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Esperanza SandalsShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Dress by ?, camisole by Zara, bag by Samantha Thavasa.

That day I just went shopping for souvenirs with my fiancé – he bought so much Haribo he ended up carrying a backback filled almost entirely with that! We had super hot weather, so I decided on something light to wear – a dress I bought on a nightmarket in Bangkok quite a few years ago. And, to save another pair of shoes as well I chose these Sandals from my Esperanza “collection” (I have to count how many shoes of that brand I have…) to complete this all pink outfit…living up to one of my nicknames, ‘Barbie’ 🙂 This Sandal I bought just for the gorgeous heel:

Esperanza Sandals

As you can see, they have a clip-on crystal encrusted rose, which is missing in the outfit picture as we were in a hurry to catch the train and I couldn’t find them….. I love how they paid attention even to the design of the insole, with a glittery heart at the back part and another heart shaped by the cut and stitching at the front!

Esperanza Sandals

Can a shoe get any more kitsch than this?


Comments on: "Barbie Pink: Shoe Challenge No.55" (5)

  1. These shoes are awesome… I could not get away with wearing them out, but they are fantastic… Great look!!! 😉

    • Thanks a lot! Maybe in another colour you could still wear a style like this?

      • I love this style… The heel shape is fantastic. Honestly I do not mind the color pink, I just have not found a situation that I could rock that color without it looking to feminine… Kind of weird sounding but it is the best way I can explain it… So with that said, I would absolutely get these in another color!!! 😉

  2. These are beautiful, and the heel shape is really unique. They match your dress perfectly, too 🙂

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