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Shoe Challenge No.38

purple peeptoe pumpsShoes: ? / シューズ:?
Worn with: Dress by Sita Murt, bag by Armani
Sita Murtのドレス、Armaniのバッグ

I managed to save another pair today. These are a pair of Louboutin lookalikes from Ebay. I got these a long time ago and probably wouldn’t buy them again now. They’re fine as far as comfort go, but I don’t find them that interesting. Still I don’t want to throw them away or sell them as they do come in handy sometimes. This is one of the dresses I bought at the Second Hand Shop yesterday. It’s by the Spanish brand Sita Murt – I hadn’t heard of it before since it’s nearly nowhere to be found in Germany. I love the sleeves on this dress! Just went grocery shopping this evening and had a nice icecream with my mom on the way back. When we came home it was getting dark already, so today’s photos are indoors again!

今日も一足「救出」しました。この靴はLouboutinに似てるいますが、そのブランドの物ではないです。実は何年前にEbayで買いました。今はもう買わないと思います。はきやすいですが、すこしつまらないスタイルだと思っています。それでもたまに役に立つので、捨てたくないし、売りたくないです。ドレスは昨日セカンド・ハンド・ショップで買った洋服の一つです。スペインのSita Murtと言うブランドのドレスです。ドイツではほとんど手に入らないブランドなので、いままではしりませんでした。このドレスのスリーブが大好きです!今日はただ母と食べ物を買いに行って、帰りにアイスを食べました。帰ってきた時にもう暗くなっていたので、写真はまた室内になってしまいました!

purple peeptoe pumps
And another one:

purple peeptoe pumps
This evening we watched a documentary about the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. One the one hand it’s totally amazing, but on the other hand I was wondering to myself if something like this is really necessary – looking at how impractical it is to maintain the building and also for service. Even though I usually love building like that, I really wouldn’t want to live there. I wonder what will become of it in the future…

今夜はドバイにあるBurj Khalifaと言う、世界一の高い建物のドキュメンタリーをみました。本当に素敵ですが、このような物は必要かどうかは疑問です。メンテナンスや建物の中のサービスの不便に気がつきました。普段はこのような建物が大好きですが、その中に住みたくないですね!その建物の将来はどうなるのかな…


Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.38" (2)

  1. Again, I loved the shoes and above all, the dress! People tell me I buy a lot on internet, but look, the city where you live has almost all, and sometimes some brands are not to be found, imagine in Hanover! Going to London always solved “my problems”, but since I was studying here, I couldn’t stay in London “forever”… besides, wearing a nice dress like that up here makes everybody stare at me like if I were an alien, I said many times.
    And that’s why I even loved your outfit better! Dreaming of times to wear a beautiful dress like that again! (I’ll move to England on the 16th with 2 bags and they are full of “sweeties”!)

    • Munich may seem like there is a lot of choices available, but actually it’s just the same shops like Zara and H&M two or three times in one area – not too bad but far from perfect! Actually, I guess some people must have thought I’m an alien too, wearing that dress just for grocery shopping, but I’ve stopped caring about what others think of my. My mom even told me I’m overdressed but I told her I won’t be wearing jeans+T-shirt+sneakers just because everyone else does 🙂 I guess people must be more fashionable in the UK (haven’t been there) so you can wear all your glamorous outfits too! Even if nobody else wears something similar, just go ahead and wear what you like best!

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