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A new love affair…

Miu Miu Shoes

As promised: here is my new love affair aka the newest addition to my shoe collection!  I believe they’re from Miu Miu’s fall 2008 collection but I’m not sure. I found these while browsing on Ebay (a really bad habit!) and was instantly in love with their strange shape – I didn’t buy them at first, as the price was too high for me, but since there was an option of making an offer to the seller I tought about it for a while and then made an offer which I thought would be OK and wouldn’t drain my bank account – and luckily, it got accepted 🙂 And the best thing: They’re brand new!

Miu Miu Shoes

These might be the strangest shaped pair in my collection. When worn, they remind me of the alien’s legs in some old alien movie – awesome! Also, they’re surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in despite a quite high heel. I hope to rescue them soon in the Shoe Challenge…in the meantime, they’re standing in my room so I can admire them 🙂

Miu Miu Shoes


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  1. these are awesome!

  2. […] here they are, as promised: My new beloved Miu Miu shoes! I finally wore them out, just for grocery shopping – who says […]

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