way, I loved to see the pictures now, very nice memories! Thanks!
    Mmhh… I said I’m thiiiinking of a Doctorare, not sure yet… I guess I need more time to think, cause if I start it… I go up to the end and it’s really crazy!
    Have a great weekend!


    • Thank you! I was actually thinking of glueing some black rhinestones to the heels of those shoes, to make them even more similar to the Louis Vuitton ones, but I’m not sure yet – anyway I don’t have time for things like that right now! They are actually comfortable, but that day I was wearing them without socks since I thought it would be a cool day… and then it ended up being super hot, and so they started rubbing my bare feet 😦 It’s such a coincidence that you also have been to Klagenfurt! It’s not such a touristy city, but if you have friends there of course it makes sense to visit, and it is really nice. Are you by any chance ever coming to Munich? The Oktoberfest is starting so soon and I’m looking forward to it – a chance to wear Dirndl 🙂 About the doctorate, I bet it’s difficult to decide – after all it’s at least another four years! But if you like your subject and enjoy studying it might be worth it!
      Wish you a wonderful weekend too!

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