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Shoe ChallengeShoes: Ethique
Worn with: Top by Laurèl, skirt by D&G, bag by Cochinelle.

Once again I’ve been busy writing my graduation paper, and haven’t done much else besides that – I’m sooo happy when it’s over! But for the meantime, here’s an outfit I wore a while ago to a friend’s birthday party. I had bought another skirt in the sale. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but when I saw the skirt I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist because I totally love everything with a houndstooth pattern. Although this skirt matches another pair of heels I own, that pair had fabric uppers and I didn’t want to risk ruining them in case of rain, so when I looked for a different pair to go with the skirt, I discovered I had the perfect matching shoes:

Ethique shoes

I bought these years ago in Daikanyama, during my work-and-travel time in Japan. They were a super lucky sale find and are very comfortable too. And they have just the exact same colours as the houndstooth pattern of the skirt 🙂


Comments on: "A lucky coincidence: Shoe Challenge No.59" (7)

  1. I really love the skirt! And the shoes too, of course! The skrt is so, sooo sweet! And you look amazing as usual, all your outfits are fantastic!
    I hope you finish your paper soon! I had a hard time finishing mine and then I thought “no more dissertations!” But guess what, now I’m looking for places for a Doctorate… just thinking about it… can’t say whether I’ll take it or not, as I said, I’m just thinking… I must be crazy!
    I’m amazed by the fact that you are wearing such a light outfit in the “middle” of September (almost) – Fall definitely started here!

    • Thank you! Right now, my only thought is also to get it done, and I don’t feel like I ever want to write another dissertation! I admire you for thinking about doing a Doctorate and wish you the best luck for that! As for the light outfit, I actually took my jeans jacket with me, but all the pictures I took when wearing it turned out so bad I didn’t post them 🙂

  2. I love your skirt, and those shoes match it perfectly! I bought a lovely floral D&G skirt myself in their recent sales, and I’ll have to try to incorporate it into one of my shoe saves so I can post a photo!

    I hope your graduation paper is going well! It sounds like a lot of work, but I’m sure you’ll be very happy when it’s finished 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing that skirt! This summer’s D&G collection was just so beautiful! I’m not going near that store for a while, because there’s just too much tempting stuff inside!

  3. This is a perfectly matched look… I am not complaining I would like higher heels, just my little issue… 😉 It is fantastic!!! Great job!!! 😉

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