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After passing on last week’s Inspiration Monday (check out everybody else’s posts here) for lack of a tie anywhere in our house (my BF, whose ties I could have borrowed is unfortunately half a world away in Japan) and also, to be honest, because menswear inspired style isn’t really my thing – I love girly fashion – I really wanted to take part again this week, with the beautiful Emma Stone, who combined a gorgeous black leather jacket with a summery dress, as inspiration:

ネックタイがなくて(彼氏は日本にいて、借りられなかったです。。。)、メンズウェアもあまり好きではなくて(がーリー・ファッションが大好きです!)、先週のInspiration Mondayに参加しませんでした(他の参加者のポストはこちらで見れます)。今週は絶対また参加したかった:素敵なレザー・ジャケットを夏っぽいドレスと合わせたEmma Stoneがきれいなインスピレーションです:

Emma Stone

And here’s what I made of it: I decided on a patterned dress, which I wore with a black faux-leather jacket, beige booties and a black bag (since I thought one more colour would be too much):


H&M BootiesShoes: H&M / シューズ:H&M
Worn with: Dress by Cacharel, jacket by Fabulous by Cecil Mc Bee, bag by Armani.
Cacharelのドレス、Fabulous by Cecil Mc Beeのジャケット、Armaniのバッグ。

Another outfit I wouldn’t have thought of by myself! But again, as last time, I’m really happy with the result. What do you think of it? It’s actually the first time I wore these booties, so I consider them saved in the Shoe Challenge as well 🙂 Today I even painted my nails to match my outfit (or at least the flowers of the dress) with colour No. 746  “Borrowed&Blue” by Essie – I love the pastel blue shade!

この合わせ方も自分では考え出せないような合わせです!それでも、前回と同じように結果が好きです。どう思いますか?このブーツは今日初めてはきました。シューズ・チャレンジにもなりますね 🙂 今日はネールまで洋服(ドレスの花柄)に合わせました。使った色はEssieのNo.746 ”Borrowed&Blue”です。この薄い青色が大好きです!

Essie Borrowed & Blue No.746

Here’s a close-up of the booties – not the most practical shoes, but I love them nevertheless!


H&M bootie


Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.35 / Inspiration Monday" (8)

  1. i love everything about this outfit, from the dress down to the nails! you look amazing!!

  2. you look absolutely chic. Love the pink floral dress, and the awesome shoes!


  3. I LOVE your booties!!! The color, the style, everything!!


  4. What a little cutie! I love those booties………practical, smactical………they are precious

    • Thank you! I also don’t really care about practicability, it’s just that I can only wear them when the weather is nice 🙂

  5. This is just perfect! I love the pattern of your dress and those boots are wonderful. I’m sure you had a great day with this outfit.

  6. I loved your dress, boots and nails!The whole outfit is great! I was going to participate, but as you know, 90% of my things are now in boxes (I’ll leave Germany on the 16th) and I didn’t find a dress like “Inspiration” proposed…!

  7. Thanks to everybody for your lovely comments – I really appreciate that!

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