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Finally I’ve made it back to blogging! Sorry for being MIA without notice! The last few weeks were pretty crazy for me, I hardly had time to read my e-mail, let alone blog. My fiancé and, for one week also nearly his entire family visited us here, so I’ve been their tourguide and in my “spare” time working on my graduation report. Even though he left just on Monday, it already feels like ages ago and the whole time just feels like it’s gone by on fast-forward. Now we’re back to skyping and I’m back to working on my uni stuff only and pretty stressed out because of the deadline coming closer and closer. I did not forget to take pictures though – and even managed to rescue some more pairs. So, where to start? Well, I’m going to start with a simple post, my outfit of bringing my fiancé to the airport. Here it is, taken at the airport:

Pool Side SandalsShoes: Pool Side
Worn with: Top and belt by Laurèl, skirt by H&M, bag by Miu Miu.

It always feels weird going to the airport when I’m not going somewhere myself somehow – and I hate saying good-bye! After spending one month together I was sad to see him go back to Japan again – I really hope he can come again soon, since I’m not able to go until I’ve finished uni….

The shoes I wore are a pair of sandals I bought some years ago in Japan, from the brand Pool Side. They were just right for the super hot and humid weather we’ve had here lately!

Pool Side Sandals

I’ll be posting pictures of our trips around Germany/Austria and Slovenia in the next days and I’ve also got a great, super-crazy pair of new shoes to show – no more long blogging-pauses! I have decided though to take a break from writing in Japanese, since it takes too much time right now – I need every minute for uni-stuff! I’ll resume it once I’ve graduated  – hopefully soon 🙂


Comments on: "Back again! Shoe Challenge 54" (4)

  1. Great shoes… I love them!!! The entire outfit is fantastic… 😉

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